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The Education and Jobs Fair is back in Fort Jackson after a year of social distancing and COVID-19 restrictions have reduced the fair to online meetings or limited and restricted attendance events. Attended more than 100 exhibitions held at the Soliman Center on November 16.

“We’re here with the Transition Assistance Program to bring employers and schools together,” said Judd Maranco, head of education at the Fort Jackson Education Center. “This year is more robust and I think it will be great. Positive feedback so far.”

“We have 40 education staff and 45 staff here today,” said Carolyn Andrews, director of relocation services.

Local and national universities offered information for active duty or relocated soldiers and their families, as well as civilians, about obtaining an in-person or online degree using scholarship programs, post-9/11 GI Bill benefits and in some cases the administration reduced or waived fees and test scores for members Qualified service who are looking to start their undergraduate studies or transfer from another university.

Employers from local and national agencies prepared tables with contact information, giving attendees an opportunity to explore post-military career options as well as immediate employment opportunities.

“We’re here to recruit some soldiers and veterans to become FBI professionals,” said Special Agent Carl Cuneo, Columbia FBI, South Carolina field office. “We are hiring many jobs across the country.”

Agents said the recruitment process for becoming an FBI professional can take 10 months or more to complete, providing an opportunity for relocation soldiers to apply for positions in areas such as operations, intelligence, business, management, finance, accounting and STEM while they are active. -duty.

“I’ll be out in a year,” said the sergeant. Christopher Boucher, a drill sergeant who recently came off the track and is currently assigned to the 193rd Infantry Brigade. “I want to broaden my horizons a little bit. Events like this will point me in the right direction, but also send me on the right track. I think this is a great way to pave the way forward.”

Boucher also explored the various universities represented to start the registration process and take advantage of the education benefits he received during his military service.

Some employers, such as the city of Orangeburg, offer the Department of Public Safety to veterans and their families the opportunity to find employment where they provide the training necessary to become certified in.

“We do law enforcement and firefighting,” said Lauren Riddell, a recruitment officer for Orangeburg’s Department of Public Safety. “Currently we are looking for Public Safety Officers and Fire Engineers. We will hire you non-certified for our law enforcement positions. We will train you and send you to the police academy, and we will give you all the training you need to become a certified law enforcement officer in South Carolina.”

Additional local employers were looking to fill positions within their organization immediately and made job offers during the fair. These employers were attractive opportunities for military family members seeking employment after moving into the facility with a member of their service.

“We coordinate with employers and educational institutions to connect them with service members and their family members who are actively seeking employment,” said Al Taylor, veterans recruitment coordinator for the South Carolina Bureau of Veterans Affairs. “We help them get better jobs.”

Throughout the months of planning the job fair, the curators believed the event was a success.

“We do three or four of these events a year,” Andrews said. “Soldiers build relationships and these are the employers who want that relationship and see the value of that for our soldiers.”

According to Andrews, as COVID-19 restrictions and infection rates continue to decline, more joint career and educational exhibits will be offered to soldiers, civilians, and their family members more frequently in the future.

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