hey sis turncoat are you guys doing it's me Chinese sports and welcome to an epic episode of the road to glory I hope you guys will be enjoying this one because I already know what kind of great content is coming right at you boys thank you so much once again for the support on the last episode hopefully you guys can crush 1,500 likes on this one let's start it off boys Champions League upgrade cards they are currently in packs and we have done a couple of them on stream yesterday you will see the footage in just a little bit and then after that I will go ahead and do a couple of them life on this video as well and then we can take a closer look into the new team or the new additions into the team that a lot of you guys had suggested in the comments down below of the last video let's get it started straight away with the packs enjoy my friends enjoy I've heard people pack around I've heard about people packing freakin figure and so on let's see what we can get here we go the first one it is not going to be a walk out that we know is it a board it is a board that is nice Mexican hey let's go that is cool that is very nice a t1-weighted Lozano that is a super sub a really good one to have let's go this was definitely worth doing this was definitely worth doing it and we get Jenny Cove as well this 81 rated Lozano Castro would be very very happy all right so we are going ahead and doing the marquee matchups for a Champions League right now and as you can tell we are sending away two i explains I had a few bronzes just won bronze actually from Bayern who we will be selling for 5000 coins the bronze pack method coming in clutch right there and I will actually sell sent this team away we will be getting a prime gold players pack from this which is huge but hold on my rating is too high I can drop the rating alright this is now the team that we sent away we are keeping a couple more in our club saved Cruiser Brooks and Campos still 78 rated enough chemistry as well we are sending it away prime gold players pack for this one now the next one is gonna be interesting because I don't know if I have any of these in my club alright so the second SBC has just been finished as well which means we have now completed the Champions League marquee matchups and once two watches being still impacts we will maybe go ahead and pack ourselves something good now obviously from the marquee matchups right here you get a pack which has three Champions League players in there I don't know how many rares I have actually no freaking flow so I'm gonna check that out right now the beautiful thing about this is we have gotten two decent packs and we get this three rares oh boys this could be big this could actually be a big moment right here hopefully man if we could get this done that would be so sick imagine Paquita wants to watch in these and impact in a sick championship player in that one that would be crazy let's start off with the jumbo premium gold pack here do we get anything from this one it is not a walkout that we already know is it a board it is not a board player it's going to be this guy right here who I do believe I already have in my transfer list which means he's probably a duplicates Yahoo and we get a few higher rated players here ooh English Center made Premier League he probably goes for a lot right now let me check his price all of these players are going for crazy amounts right now we got a go through our club in a second and sell everyone if we pack a Liverpool or natholi player that would be huge as well so these two go to the transfer list and the rest will be sent to the club we had a few squad fitness as well which is nice to see on to the prime goal players pack come on prime gold play your side come on give me something it is not a walk out but it is it wants to watch it is a one spot Charlie so it is small of no it's gone loving again I already have him I already have him man but I'm happy you know what he's tradable he is tradable I cannot complain at all we have packed ourselves a once to watch in the Champions League March it marquee matchups that is a gg that is definitely a gg very happy about this one we have a residue click it now which means I will have to put this one onto the transfer list immediately and just wait for the day where he does well Toby alderweireld boys what a pack what an incredible pack that is so good and hairy Winx as well a sentiment English Spurs players while for the Lucas SBC the question is how much does he go for ah I like seeing that definitely above 10k at least that is very nice that is a very good one to get wow what a pack boys what a pack the question is what are we getting out of that freakin Champions League players pack all three are tradable as well Golovin we will be sending to the club immediately or to the transfer list I have to say and all the year olds is going into the club what a pack that is incredible man that is huge and now the moment we all have been waiting for the big one the Champions League three player come on we could get some crazy players man if I get a walkout that is that's gonna be a special moment here come on come on the potluck continues on the road to glory yes or no whoo it is not walk out they'll give me someone overpowered give me a March ow who is that oh my god ouch why is he on the front when I have tea Lamont's doesn't really matter all of them are Oh No well that was kind of that was weird okay here we continue our huge Champions League pack opening this is the team that we are sending away right now I know this might not be smart to do on a road to glory but the hype is real right now and I want to get all of these players hopefully we can pack ourselves something decent obviously Lozano was a sick one but he is untrainable now we're gonna check this one as well does it say two rares it does say two rares but down the right it says includes two year for Champions League players one of them rare but on the pack it says two rares so I don't really understand how this works let's see what we get here do we get lucky is it a walkout it is not a walkout so I'm not even expecting boards it is not it is boards Portuguese left back Mario Rui from Napoli man I wish I had him for the freakin SBC could have saved me a lot of coins that is a good one to get I guess sadly this one is untrainable but do we have anything else next to him Oh Pellegrini you know what that is not a bad one if you look at the stats of this guy he's quite all right you know very very well balanced player I think with the decent chem style he'd be usable this is another one chappies d2 player pack I think this might be the last one I'm not 100% sure if it is terrible I might do another one but I'm still kind of hoping that we can get ourselves something decent so I'll keep trying okay please please make it happen yeah just give me one good player and I stopped opening these all right let's see what we get on this one do we get a walk out on this it is a lockdown yes what is it going to be come on B Big B big porch jeez come on No Liat yes he's unbelievable in this game Oh No he mixes up but look ass I have Flair off the monk Lukas no oh man that is so sick but it kind of sucks but it is so sick ah no what do i do what do I do with my Lukas because I know this matter is is better than Lukas honestly he is so good on this game his finesse shot is ridiculous cutting in sight and shooting with him it's gonna be so sick I think Lukas has to be demoted to a backup player I'm not too sure but I think we have to demote him to the bench I'm gonna test him out let's see how good he plays for me but I know that that 85 was really good and I know that this one is probably even better that is an incredible pool four star week four five star skills another Manchester City player boys I'm just doing this to get a bad player and then I can stop opening these and stop wasting my players into these SV sees which is obviously not the smartest thing to do but the fact that we got the real matters 86 rated is already is already a massive plus so I don't really mind doing yet another one but I think and I'm pretty sure this is going to be the last one unless I obviously get yet another walkout but we are not expecting that Howie let's see Amartya would be amazing that would be so sick is it going to be a walkout it is not a walkout this is probably going to be the last one that we open it is also not even a board which definitely means this is the last one that we opened I genuinely feel like I already have four Champions League cards from that team like seriously I think I have four from Spartak or whatever that team is a dynamo whoa yes even our low rated polls are sick let's go what a player to get Vinicius jr. 78 rated for star weak with five star skills that is a good one that is a very good one I'm actually gonna check out how much he goes for on the market just to see mini soos he probably has to go for a lot right he has to go for a little bit yeah he hasn't been packed yet he hasn't been packed yet he's not on a market but I'm guessing he's he's gonna be worth just a little bit but that is a very nice super sub eighty stamina that kind of surprises me on this one actually Wow okay this is definitely the last pack for us but I'm very happy that we got Vinicius jr. and real madrid player definitely can use him for SPC's in the future or something like that but that is actually huge we're gonna send it to the club right now we're done with the Champions League upgrades for now so as you guys could see we packed ourselves at Vinicius jr. four-star Wickford 5-star skill moves he is going to be a very fun substitute for our bench and on top of it he's at our Madrid player Brazilian as well he could be incredibly useful for SBC's in the future he's untrainable so at some point if our team is just way too good for him to have a spot in this team we will go ahead and sell him currently out and put him into the SBC s currently he is just basically a super sub for our team because his car just looks so fun five stars killer with insane pace even good stamina really good dribbling obviously not the best shooting but still a very very fun card that I'm looking forward to try in the future and I'm moving on from Vinicius jr. we got Irving Lozano what a monster this guy was in FIFA 18 and now we have packed him already cast would be proud to see me pack in him he is an 81 rated right wing this time 94 page 76 shooting not a bad card at all obviously not an inform but still higher rated than his regular card I believe and he has four star four star again yet another player that will be a very very good super sub and then moving on from Lozano the big man Elliott maahes and I've used his lone card at the start of the year and everyone was telling me how good are you at Mahesh is and now we have him in our club as an 86 rated item 5 foot 10 tall 4 star weak foot and on top of it with the 5 star skills which is huge and I absolutely love that card so we go over to his attributes you can tell he has great speed he has amazing shooting and he has 85 curve so cutting inside from that right hand side and taking finesse shots with him will be overpowered now obviously he has great dribbling as well his physicals aren't the best but here's the issue I have 286 rated right midfielders from the Premier League right now battling it out for the team now Lucas is great don't get me wrong but he is no fire status killer and he is no Rema des with that left foot cutting inside to score goals one of the biggest issues for me personally with Lucas is since he does play a lot on the white side where he's just crossing it in or pacing it pacing down the line and then having to cross the ball in he doesn't really get into that many scoring opportunities with three at modesto I could cross it in with his four star weak foot or I can decide to cut inside and score goals which I haven't really been able to do with Lucas because he's on the wrong side of the pitch for a right footer on this game so I have to make a decision do I make Lucas a super sub for a striking position when I take off Femi no or Eriksen late on into the game or do I keep in a starting lineup and keep my eyes on the bench as the for sub I gotta think about this and on top of it as you guys can tell there's a comment right here from the last video from J zero nine nine he says how about Laporte from Man City strong link to Edison and because of his French he links to camp ember but he's left-footed now here's the deal I don't mind having to left-footed centre-backs I tried it with mature I actually didn't really have that much of a problem so Lockport is actually coming back into the squad and in fab in your boys I bought him or I sniped him for fifty five thousand points now I'm going to look and see how much he currently goes for I know for a fact that Fabio is unbelievable on this game and currently he still goes for sixty one thousand coins so I sniped him for fifty five thousand I could sell him right now and make a little bit of profit but I'm not looking to do so he is so good like defensively moving forward what an absolute monster he is in that CDM position he's tall yes good work rates in my opinion and as you can see right here he has decent long shots as well I mean shot power is on 78 a lot of people have been telling me that he has a ridiculous long shot on him apparently the stats don't really display that but if you go over to his defending and is physical this is the perfect player that you want to have in that CDM position so alongside fernandinho I think this is going to be making a perfect CDM partnership we obviously do not play in the full four two formation as you guys know and then I've also gone ahead and got rid of Don Nino the seventy nine rated Manchester City right back and I brought in all year and so far I am more than impressed what a player he is don't get distracted by the fact that he has only 78 pace he still catches up to anyone in this game and apart from that he's so physical I really love it and he has 99 jumping with a with an anchor cap style and that is just ridiculous so I had to just get him into the team he can head the ball away from any crosses which will be coming in from the left hand side of our defense so audio has been another addition to our team and I think now we are weekend league ready so we still have around 150,000 coins in our club in castelló and Paille and we obviously also packed wants to watch Golovin who we have tradable now but we'll be waiting until that wants to watch SPC's come out where we can go ahead and sell Golovin for a lot of coins but at the moment we'll keep him in the club or on the transfer list because we already have him untradable on our a bench or on our reserves now though let's see what we can get live on video on these packs I've done two more of the Champions League two players packs because honestly guys I know this is a road to glory and I should be keeping a lot of the players that I have in my club but I just feel like this is like a one-time chance and I should just go ahead and have fun because this is the start of the road to glory you guys have been seeing me packing incredible players my pack Luck has been on point I'm able to get coins really fast why not just go ahead and put these players into these SBC's because tomorrow we'll be getting our division rivals rewards will be getting new players into the club so we don't we shouldn't really worry about it too much let's jump in there and see what we get in the Champions League two-player pact can it be a walkout nope this one is not a walkout is it boards it is board which is always a good sign Brazil is always good right wing aiex David Metis isn't it yes davit net is 80 rated another really good winger coming into our club yes boys this is really good and here's the thing that I think about I think at some point in this game these Champions League cards will be very important for SBC's so I'm stacking them up right now which is a row which is the right thing to do in my opinion so if you guys have way too many players in your club go ahead and do these SPC's because I have a weird feeling that these will be very important for SBC's in the future and I think that can be that idea can be established by the fact that some of these that you get through the Champions League spc that you have to finish yesterday are tradable and by them being tradable that means that EA wanted to make sure that everyone gets the chance to have these in their club because for future SBC's these players could be big so I'm just stacking up a couple of Champions League cars right now and I absolutely love the look of them they look so freaking nice honestly imagine having a full Champions League starting lineup another five stars killer and another one that is left footed down the right wing that is such a good good card love it what a pack I love it man I'm just so happy with these packs and then we have another one this pack I will dedicate to all of you out there let's see what we get right here in our second Champions League pack is it going to be a walkout no it is not I feel like it's not already support very nice Spain sent him it Manchester United oh that is a good one undead Herrera 83 rated I love this 82 this is such a sick pool boys let's go let's freakin go and christened as well with 61 pace you but I'm that Herrera is really good on this game we could definitely fit him into our starting lineup if I feel like pennant Dino is not doing well enough I can sell him on and I can put Herrera into the starting lineup because he's really good like honestly he is sick on this game yo our pack look he's incredible I think I'm gonna do one more I think I'm gonna do one more voice let's get ready I'm gonna hear data welcome to the club and maybe even into the starting lineup by the way keep one thing in your mind boys for Champions League marquee matchups if you do SBC's like these do you not give away any Champions League players from your club it is going to be so important for you because yesterday Liverpool and Napoli players were going for 7,000 up to 10,000 coins just because of the Champions League marquee matchups do not put any Champions League players into these s pcs and while saying that I just realized that I have a keen fare right here who I should probably not put into this SPC because he could be important they have beaten Real Madrid yesterday so I'm gonna take him out I'm gonna put it up in and I think it's Dortmund in a Champions League hold on let me check real quick yeah Dortmund is in the Champions League in fact so that means I will have to put another centre back into this position before I make a mistake here let's go ahead and find the centre back that can be fitting into this team someone that doesn't play in the Champions League I don't think this guy is I don't think he is is he is this most of our team in there as well this is Lokomotiv Moscow I don't think they are in the Champions League oh yes they are okay let's keep him in a club as well wow so many champions he flirts but I'll bet this isn't I'm pretty sure about that one so I have to finishing it we have yet another one Champions League to player back let's finish it with a bang come on EA give me a walk out it is not a walk out I kind of feel like it's not going to be bores again yeah this time it is not bores we get a centre back Conti 79 rate 8 I guess that is just yeh telling us you've had enough stop it now alright yep that is definitely them telling us stop it these two are definitely not good enough so in division rivals there's only one more day left basically 22 hours right there and we are just about in rank – I guess we will be getting there within 1 games time hopefully if we can get a victory but I will probably have to play up until nineteen thousand points in order to make sure that we remain in rank – and we'll be going for the untradable packs that is the plan I'm going for more once two watches let's jump into a game right here and see how this team plays live on video so let's jump in there I'm ready ok he has a good squad he has all my young agüero this is gonna be an interesting one for our defence let's see how they play we switch over to the 4 – 2 – formation and hopefully does well for us we bring it over to Phil you know famiy no human sun-young means so nah I should have done a driven shot there that was my mistake for sure that was a big chance already but for me no gets ahead I mean nice man I think this is the first time I actually score a header from a corner kick let's go one-nil nice ball let's go I see their son get in there huh that's not son is it popping your doll on the left foot oh not bad you know for the fact that he has a 2 star weak but that was quite impressive from fabin yo feed me no or Laporte's I don't know what Laporte is doing at the near post Oh Lucas Lucas Lucas nice stuff here from Lucas this is what we want to see beautiful stuff he has to pass it I knew it oh that was a good turn as a very good turn Oh what's going on here hello hello hello what's happening he just got lucky this guy's not good at the game but he still scores that is his first shot of the game and we are in the 35th already Lucas is on the run again this time with the time Venus very nice very very good goal for Lucas right here in the 59th minute good dribbling good pace and good finishing on top of it right there getting passed there with the rock croqueta that is very very useful still gotta use a little bit more and now my opponent starts to use it as well because I used it well this is definitely a 12 year old no no how does he get past there that's a good cross Lucas good Amino on the run amino being chased down by their daddy you mean over to ethics in ethics in will stop played through back into the amino we play it over into the middle you have a little bit of space with the likes of amino I'm lucky that's a good ball you know that is a very good ball Mindy good pasta fennel Dean yo what a horrible attempt at it pass into the middle nice steel oh no i bottled it again with a bad pass out of the offense Oh now we're gonna try out Maya's we are bringing on Arab youth or fernandinho and I think I'm gonna go for let's go for Lozano up top because why not let's have some fun okay I was an interesting corner so at least he's gonna shoot there we go with Sun headaches and Sun lozano I see you making your run you should have continued it me should have continued it good pass now down to our meringue to v2 which is not the best situation for us okay now he's killing I see oh lucky again somehow through my legs Lucas thankfully only a four star three star week four and that is the end of the game we got lucky there towards the end I just couldn't finish my chances for whatever reason but I played some decent football which I'm very happy about so it is a 2-1 victory which will get us probably around 600 something points which I think should get us back into rank two already is it dealt we already have 408 486 for champions points which is nice to see and we get our skill rating back up to over 1700 and we are now on rank two very nice okay boys the goals are being reached already I just have to play a little bit more I guess 19,000 should be enough for this week I really hope so but then again it could be a lot of people just grinding division rivals on the last day so I have to pay attention and see how far away I'm from rank one and just make sure that I do remain in that area but overall man I'm really happy with this team I'm genuinely thinking about replacing fernandinho with Herrera I don't think fan antinos worth what is he 35 thousand yeah guys I'm gonna sell them I'm gonna sell them he goes for 30 mm and if we do sell and that basically means we have made 32,000 profit because we have brought in Herrera for nothing who is an untradable and he's a blue card like come on boys he looks incredible on this game and I think Helia I was really good when I used this 82 so I might as well just go ahead and send this van on Dino on to that transfer market for 32,000 someone who will definitely pick him up right there and we can bring in the nice midfielder that is on their hair there into the club I still haven't given a chance to Zeile but I'm not playing in a formation where I personally would like to have him in a starting lineup or even on the bench at the moment and we still have a lot of other cards in the club so we are looking very good man if we sell him for 32,000 we'll be back up to around 40 what 45,000 coins that will be very good we already have really good players in our team in ethics infamy no son Lucas Herrera Fubini oh what a squad we already have only 11 or 12 is it 11 or 12 episodes I'm not too sure but quite early on into the series our team is already looking absolutely amazing and I'm very proud to have this team right now one thing I genuinely cannot wait for is the weekend League like I really want to see how we will do in the weekend league and what kind of teams people have because I know for a fact that probably everyone that is in Division 3 2 1 they already all have icons they already have name ours and ronaldo's we will be coming up against some ridiculous teams as soon as we get into the weekend league I'm gonna check out right now how many wings are needed for the ranks and we can talk about that for a second ok so apparently apparently making it into gold 3 will take us 14 to 16 victories out of 30 matches that would get us 30,000 coins to mega packs and 150 K players pack and the 2 player 2 player picks special items so that means we'd have 2 times 5 players I think where we could pick one out of them and two thousand four champions points in order to wreak Walla Phi for the next week we would only need to make it to silver one which would give us 11 victories and that would give us two thousand four champions points and some decent packs as well alongside with one player picks special item the goal for me personally will be to reach at Lee Gold to 17 to 19 victories out of 30 would be absolutely amazing if we can make that happen 45,000 coins one rare gold packed too rare mega packs and then you also have the two-time player pick special item but the goal number one would be gold one gold one would be absolutely incredible if we can make it there 50,000 coins to 100k packs two player picks special items and 2004 champions points so as you can tell that would be absolutely amazing apparently if you make it to number one in the world you get 250,000 coins one ultimate team of the week pack which we know from last year where you get like is it 11 in forms I think you get 11 in forms then you have for 100k packs and 5 player pick special item packs that is insane I'm guessing that whoever makes it into number one and even actually if you make it into top 100 if you make it a top 50 everyone gets 5 player pick special items and then for top 100 to top 50 you get 4 very interesting and elite Elite is ridiculous boys it forget about it forget about it this year is not the year where I will make it until late because we would have to lose only seven games throughout 30 games and it's gonna be a rough one that's gonna be a rough one at least I'll try and push for it but I'd be incredibly happy if I'm if I can make it into gold one at some point and be consistent that would be the dream I think that would be very nice for us 20 victories is needed for that which means 10 losses 20 victories it's kind of an okay percentage of wings towards who are towards the losses but the team right now I think is capable with my skills I think we could be able to get to gold – 17 victories should be the goal that I should aim for if I can make it I'd be very very happy but just making it into gold one no matter which tier we get to player pick special item packs so that is going to be very nice so we have to make it to at least 14 victories at least half of the games we have to win in the weekend League I can already tell it's gonna be very frustrating because the margin for error is very very small since you have only 30 games it's gonna be interesting boys I'm looking forward to it and I hope you guys are as well the Road to Glory is looking good packed some really good players one of them has made it already into the starting lineup let me know about the Lukas situation would you rather have Lucas on the team or would you rather have Mata is in the squad I love my defense right now I love my midfield I love my attackers I'm really happy with the way the team is playing tell me what to do take care boys have a great time peace