[Music] Kenneth this voice-over officially makes up for all the Dutch tilts in Thor 1 alright saving your bro we have the hot hand with that loki became an honorary avenger for a few minutes look I have to do right pay forward an Iron Man quote any thoughts that the Hulk would be the answer are squashed in less than five minutes quickly establishing the Thanos has no one single equal Oh Heimdall Heimdall I’m no yeah just it doesn’t work with mononym time to bond it up I guess also that was the exact moment we knew this was gonna be a different kind of film no response needed because what does it say about you if you can kill a god arose erections this time and it was at this point that my lifelong buddy Alex turned to me and expressed that it was probably good we didn’t bring his six-year-old this plant but Thanos finally got to exact punishment on Loki after his failure in Avengers 1 and also let us know that said villain that kicked off the reason for the Avengers even existing is nothing compared to thinness composer Alan Silvestri’s ethereal space score I’m into it alright let’s talk about our protagonist intro oh you thought Thanos was the antagonist no no no no he’s the first character introduced by his underling his face shrouded in darkness teasing his reveal like a rag doll he picks up one of the strongest people we know in this universe and toys with the other strongest character in this universe just to see what he can do ultimately knocking him unconscious he murders a beloved character has his quest set out before him and is more or less the only thing anyone even talks about leading up to the title card this is the Knossos movie hugging have to love the building sound of the ship creating an atmosphere of complete dread like it’s part of the score throughout this masterful long take that really pulls you into Tony’s perspective there’s your spidey sense and I’ll say I know you’re all mad it wasn’t mentioned in homecoming but you’re all forgetting this scene from Civil War oh god I need you to distraction cool headedness from the guy in the chair I don’t would you kids you’ve never seen a spaceship before we can’t all be watching informants standing in it’s deep yummy and rejoice you are about to die the hands of the children of Santos says a lot about fan OHS that evany MA one of the most powerful villains we’ve ever seen in the MCU is basically Thanos his hype man it’s like a game to him the way he repeats the same speech and how he silences Thor earlier so he doesn’t ruin the atmosphere dude you’re embarrassing me from the Wizards Tony what would we do without you yep bleeding-edge armor now with no blood Tony okay I’ll be doing good really really good really good honesty teamwork with just a slight glance from strange I might add Chloe to the rescue don’t pretend like Peter knows anything about Star Trek he’s just barely seen empire but as we’ve established Star Trek is always a way to my wedding saving a new buddy gets you some generosity you’re running out of here oxygen lessons altitude lessons icing problem lessons iron spiders I was just starting to get over Jarvis and start liking Friday it does take a little bit of tony’s god mode offline though which is needed yeah you like that don’t you yeah you know why this tone exists is something you recognize do you rehire James God don’t care don’t care watch i dub the video if you need convincing rehire James Gunn don’t care if it makes you look dumb people will respect you for listening to your audience now that that’s out of the way yeah guardians gotta give the Russos credit for capturing the feel of the Guardians with color palette change and obviously a little rubber band man yeah also space no coordinates just space so guardians quick no exposition storytelling Gamora is softening up to Peters ways even more than when we left there in vol 2 alright Guardians don’t forget this might be dangerous so let’s put on our mean faces Groot Tyrol and mantis mean face dude man well I don’t disagree I feel I should remind you that Peter also survives from time in space that’s fair not a hundred percent sure what mantis is doing wait is she being a praying mantis whatever but each Guardian conveys their personality with how they respond to Thor Peter rocket and Drax have weapons drawn Gamora is ready to draw hers and Groot is just playing his game and stopped me in the eye so I had to kill her it’s life it was a little now classic Ragnarok Thor this is my voice I think after Chris Pratt what we have to go isn’t it in there that’s a made-up word Oh words made up every time I hear that it blows my mind for the first time again so true love hey just like in his picture yep oh man that’s a beautiful beard win and some beautiful hair a beautiful Nomad finally some real teamwork in this team movie and from the rogue Avengers og+ Falcon we don’t want to kill you oh we will you’ll never get the chance again one way or another the path that were on leads to phantoms why did Gamora go the team headed to know where knowing Thanos would be there well because she knew he’d be there he was gonna get to her one way or another and honestly the alternative of Thanos using quill to get to her was worse than just asking quill to kill her more love hi Drax that’s three comedic wins for mantis just in case you’re keeping track pon Clemente F directs does get half of that last one though must have pulled Tobias right out of the shower eight seconds steals the scene more Benicio and four please manipulative trick it’s either a messed up way of revealing to Kimura that she does actually care for him in some way or how I see it more of a cathartic experience for her the release she’d feel knowing he can’t hurt her anymore still it develops his character beyond murdering mad man there’s a deleted flashback scene that actually nails this point home but you have to remember that Gamora right or wrong was on his side for a long time she was a bad guy and before she could really reconcile what had actually happened to her I’m sure she did grow to love the monster that raised her relationships even oppressive abusive and sadistic ones are complex so murdering madman plus Stockholm Syndrome propagator Mari so yeah anyone with a functional brain knows Thanos is just messing with them but would he be sadistic enough to let Peter kill her just for the torture fun of it all maybe when did Ross get bizarro jason statham honesty oh by golly it’s one of the writers Stephen McFeely earth just lost her best defender man that’ll get you praying the gut Steve never stopped loving his buddy Tony and predominantly I’d say Tony is Earth’s best defender except for that time he almost got pepper killed oh and created that robot that tried to extinct the world or brought a teenager to a superhero fight or created the Mandarin or tried to kill cap you guys really look like crap I’m sorry have you seen caps hair and beard and that’s a blonde now and who are you to talk with that busted spy oh right this is literally every person responsible too soon this is I think you look great compliments also flirting there’s an end in the spider-man wasp and mantis now too technically there was a yellow jacket for a bit but I mean you’re in love of the Black Widow I know someone but who kept the anticipation is killing me how will we ever know turn that down I want to know I’m sure it’s worse than this but that looks like lidocaine feels when it’s injected I imagine doc isn’t feeling that numbing feeling after though also for the record the Russos acknowledged the Marathon Man is it safe inspiration at the scene and it totally took the wind out of my joke lame wow you were seriously out of loyalty just noticing that the cloak is mirroring Tony’s movements Steve is really old movie aliens I mean it’s a little more alien resurrection than aliens but you guys actually did a little more scientifically than Ripley if the blood melts the glass the hole would just get bigger and bigger right also last time I checked Ripley wasn’t spider-man evany wilma having a rough day or should I call him evany thaw or ribbony raw shimmery mom dr. strange oh you know made up names um I’m spider-man then all names are made up Peter okay why strangers hair moving now stranges there’s the key solved it we can that’s it we can all go home now Thanks oh I say we take the fight to him doctor do you think oh man it’s not a catch me if you can reference deep cut if so Avenger [Music] listen to that musical keel you planet was on the brink of collapse I’m the one who stopped that this scene does double duty of slowly helping us understand why Thanos thinks he needs to balance the universe while also confirming that he himself is utterly deranged and unbalanced I was a child when you took me now did I get this man some help sort of way but a so completely narcissistic egotistical and deluded that he’s actually convinced himself that kidnapping someone from a world where he killed out the population is saving them that’s Hannibal level brutal and another genius manipulation by Thanos since Kimura already feels responsible for nebulas robot parts since they were a result of nebula losing fights to Gamora I know this is just the latest in a long line of Boston’s and he’ll be the latest to feel my vengeance fate wills it so there’s actually some truth in that and you could argue had he gone for the head either way love this Thor balancing the line between Ragnarok Thor and guy who has lost everything and every one of you is on now he gave me a hundred credits I snuck into his room later that night stolen I I could do and what rocket do I tell ya it’s a good thing this side quest didn’t have a casino giant Peter Dinklage is always a win well it wouldn’t be an Avengers movie if good guys didn’t fight other good guys before they know they’re on the same side honestly what this does well is show us that the guardians can actually hold their own when needed against the Avengers best I’ll do you one better why is Gamora don’t call us plucky we don’t know what it means where is the soul stone you should do one better why is this whole stone favored cameo in the MCU so far though I was disappointed it’s not Hugo Weaving still tears they’re not for him ooh learning that not only is he not going to fail not only is he capable of love and that he loves you which would be confusing enough realizing that even as much as he loves you he cares more about balance or whatever the Maura wears it on her face expertly love is in quotes because for the purposes of the movie sure whatever the stone recognizes that Thanos thinks he loves her but abusing your forcefully adopted children their entire lives is not love no matter how much you admire their fighting style and throwing someone off a cliff to serve your own purpose pretty much precludes the ability to love them misguided or not Gamora does say as much and I think in hope that we all get that she’s right and narrative Lee it’s still a nice contrast to caps one life is to many one life cannot stand in the way of defeating it but it should we don’t trade lives but just so we’re clear this this ain’t love this ain’t love this ain’t love this ain’t love in that’s brutal and awful also Julia wanted to turn it off after this happened so mission accomplished Russo’s ooh that blending of the Avengers theme with a touch of Black Panthers theme more BFF hugging why didn’t you just reprogram the synapses to what connectively because me didn’t commit to be fair it was like three whole years ago hey I just realized Bucky and Falcon back together again even Thanos has got a gimmick now get this man shoot they must not have heard him he said shield buddy you’re in space all you got is a wrongful hi I’m Thor have we met I’m the god of hammers I mean Thunder [Music] some lines you just ding also Chris Hemsworth’s workout routine I just like to point out that when Thor mentioned his hammer was forged in a dying star I always thought it was more symbolic but nope actual star beaucoup that’s right sometimes characters get wins just for being on screen optimism sometimes I forget that they can run like that and it never ceases to put a smile in my face more importantly I love that the two leaders lead by example and are not only on the front lines but in front of the front lines it’ll kill you and if I die killing you to really clarify things for you what was that about Chris Hemsworth workout routine I don’t know the logic of Thor being able to withstand a level of heat that’s being used to melt indestructible metal that will be super duper magical and powerful after casting but hey he’s a god what do I know dudes committed to the cause all right that’s awesome a little ingenuity a little self-sacrifice and most importantly group finally doing something other than being a punk teenager something that wasn’t easy something that matters and ties us back into Empire one more time hooker to the rescue epic Avengers theme crashing in just as it seems all hope was lost and that definitely looks like the Bifrost the colors the patterns symbol on the ground that bodes well for the future Eitri did say in theory it could even summon the Bifrost buddies just a little more yep you’re much more of a Thanos percept ivities I take it to Mars dead yeah unless his last name is Skywalker that is some slick teamwork and let’s talk about how awesome this amount of teamwork is and the fact they clearly went with star-lords plan since he really is the planner in the MCU they all work together utilizing each of their individual strengths including comedic timing to actually subdue and immobilize the mad Titan and the thing that is their undoing is unquestionably anti teamwork it’s maybe not an appropriate reaction but it’s realistic logic reason the universe that all gets pushed out when you deal with loss like this and he’s been through it these past few days committing to and then attempting to kill Gamora and then this and it’s not even the first time Peter has acted irrationally when he found something terrible like this out and it sets up how perfectly each member of the pseudo Avengers was to taking Thanos down one weak link and it was all over okay there are some cool villain you know how I feel about Vader and Joker and Baltimore holy crap that you know it’s just the real moon and Ironman sweet callback to Gardens a galaxy one okay no distress comfy my bid friendship that was apparently a blip I am Steve Rogers this is only Steve Rogers can pull off I know I’ve been laughing a lot but man this is like the seventh time and it’s delivered so perfectly and so in character she’s on the field take it Oh solid deception and a good plan from the black goons remember when she said this where’s the other friend he will pay for his life with yours I agreed with the theory that Hulk was maybe a little scared of Thanos but I get that he’s done fighting for Bruce and what that does is give Bruce an arc to fight for himself I thought you were from the blue machine cap to the rescue yeah for the record she got ripped in half crazy that they throw that CGI in there even though it happens too fast for anyone to see it full speed it’s just us weirdos slow and stuff down they catch it yeah and Spidey just saving everybody all his new friends okay you’d think strange would have learned not to send anyone into the mirror dimension after last time but holy crap did Thanos just punched through the mirror dimension like he just shattered it how’d that look on Thanos his face like what is uh-oh it’s just butterflies it’s at this point that it starts to slowly dawn on you this video is almost over and he’s nowhere near the end of the movie this oh this is a part one I couldn’t help it I’m sorry once the onslaught of angry comments about me tricking you start flooding in I’ll change the title but I figured you notification squatters would appreciate the irony huh anyway yes this movie was simply too dense to fit into one video and so I was forced to split it in two you could say I removed 50% with a snap of my fingers too soon not soon enough next week will be the conclusion to this video plus a bonus video with some of my theorizing that I still didn’t have room for and maybe my lessons animation taught us but that’s three videos in one week that I’m supposed to technically be taking a half week for no promises other than part two of this infinity war video thank you for your patience splitting this up allowed me to not hold back and cut very little out because there’s so much awesome happening in this film it won’t become a regular thing but like you’ll hear me say towards the end next week this is a moment in film thanks guys [Music] you