once in a lifetime a person comes along I call upon you with true character to prove them far a human race a boundary breaker from the beginning Elizabeth Taylor kicked down the studio door determined to conquer the movie thrust in a super stardom at a very young age not like anyone I mean she quickly became determined to express her why are you afraid of the troll her identity believe challenges and the unwavering will and a lot closer to him you think to fight I'm loud and I wear the pants in the house they had somebody from child star to aunjanue the leading lady locked the door she was the brightest star in the world the closest America has ever come to you have no comment whatsoever Elizabeth Taylor catapulted the paparazzi phenomena into new heights her entire life on camera she faced constant scrutiny while navigating a long public strain of epic romance I've never been far away the movie from almost losing her own life to the inconceivable loss of those closest to her she persevered channeling her strength into the greatest challenge she would ever face a required unbelievable courage or rare form of cancer as further than about a sexual accept because no one is ever good is doing or something this is ridiculous anything I am here what else the world does not want to see President Bush your policy is wrong dead wrong and you know it Elizabeth Taylor shook the world in Addison we need more money for AIDS and we need it now shifting her spotlight to the pandemic how can we ever do enough never broke laws I will remain here routing actually she thought you can hear fit all of your heart I do my bit with all of my heart we will make a goddamn difference and her legacy remains just yourself love yourself respect yourself carrying the torch because the world you to live of a true warrior