Five websites every college student should know about

When you’re in college, things can seem a lot more difficult and difficult. Students need tools and tricks to make the college experience easier. Online, students can learn effective study habits and access digital copies of textbooks and answers to questions that may not have been discussed in their classrooms. Here are five websites to make every college student’s life a little easier.

1. Rate my teachers

Before scheduling their classes, students should do a quick search for reviews of the teachers assigned to the class. Evaluating My Professors allows students to research and evaluate professors, colleges, and universities. This website allows students to communicate with each other about which teachers they should be excited to meet and which they should avoid.

2. Chegg

Buying textbooks from a bookstore can be expensive and leave a big hole in a student’s bank account. Chegg allows students to rent or purchase physical books and have them delivered to their dorm or apartment. If students prefer not to stick around for heavy textbooks, e-books can be rented on Chegg for $6.99 per month. At the end of the semester, students can return or sell their textbooks on Chegg as well. Looking for training? Internship applications can be found on Chegg, along with tips for students like how to craft a successful resume, interview, career advice and more.

3. Socrates

Sometimes it’s hard for students to find all the answers to their questions after a single Google search, or the material their professor teaches just doesn’t click in their brain. Socratic is an app created by Google that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and search technologies to connect students to useful websites that can answer their questions. Students can use voice search, type in their questions, or take pictures to search for answers to their questions. Socratic works with all subjects and has a browser tool that allows students to do more in-depth research on their topics.

4. Quizlet

Many students find studying with note cards an effective method when they are preparing for exams, and Quizlet provides students with a way to do this online. With Quizlet, students can create their own study groups for topics or they can look at those already created and share them with the audience. To test themselves, students can read flashcards, take a quiz, and play matching games to help retain the information.

5. SparkNotes

College students often do not have the energy or time to read assigned books in their classroom. When students search for a chapter summary in a book, SparkNotes is a commonly used site for high school and college students. SparkNotes contains hundreds of guides on English literature, mathematics, science, and other topics for students to read through summaries and critical analysis. Each guide has a test for students to take at the end so that they can test themselves before the test. For students reading the works of William Shakespeare, SparkNotes provides “No Fear Shakespeare,” an online or side-by-side textbook translation of his work into modern English.

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