hello guys and welcome back to episode 12 of the ultimate road to glory and let me tell you the temptation was real I had that waiting for me for over a day now but as I record this series every other day I just I had to wait because I wanted to get it on camera I want to share every little thing with this club with you guys because is your road to glory just as much as it is mine so I had the reward on my main account I basically was playing off and on on my main and also on the road to glory and I only finish in silver 1 or silver 2 I can't remember exactly and I opened up a pack and I got a legend and I saw English and for whatever reason I thought it was going to be Rio Ferdinand's then I saw the keeper and it was David Seaman like I'm not I'm not ungrateful though like two hundred thousand coins is awesome and I really appreciate that but when you pack elisions and you think you could have had any legend on the game and then you get David Sieben it's a little annoying but it could have been worse could have got Frank de Boer or something like that but I want to jump in to the foot champions we can League rewards fingers crossed we get ourselves something really nice on this account because that will help us not only if we want to sell it on but maybe bring it into our team and incorporate that so drop a like on the video if you are enjoying the series and let's get straight into it what am I going to get please give me something good we finished in gold 3 so is that a 50k pack so we get 2 mega packs one rare players pack and 30 thousand coins oh my that's a lot 30,000 coins is going to come in handy and you wait until you see this 100 K team that I bill oh it's lovely so if you guys are watching this right now send me your prayers back in time because I've pre-recorded this episode anyway I don't even know what I'm talking about is absolute rubbish let's jump into the mega pack or actually slightly nervous this is open it please please walk out please please please control myself I've just packed a kit I've packed the kid he's pretty decent no he's really fast skillful can defend but he's tiny I haven't used him yet but I have seen him around on Ultimate Team but anyone else in the pack I think this is one of the worst packs I've ever got it's a shame that we didn't get our you a couple of days ago then we could have sold him for 5k but all of these items contracts are going to come in handy also fitness cars for when I'm playing the foot champions this weekend that's not a bad hack actually because the consumables yeah I'll take that not not not that bothered it's just the play isn't set I was like what is that I've got a silver though you know it's really good nice pace good dribbling cleverly might sell because he's English and in the Premier League hmm so your prayers didn't reach meantime I'm going alone one-man army mega pack round two please please EA please give me the lock on this account please walk out please oh oh it's always walk out Oh whose it is it better check oh my godness oh my goodness better check what is up with the keepers right now I love David Seaman I've now got Petr Cech walk out though I will take Petter check right now he uh unfortunately doesn't get chemistry if he was still at Chelsea it would have been ideal because I'm using Zuma in the defense but Petter check man that is a cracking keeper I don't think I'm gonna keep him at the club though I will end up just selling them on for the profit I don't know how much is going for anyone else in the pack Gila bogey is very nice have I got any duplicates oh my god let's go our first big player on the ultimate road to glory and it is a walk out oh my heart I could have been anybody it could have been anybody could have got a Ronaldo well no actually it would have been inform we could have got messy van petegem let's check his price better better check his price brilliant oh no that's even worse why is he only 25 k yd Lisa so why is he so cheap it's alright though coins the coins man I probably would restore him into the club for a bit and yeah let's move on to the last pack back-to-back walk outs I've never seen it done before will we be the first it probably has been done well that's a big one Oh who's that barman yeah he's a great keeper I've been using a mashie on my main 87 reflex slaves 86 handling he probably sells for a fair amount i packed him no so I've never checked his prize Herrera though Oh rah rash food oh my how much is he he's got to be ten thousand coins all right seven four thousand probably about six thousand coins that is a good player we can definitely use him maybe it's a super sub every single time I've come up against Ratchford he is overpowered Rose as well will definitely sell we got Herrera Wow that's actually a really good pack a lot of Premier League players I can see even where's Morgan and sleeper Anderson so let's store that in and I want to show you the trade pile actually before we go and have a look at the team that appeal but well I think we've had some successful packs there drop a like on the video for that walk out I'm more happy let's go right let me store that and send Felipe Anderson to the transfer list so I'm recording this video on the Friday night and in the morning EA release a new school building challenge which was of the month human son from Spurs and I did say I had an idea that he was going to get the player of the month unfortunately though you didn't need as many Spurs players as I anticipated so with Michelle form I've only made a hundred coins and I could have sold him four more before it so annoying but I've still got quite a few to sell I got two more to sell we had cuñado that also went for profit to stake in their 1700 Coke ad that we lost on a little bit but I've been making some coins on bigovich he sells for 6 K now so my advice is if you're wanting to trade pick up the players Monday Tuesday and then just wait offload them on the Friday night just before put champions because that's when people rush to go and purchase their players if they wanting to build new teams so yeah that's just a little bit of trading advice for you and he's really good to snipe with like set your filter to 5400 or under 5k depending on when you want to sell him and you can make some serious profit he pops up a lot and he's a great keep I'm using him in today's squad fleepy Anderson that is what we've just packed in Abu Bakar are listing for 1100 and bin but yeah look at this 100k team we need to jump straight into it it's a good one welcome guys to the ultimate 100k team this right here is looking so well balanced and if you remember right in the last episode I did use the same formation and I recommended a few guys to take out rafinha and cocaine and bring in some more defensive minded midfielders and not only can support the play where needed but really have a good tackle so you can catch them off guard your opponents and then counter-attack them that's really important this year so going through the team I have spent 100,000 coins on this side and I do not regret it I love the balance so indeed all we have Ellesmere bigovich 5100 coins are born with a shield chemistry style what does that boost actually his reflux saves his speed and also his kicking which I don't think he needs it because he's that good but I'll take that right back position that we purchase Oda for 4900 coins he's division 1 standard he is a cracking right back he's a threat from corners he's a threat in the defense he's the size amazing right centre back position I actually put the Dead Eye chemistry style on Zuma that increases his passing and sure the worst thing is is if you pass it back to your sensor back and you can't get rid of the ball or he doesn't have a good enough like quality pass to hold possession and you get caught that's dangerous so 58 passing is a little bit low but now as in-game stats have bumped up to around 70 which is fantastic the next player is rapid overrun for 9400 with that gladiator chemistry style he basically has a team of the season worthy card 99 stand tackles his heading accuracy is out of this world it's just it's just remarkable so left back position another player that I like the look of and it is terminal ass with 1,900 points purchase for him and I think he's going to be good you know like he has some very good stats and 82 pay something is a perfectly fine sentiment position blaise matuidi 42,000 250 coins I paid for him but I wanted to bring in quality I don't mind spending a lot on a player when I know they're tried and tested in Division one and he is just perfect for this formation and also to partner him in the midfield can say he is going to be running all game every game so I don't need to worry about any substitutions for that sentiment position 33,500 coins purchase on can't a less enemy position now I didn't want to be too defensive because can't aim a tweety all those players that are going to be dropping back always but Cobell up I really want him to push on and just offer that extra little spark in the attack and he is so overpowered this year trust me he is out of this world his actual pace on the ball his agility his dribbling his long shots he's a sober powered love him and in the cam position we have Isco with the engine chemistry style his agility has been art and he's got some cracking stats 5500 which is quite cheap actually for this KO maybe they've just ceased 72 paise and they completely just ignore the card but I think he's great so right right striking position but after we use him in the last episode and also been Yetta hopefully we don't get any injuries and I'm even thinking about just using a squad fitness card a silver one every other game so we will be making a coins but not max profit I just want to get used to the team and get comfortable with it I don't want to keep rotating between fitness sides in this foot champion session I want to do the best that I can so we're still be getting the rewards and packs at the end so coin wise I don't know how many coins we'll be making if we're going to have to spend like 700 coins every other game so yeah we're still be making profit but not the most so I think we're ready to go into some games and actually try out this team it just looks incredible fingers cross it plays well let's hit up divisions so it feels like a haven't played divisions in absolutely ages we are currently in division 7 and look at the rewards if we get promoted if we win the title 5000 coins it's a good coin amount and we put a check if you're wanting me to sell him and let me know in the comment section or sure we incorporate him into a side Deusto commission recommendations I personally think we should get rid of him because then that's another 25,000 coins added to the overall total and with the team that we've got with the Bundesliga side we're sitting on roughly 250,000 coins which is a lot man there's a lot of coins already only twelve episodes into this road to glory imagine that the end of fever 17 we're going to be stacked anyway let's jump into the first game and see this team in action first game and he's rocking up with a full 1/2 on to side that is very similar to the squad that we played in the last episode when we were going for the actual knockout Ottoman there we go Fellaini in that CDM position when I come up against him he's awesome when I use him yeah he's alright oh the game is lagging oh no the game is really laggy oh dear that doesn't look good at all the ESCO is in behind here I thought he was offside there buddy took up a good position if we can just find him on the edge of the box look at that vendetta oh dear should have probably got a better shot out ba is very very choppy in this game just before foot champions that's not great disco gone disco oh he feels very very slow oh look at that opening up though what is he doing and I'm gonna finesse that and it's two in the back of there my camera has cut off though so you're gonna miss the reaction but it's not really a good one of school thank you there's just so much space good Charlotte Oh fantastic say from big abyss did you see the cheese there how it does completely went through but can say in all soma Tweety aren't picking up there the actual players themselves so what I may have to do is change them to man mark see if that helps one-nil of the breakers I mean have really done too much going forward but my actual players keep switching automatically because I haven't changed the custom controls properly so yeah let me go and do that and I'll meet you in the second half well that's a great pass he's try to put it through and he has done look at that shoulder barge from Vlad what a monster in the back Jamie Vardy see that's what you can do revise it literally just paste room with his aggression and strength he's just so good on the ball he's gone in there he's very very aggressive this guy may be in a different game we would be able to do a little bit more in the attack but right now he's really controlling there I'm going to pop that ball through there we go that's where Murata catches it he's got a lovely first touch and we're going to shoot it across goal grain same from shin I called it was only one goal in it guys and we managed to get on the scoresheet so we do come away with a victory I've got to say though I didn't really play that well hooked defensively though that the team was very solid but going forward I was just lacking that extra little thing and he was a good player though so he was keeping me out we did have a couple of chances during that game so we could have made it two maybe even three nil but overall performance not too happy so one goes you guys is tell Ben Yetta to drift wide because he has the pace to do that just so it opens it up because if we do come up against someone that is very defensive it is a time it's difficult just to find that extra little space but these three players up top I am liking Ben yet or not obviously Murata but let's go maybe he's not going to cut it I don't know his pace on the ball he isn't really that driving force that you kind of need but I still give him a go I may even replace him during the put champions actual week in league we'll see who we do bring in we've got the coins now to splash out on a very good player so maybe I'll adapt the team a little bit but I'm going to apply a natural squad fitness just because everyone's running low and we managed to pack six so that's lovely those were good packs so let's jump into another game and give the team another go the very best is his club name Wow okay he's got a seriously sweaty side with Innes and also great up top mmm I just find that my players aren't really creating space for me to find maybe I'm gonna have to change that on the custom tactics I need a little bit more movement oh that's a great ball though beignet toys Murata sorry apologies Murata he's already school to Cassini this game little ridiculous but I was just saying with the antral runs that my players are making did not they're not putting in the effort to create space so I may have to change up the tactics just slightly to suit these players one-twos it's just a little bit too narrow actually today on fighting oh dear water parts over to Murata though I'm going to spin this inside oh it spin it again Oh hold up play from errata he's actually so good attacking yes we've got some issues but defensively is so good look at that run from his Co going to turn that inside play down the line the space is opening up ship it through to Isco first time pass over the top to rata who touch around the corner to can say howdy oh it's a shame you couldn't get the shot out but how did can't a actually win that oh and he's done it again he's such a warrior Oh quite like and say play back I see in the middle scoot turn Oh deserve the goal really and cut back I'm looking for the cut back again yes I've faked him I'm going down the line with you Bella I'm gonna run I'm the run play play now good positioning from been yet and that's why the drift white act it will help us a little bit and with those cut in since you've got the shrimp to hold him off he doesn't so we've only scored one goal yet again but the team defensively is so good I don't mind that I don't feel like I'm actually going to concede saying that I will concede in the second or if you just know I'm going to but no I do like the team it's great it's go let's go with the dips pop that over to Murat and ratter in good space Borel Oh Murata he is a beautiful player just such a finesse about him on the ball very nice and light cracking player even in the 4-3-3 I'd recommend playing in there alright big win please I want to score a corn I'm done for a while raphaël Varane and there is the 99 hitting accuracy or 95 is that gladiator chem richest old I put on him was a gladiator can't remember but he has some awesome stats three-nil game over so he has pers controller down but we do have a corner and I do want to test out get get better Brian again oh my that was actually heading in his heading accuracy is 200 P is brilliant oh he's there can't flick over his head I want to see his long shots we take so we take a long shot with him oh my god okay I think Raphael oh my god raphaël Varane is a little bit crazy what can you say he's not playing so another great defensive display right there guys keeping clean sheets and that is what matters keeping clean sheets always give you a better chance winning games because you're not conceding anyway what I want to do with the side is maybe upgrade Isco I'm not really liking the feel of him I think he's just too slow I'm gonna I'm gonna put it out there I'm gonna be honest he's a little bit too slow and it's dribbling although it's nice I just want someone that can offer a little bit more agility wise I think you're just not cutting it for me to be honest so let's go on the market and have a look through some players so I've been flicking through the market guys and I'm actually thinking about converting vendetta to the cam with FYI so we thought we could get a lot out of that because he does find himself around the edge of the area he can shoot it from each side and he could be really important for us so with that being said we are needing to look for another strike of abuse pad so I didn't particularly like him too much back and Boo is someone that comes to mind with at 80 dribbling it just is a little bit low on someone with a little bit more finesse about their play with the with the high agility maybe another league that we can bring in and just use them as a super sub I think I would be down for that just bringing them on as a sub so if you've got any recommendations as to who we can bring in they have to be gold relatively cheap or even twenty thousand coins I don't mind purchasing them for a player like Musa maybe a player like Musa I don't know I don't know who I want I just want someone with good agility good balance good dribbling so if you've got any recommendations drop their names in the comment section even an amaura bat I'm not even going purchase amaura bat again oh he's only 700 coins I'm gonna purchase him right I'm gonna bring in a Mirbat and have him as a super sub but if you any other recommendations drop in the comments I was being serious I have actually got our purchase amer about for that super sub so before I go and make any rash decisions and start converting been headed to the cam as soon as the game starts I wouldn't really recommend doing this but I'm gonna make that super sub and take off ESCO and have it like this so I'll just bring on a Mirbat as the striker and also been here as the cam and see how it plays I just want to have a feel for what Benny Adair can offer us in that camp position so let's try Ben Yoda as that can but we're up against a good team that is a solid Premier League side Luke at go up top he's always trouble good interception from Matuidi that is the quality right there and Ben Yetta one sit through and he's overlapped and he scored the goal he is just brilliant everywhere but when when I play my style is that the cams pick up the majority of the goals usually so we should be able to get a little bit more out of him there Eriksson oh my goodness oh my goodness what a mess it was a cracking free-kick I would have much preferred that free-kick just to go in then have a rebound like that that is annoying giving it to Murata look at the run from the tweet it wasn't dude why is he like this he's always like that I can't control him again he's just running all over the place every single game right now is having framerate lag they're getting ready for the foot champions week in league so that's expected but it's just not nice to play on there we go that's good dribbling and then put it through to Murata I'm gonna have to turn otherwise I'm gonna get caught up here look at that overlap though from Ben Yoda perfect positioning from Danielle Oh God he is the greatest of all time to go he is the go thank you very much Cabella look at that been yet uh been yet at Opie and hammer back with lovely scoop turn and again oh oh I remember I want to score damn about he's he's really good oh okay maybe not we've actually got a nice on being three going on here so I'm happy with that not only in the tournament but in divisions which is are always nice but the team defending as a rock and I I thought it was going to be the case because with that camera style on buran I wasn't a believer at first but having played with him previously without one I noticed a difference I swear he is so much better he's pace the strength is tackling incredible so yeah good game and another win we have won the title up to division six 5k in the bank I love it so before I let you guys go the team was playing really really well in the defense no problems like it is 100% tested solid absolutely love it but then going forward I feel at times it is lacking in the attack like just trying to find the players so what I will do is I'm still wanting that recommendation in the striker position we've got around 70,000 coins to spend if we can bring in a good quality striker where if I bring in yellow down to the cam and sub someone on or even bring on a good quality cam I don't know I just wanna improve the attack somehow they don't have to link art because they will be used as a super sub so please do drop their names in the comment section on players maybe you've used or you think are going to sue the role for our side so if you haven't do another episode please do drop a like good like in the foot champions weekend League I hope you finish where you want to finish and get some decent rewards I will be grinding out this weekend so yeah yeah wish me luck I'll see you soon thanks watching team out with