SAO war of the underworld is back this time
with a new opening today. Let’s go ahead and get an in depth deep dive
into the new opening. What does it all mean? Trust me, the level of detail they’ve done
for this opening is top tier set up. You’re excited for SAO Alicization smash a
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voice actors. Haruka Tomatsu. Definitely posts your
own thoughts on resolution down below the song and the song animation combo. How do go previously that? The opening for SAO season two and one of
the endings for SAO season one I especially fucking love the Mother’s Rosario opening,
which is way it does pay me to say it, but if I do want to be honest, I was at a little
bit down by this new opening song only. Let me mention that. I have listened to several of the various
Asuna character songs, this new opening thought and a little like that. It really finally like Haruka was focusing
more on sounding like Asana. That may be the reason why it sounded a little
bit too karaoke. Like still, let me just clarify that. Even though I don’t think is one of the top
SAO songs, I still like the song. I’m sure it’s going to grow on me. It always stones. Anyway, getting into the actual resolution
opening breakdown, I really love what follows. You have so many key SAO characters up until
this point. Kicking this off was Asuna. The SAO girls, Liz silica Yui some of the
guys, Klein and Agil and they really did this guy wrong. He could barely see his axe. This is followed by Leafa on Sinon, the guild
leader in disguise. Kayaba, Yuuki, my God, do I miss her so much. Yun and Eiji. Getting that SAO movie tie-in
Quinella and her bite-sized have Cardinal integrity knight Alice, blonde boy Eugeo
and that’s it. It does feel like someone is missing. Who could that be? And by the way, one of the Sao season two
openings to something similar only with player info cards. And then last one here is Kirito with the
SAO gear. And did any of you catch this? Someone reflect that in his eye. Oh, the other Kirito in current state Kirito
the Broken next up, the Alicization invading title, so it looks like they’re continuing
on the trend. This is actually one of the titles for SAO
light novel 15 number 15 of course starting the war of the underworld stuff. Then for Asuna making our second appearance,
you have Asuna and the goddess Stacia of design reaching out compared to the light. Now a version, it’s the lot less pain and
more white and perhaps red, which honestly I don’t mind. It would match her SAO colors. In fact, it looks pretty similar to the new
Asuna design for the upcoming SAO game or the perhaps Asuna us not pink all the time
or not pink at all and one of the later SAO covers I’ll, it looks more white and red,
so perhaps this really just changes depending on the lighting. Anyway, next up, Alice sleeping. This actually almost made me think blonde
Asuna and do notice at this point only one eye open. Naturally Alice will be sleeping without the
eyepatch and my God, I really love the detail on Alice’s go within hair in the next and
you actually have alleys burning, whatever the hell she was cooking co Alice have just
burnt some pancakes and do notice Alice coughing or our mouth due to the smoke. I do like how Alice, this is almost as counter
to Asuna who’s an amazing chef as herself go coming in. Awesome sisters bonding. You should know that Alice had a really tough
time getting used to those. The first month she got back as her kid hit
the next to the window. Do notice it was really quick, but there was
this blue bear looking over Kirito briefly. This blue birdie is definitely a reference
to the now disease blonde boy Eugeo specifically it looks like an Eastern Bluebird and keep
this little guy in mine. He actually appears later on. Next up, the integrity knights, the Crimson
integrity knight working hard at training the human empire army. I like how they’re conducting this right outside
of Quinella’s tower. As for the green dude over here. So I’ve actually seen some confusion about
whether this could be Sinon. Sure you have the hairstyle is matching and
the colors are similar, but some things something might be missing and I know what you’re thinking,
but it’s not one of those reverse Kirito chan situations and don’t worry, Sinon definitely
got her time to shine. They’d run an SAO Alicization that’ll be in
the war of the underworld part two. But back to this green hair dude, he actually
looked like integrity knight Wren re you really only have this black and white pay from the
book to compare and at this point he’s firing armor. So it’s kind of hard to say exactly. Next up, integrity knight Eldrie, taking care
of some of the dragons in the same scene. It looks like Fizel and Line are helping to,
plus it looks like they might not be so loony anymore. Van for a split second. Oh Whoa. What do we have here? Integrity knight number 12 so she has got
this pretty awesome tiny but deadly weapon. You’re going gonna love seeing her in action
next up. Thick Fanatio who in Bercouli’s plays to
any, as you can see his sword on the top and his robe right next to her. He could bet there we’re playing with a difference
store. Last night you actually got this hinted at
back in the battle Fanatio versus Kirito, and can you really blame her? I mean, my God, who doesn’t want a piece of
that? Mm mm. And you about Bercouli surprised as he,
those dudes smoking out. This must be after some fun time with the
Fanatio. So you got this guy looking at the art display
from the great legend that three goddesses battling the sinister God vector. At this point in time, you’ve seen so many
variations of this throughout the underworld, including Quinella ceiling next up, the Eastern
gate. This gate right now is currently separating
the human empire from the dark territory. Unfortunately, this thing is about to come
down soon. Tic TOK between this. You do see some monster erases the ogre slash
Wolf, the mr bacon ORC, and a goblin. Next up, Alice, you got to realizing that
the real ad village is on fire. In other words, being assaulted by the dark
territory, which is something that already happened by the end of episode one. Next up, the dark territory general is there’s
10 of them. You’ve actually been teased him in the recent
trailer. First off, two human races, the Assassin’s
Guild and the commerce guild does is followed by a giant and then the two goblins, the mountain
one and the field one. Then you have the Wolf guy officially known
as an ogre and the ORC on the side after you have the leader of the dark mages and to the
side, this boxer slash fighter slash gladiator guy, and then the final of the human race
is on the dark territory side, the dark Knight commander Shasta. This is actually the dude that fanatical fought
before, behind all of these guys as Gabriel Miller with that chessboard. Honestly, and not that subtle, although it
is a perfect way to show off how these dark territory of race as an armies are just pawns
for this guy, Gabriel in this suit here really just gives me this business vibe. Notice in the background, those butterflies. So you have a collector right here. I just mentioned this as a Navi as referenced
at Gabriel’s backstory that’s going to dive into his obsession with the human soul and
by extension Alice. Expect Gabriel’s backstory around episode
three or four and also expect the possible controversy as for Gabriel eating that chest
B’s, specifically the King. So much symbolism right here. One Gabriel himself becoming the King piece. Two or reference that Gabriel does once he
enters the Underwood three, going back to Gabriel’s obsession with us. So you got the guy in literally devouring
the standing for this soul idea right at the Gabriel. You have all these like cubes, more symbolism
right here. What immediate one will be on the desk caused
by Gabriel during this war, which in turn is causing all of these lights to go out. Next up, back at the ocean turtle. I did find that interesting. I have Kiku here, almost serves as a parallel
to Gabriel in the Sean. Kiku has turned his back to the human empire
and on the road behind him. Plus notice you could only see the glasses
not as eyes, so menacing. You actually have Kiku munching on this Apple
desert. The guy loves his sweets. Could this perhaps be a reference to Gabriel’s
infamous line? Your sill should be so sweet before switching
scenes. You’re going to get that Kayaba bind Aincrad
reference in naturally. The current underworld is what Kai bar and
his VR work had been building up to. He got himself has been linked to Chi BA for
some time since the SAO incident. Naturally you have Kayaba about turned around. I’ll just mention, you will see Kayaba in
the upcoming war half. As for the Aincrad Arc has mentioned that
the SAO movie wasn’t the last time. You’re going to get to see it. Next scene, Kirito in the soul translator
and us in a patiently worrying. They’re buying poor Kirito and also pour us
and not having to deal with this crap. For us it was the SAO incident than us and
and losing some memories and most recently though getting attacked and really, I love
the assess here adventures, trust me, but at this point he did those heading towards
some Subaru level of suffering. Next up. Five guys. Say you have a Gabriel Miller in the middle,
the laughing coffin leader on the middle, right on the middle left the hacker they brought
on board and then the guys on the far ends really just random meets shoes. Next up, the lightcube cluster on board the
ship. So this thing right now is holding all this
air. Dozens of the Underwood. How about you guys not blow this up up next
is he gun Rinko he got both of these two hacking away. Nice little detail with he guy eating one
of those solely PowerBars. I personally do enjoy these bars on a regular
basis. Next up, Asuna are running into the VR world. Us now, here’s really giving this theater
vibe being up in front, but don’t forget about the others. Leafa Sinon and silica, Liz Agin and Klein
who sucks and yes, freaking love Yui to bet there’s not enough UNCs in three. This right here is definitely a reference
to UES. Important role this season. Her reaching out capture that Alice in the
middle of that becomes Alice is like cube. This, of course having this reference to the
system code, also known as a taboo index. Then Gabriel Miller is back, so they’re definitely
not being stowed about him turning into God vector, much like us, not Gabriel. We’ll be using the God Vagner account logging
in from the dark territory side. His goal and obsession is to capture ours. Hence why you have Allianz being in the middle
of all of this, focusing on Allianz. He actually have Eugeo and Kirito. Those hand behind her pushing her forward. That symbolizes how both of them helped Alice
in part one to reach to this point. There’ll be further feeling Alice to keep
moving forward in the upcoming stuff. Then for the actual focus on alleys, so pretty
obvious Alice will get her eye back. Sacred Magic good as new. Thank you. Sacred arms. Next up, Alice writing her beloved Alma Yori,
C gonna love with a shot of her overlooking that dowses and thousands of troops down below. Fingers crossed that they use CG sparingly. Do notice as Alice moves out of their way. You’ve got this Phoenix thing flying into
the battlefield and nuking the area I’m calling hacks. It feels like this is emphasizing Allis entering
the ban of feud. Naturally with bind Chi, Alice could take
out so many troops. That’s where the other integrity nights, you
got the Crimson integrity knight to met. This fire guy doesn’t really use a helmet
anymore. Hopefully you get to see this guy blazing
up too again. Then integrity knight Eldrie, she got the
guy taking the goblin, the Slayer, a title LGS, unleashing that ultimate snake whip from
the dark territory. People that are fighting first time you have
in the head of the dark majors. You also have this Wolf guy here, also known
as the ogre general. Then one of my favorite shots, financial here,
notably her wearing lipstick here, go get him. Seeing the shot in the opening made me feel
really happy for her. Naturally fanatic. It’s going to be spamming her laser. She’s gotten like the perfect bunk eye for
this warm. Just line these guys up, Next up Bercouli
finally wearing some armor. This shot is actually weird. When I first saw this originally I thought
that it was Bercouli versus a God vector, but it’s actually a bird Bercouli versus the
dark Knight commander Shasta. Let me re-emphasize how weird this is being
shown here. Could this be a flashback? Next up Alice? Oh my God is an a fate reference. So yeah, so since they weren’t already a no
saber comparisons, I guess they just said screw it for the actual scene. Notice all around you have so many piles of
bodies, goblins, dark nights. There is a ton of death coming. Briefly, he got the shot of Ronnie and TC,
so these two will show up later on. They’re going to be mostly on the sidelines
with the one important task. Then you had the Porky pig guy holding someone,
really helping that the enemy captures the Amano loss on the dark territory sign, especially
in this moment. Then the two blades really complimenting one
another and also representing you and kitty though for a split second, you do have Kirito,
SAO attire, holding both of the blades specifically during his fight, during the quinella fight. Keep in mind that alley should have been knocked
during this quinella fight part. Then you have Alice looking back. Notice here, the background, it’s not completely
the same but it’s similar to when TSA and young Alice were trying to talk to you to
perhaps Alice just has some Royal blood in her and talking about blood. The blood evaporating from Alice’s hand. This combined with the eyepatch being blown
away. Oh totally. This really just signifies Alice being the
key to everything. Noticing the top right. He can actually see Kirito’s head him in
the chair. Next scene. Alice, fiercely walking into the dark territory
this time freely and willingly or as Alice wasn’t able to do so back in the first episode
in the shot noticed in the water on the lower right reflected in the water. Are these buildings, this is actually symbolizing
the line between VR and the railroad being blurred even more. Alice herself being in this huge Testament
to that next split second scene. You have this almost odor looking Alice with
their tree or should I say it? The sword turning to the tree along with the
two blades crossing off to the side. Seeing these two always make me think back
to Austin on Kirito’s blade in the season when opening, but also don’t forget about
Leif on ketos blade from the Fairy dance arc. Even the second SAO sees in three opening,
half something similar. Do you recall what I mentioned near the start? The blue birdy returns this a lot of fellow
sitting on top of the night sky blade, so really Eugeo overlooking Kirito, and then
the very, very end, you have all of this reflected in Kirito’s eye although at this point notice
the light in Kirito’s eye. This of course being something that we all
know Kirito is eventually going to actually wake up. Anyway, hope you enjoyed this juicy breakdown. Go ahead and post down below your favorite
detail or any of your own interpretations for this opening down below. Definitely check out my breakdown on the first
episode. Keep checking back for my weekly SAO videos
and I’ll see you guys later.