is the second of August 2018 we're in Han Mundi outside Petrella what you're seeing here is quite remarkable these orderly vehicles going in central file the rickshaws again going in single file very few people honking very few horns no one being unruly this is simply not seen in the streets of haka it has happened because students have taken it upon themselves to ensure that the rule of law is followed it happened because two of their fellow students were brutally murdered on this street five rampaging buck and since then the students have taken to the streets and decided that enough is enough quite amazing things have been happening as well police cars are being stopped and police drivers check to see if the vehicles in order of the license of their hand in most cases that has not been the case ministers have been told to step down from their cars and walk or take another car because there the cars they're driving are not do not have the proper documentation the drivers that they have do not have licenses the protest right now is also to do with the death of Irfan real Islam one of our colleagues it was murdered just over two years ago there has been no justice people from Drake and pachala have been out in protest every month ever since but this is also a show solidarity it is a show and support of the students who have really shown remarkable calm and are out in the streets across tugger city all over Tucker city traffic is moving in an orderly fashion without the usual chaos they have taken special effort ensuring that ambulances can go through without interruption but elderly people or people who were in special need are taken care of and how do get priority but the opposite the fact that police vehicles army vehicles government vehicles ministers do not get away with abuse of power that has never happened before whether they can continue whether they can set this as the long-term example is something we will have to see but for the moment the students have been doing and showing what the rest of us that fail to do