PRODUCED & NARRATED BY PAUL MASON Greeks voted by 61% to defy Europe and reject austerity. they turned the Greek word for no “Oxi” into a global message Now they suspect they are about to be betrayed. “We voted for NO. You’re bringing YES? You’re pretending that you didn’t listen. 404 Error. Democracy not found” #ThisIsACoup EPISODE 4 Surrender or Die After the euphoria of the No vote Whatever anybody think it means, the Greek prime minister spells out what it means to him. Alexis Tsipras Prime Minister
We will not use this mandate Alexis Tsipras Prime Minister
to clash with Europe but to strengthen our negotiating powers so we can achieve a better deal Tsipras begins to draft a new, final compromise. BANKS STILL CLOSED CASH WITHDRAWAL RATIONED The whole economy is grinding to a halt around us. It’s hard to watch, even harder to live through. It’s been terrible| They shut the banks People didn”t have any money to pay us How can we get by with nothing? This week, I haven’t worked at all I look for work here every night But, there is nothing AVGI| SYRIZA NEWSPAPER TEXT OF GREEK COMPROMISE OFFER LEAKED Anastasia Giamali | Syriza Journalist
We are translating the agreement to be published in Avgi tomorrow. We were sent the call at eleven o’clock from the editors in chief, they split the text, we got the text, we are translating, it’s top secret and they will kill me. the offer is so close to what Europe wants that many Greeks will see it as surrender. They’re gonna be disappointed. You can’t have the pie and the dog, I don’t know how– You can’t have your cake and eat it, you mean? Yes, really, you can’t. What the fuck is the OCW law What were you hoping for? Personally, you? For a good deal. If that’s the best deal we can get, that’s the best deal we can get. We tried. But 61% of greeks voted to end austerity Now all they can do is sit and watch and wait Dina Kafterani/ Actress Don’t film me with my rollers in Should I get dressed? Are you serious? You’ve been waiting for us all this time and you didn’t get changed? I will turn the TV on Syriza’s members of parliament are meeting, and a revolt against the deal is brewing Do you know what happened? Tsipras said they have to stay united “If we quit, we’ll quit together” Did you hear what he’s about to sign? No Who did he say that to? To the Syriza MPs He said “we’ll quit together”? Yes, he said “you can’t leave one by one” Why, did anyone quit? No, he just urged them to stay united Yeah mum, but… Katy, bring me a glass of water Coming GREEK PARLIAMENT MEETS TO VOTE ON TSPIRAS PROPOSAL Euclid Tsakalotos / Finance Minister
We are asking you to give us the chance to negotiate a sustainable deal that will return us to growth Euclid Tsakalotos who has taken over as finance minister, tries to sell parliament a new compromise but many of Syriza’s Lawmakers are just not buying it. 17 of them stage an open revolt. TSIPRAS GOES TO BRUSSELS TO PRESENT COMPROMISE OFFER I’m here ready for an honest compromise. We can reach an agreement tonight if all parties want it. GERMANY REJECTS COMPROMISE AND DEMANDS GREECE EXIT THE EUROZONE For 17 hours the Greeks are bombarded with the same message to stay inside the Euro you must surrender control or your economy dies. This ultimatum causes outrage. Around the world they take to Twitter. It starts in Barcelona, spreads to Athens, and Paris and it goes viral. By the time the night’s over one billion people have seen the hash tag: #ThisIsACoup. I’m going to speak in Greek It’s been a tough battle for 6 months and we fought until the end to achieve the best we could a deal, allowing our country to stand back on its feet so the Greek people can continut their fight We had to take tough decisions. Dina Kafterani Actress
What the hell happened? It was a nightmare. A night out of hell. A very big night it was. . Fuck. They fuck us Is it possible 62% say no! close banks, left government, and you? What did you do? The same and worse because you say you were left. Ourselves. We got the power, we have the power, not them. They have the power to fuck us, we have the power to un-fuck us EUROPE LENDS GREECE €86 BILLION THE PRICE IS EVEN HARSHER AUSTERITY MASSIVE TAX RISES MASSIVE PENSION CUTS MASSIVE PRIVATISATIONS You’re about to go on television to defend implementing a third memorandum Anastasia Giamali Syriza Journalist
My heart is aching but you know you can not be together and united only when you’re winning, you must be together and united when you are losing Syriza managed to- to plant a small seed of doubt about the belief, the narrative that th-the-the big forces, the European elite are interested about Greece and they want to save it. They don’t give a shit. SYRIZA SPLITS SENIOR POLITICIANS LEAVE Yanis Varoufakis Former Finance Minister
I felt as if the earth had imploded from under my feet. I felt incredible sadness and a sense of having betrayed the 62% of Greeks who with astonishing courage went out against the powers that be, against the media that were terrorising them in their living rooms through their televison and radio channels every day, against the closed banks against the ECB, againt the Troika. I felt we betrayed them and I don’t think we had the historical right to do that. Zoe Kontantopoulou Former Speaker of Parliament
You should never, ever, ever, ever stop struggling. You should never ever believe that the way out of austerity and the way out of attacks to democracy is behind the closed doors of the Euro Group. The way out is in the society with the people. NEW ELECTION CALLED FOR 20 SEPTEMBER SYRIZA WINS NEW ELECTION For Syriza’a members this second election victory is bitter. They’ve won on the promise to do the very thing they’ve spent their lives opposing: austerity. It’s time for answers, how did the first governement of the radical left in modern Europe fail so badly. What peope in Greece will still want to know is, why didn’t you just walk away? Alexis Tsipras Prime Minister
If I walked away this night, probably I would became a hero for one night, maybe for two, three but it will be a truly disaster for the next days and nights not only for me but for the majority of the Greek people. So it was a very difficult dilemma. So my heart, my soul said to me “go away” but my mind said to me that I had to find a solution even though that I knew that this solution was very difficult and tough. And lets be clear why, because a Grexit would have involved the collapse of the economy The collapse first of all of banks and then the collapse of the economy What would you do differently? I think that we lost time and that at the end we were out of force and out of money. If we knew that we would make more brave decisons at the beginning Do you regret saying “that’s it, no more troika, no more bailout, it’s over.” It wasn’t over. Yeah, this is a fact but it was not so easy to be over. I think that they did whatever they did to me, to us, to Greece not only because they didn’t like us but just because they didn’t want to have a domino effect in other European countries. I know that the developments, the results, whatever happened afterwards was not a good development but the fact that these people had the right, had the chance to express their feelings and to feel dignity was something very, very important. This was historical times for Greece and for Greek people. These times happened. Alexis Tsipras promised to end austerity. But he failed. Greece is still saddled with a debt it cannot pay. With an austerity programme that cannot work. Greeks tried the barricades. Then they tried the ballot box. But for Europe democracy didn’t matter. Nobody knows what they will try next