Out of the way! Oh man, that didn’t sound good. But, you never know. Ugh! Lady, watch where you’re going… I’m finally back in Kaminohara
after a few years away. And I literally got here
just a few hours ago. The first thing I have to deal with is this.
Talk about a terrible welcome. But, putting that aside, I’ve got an even better story. Ren! Why are you just standing there? My screen shattered. -Seriously? Are you stupid?
-Wait, why? I lived in Kaminohara with my family
until fourth grade. But even though I lived here,
I don’t remember anything from then. I’m not trying to boast,
but my memory’s a blank slate. Octopus Park hasn’t changed at all. I remember climbing this octopus! Even my sister who’s four years younger
remembers this place. Humph. I know I do too. My precious memories of Kaminohara…
They exist. I know they do. Ren, you remember wetting your pants
in that sandbox over there? Seriously? Are you stupid? You just kept going even as
I took you to that bathroom. Ew, you mean like, it exploded? C’mon, that’s not even possible.
Plus, I don’t even remember. It seems there are memories
better left forgotten. Still, even if I don’t remember,
it’s obvious that this town’s changed a lot. No one’s in the old shopping
districts anymore. They’ve all flocked to the
new shopping malls. Yup, the town’s changed. And just like this town, the friends that I used
to hang out with, they’ve probably changed too. Ew, bamboo shoots.
Take them out! -Karin, don’t be picky.
-It’s not like they’d remember me anyways. -But they’re gross!
-I’ll just have to start from scratch. All right, you win. Maybe I don’t have
to remember everything. What was that? This is Ren Homura, our new
transfer student. Introduce yourself. O-okay. I’m Ren Homura. I’ve probably already met
some of you… before. To be honest, I don’t really
remember much, but it’s good to be back. -Your seat’s over there.
-Got it. It’s well known that transfer
students have it good. Even if they’re a loser, they appear to be cooler. The secret’s in the mystery of
their personality and background, which creates the illusion of cool. In my case, I’m a transfer student. Plus, I’ve got the advantage
of a hazy memory. As a transfer student, I’m top class.
Just saying. Finally, my golden age has come. Hey, wait! You know, have we met before?
You seem familiar. I’m Aoi Mizusawa. No, I don’t think we’ve met before. I see… Sorry. See you later. -Thanks for waiting.
-It’s okay. -Excuse me!
-Give me one second. Here you go. Phew, good as new again. Monster Strike? Let’s see… Monster Strike is a four player
co-op action RPG. Team up with friends
and take on powerful enemies. Hm… The first strike… Start the stage. Strike! Wait, what’s going on?! Stop, stop! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Seriously, what’s going on?! Huh? What’s that sound? The time has come for my release! Summon me, and you’ll have
a chance at getting out alive. A chance? Say the magic words.
A chance with Oragon! With Ora…gon? Well done. I’ll crush that monster,
just for you. -Really?
-Ready your smartphone! I am the one and only Oragon! -Ugh. You look weak.
-How rude! Boom! This was the first strike. To be continued!