hey I'm pretty sure everybody's seen that ignorant shit at Disneyland Disney park or whatever Anaheim California my neck of the woods you don't see that ignorant shit online that the video that's gone viral cuz you see a bunch of niggas fighting in Disney World I mean you know it is so much you could say about that shit there's so much you can say there's so much there it's just such an embarrassing scene to see niggas okay you know particularly black men beating on black women being on black women in public and you could tell that shit wasn't the first time he went in on her like that there's not the first fucking time and you can look at that shit you could tell when the reporters are reporting on it they want to laugh it's just it's just the most insane embarrassing spectacle of black dysfunction anybody could ever see I mean this shit goes around the world I don't know if y'all realize that these images go around the fucking world not just not just America you understand what I'm saying and this is number one this is why this is why I avoid crowds this is why I avoid crowds particularly where there's a lot of black people I'm gonna be honest especially black men I do not go places where I know there's gonna be a lot of black people I just don't black people do not know how to interact with each other black men or abusive they're ignorant this motherfucker I believe to be honest tell motherfuckers gay cause ain't nobody ain't no real man gonna go after a woman like that this motherfuckers gay on top of wearing a hot pink shirt and a necklace that motherfuckers gay you could tell just right off the bat how he went after all of them you know then you had this Hispanic man trying to break to shit up I mean you can't get more ignorant and ghetto and ratchet and low-class and in and repugnant then that then what you see in that video that went viral worldwide worldwide so this is why number one I'm not gonna say too much because y'all can see you know what it is y'all can see what it is but now this is why I totally avoid crowds this is why I live way out Anaheim California that's kind of somewhere where I live I'm not gonna say exactly where I live we got a way out I don't dare live near a bunch of niggas I'm going to tell you that right the fuck now especially black men I don't live anywhere you know and and and and and you know Disneyland is not cheap Disneyland is not cheap dude I go and tell you that you know money does not equal class you give a nigga some money that doesn't mean they equal class look at rap music you know you got some bunch of rich shitheads I saw they are a bunch of rich fuck boys you know and and they not even rich never there by another music engineering what it was before you not getting too much on that on that honor too too much on that album I want to talk about that shit later cuz one of these old snacking – fuck boys they got only like 3,000 copies off his new album because I think black women could wake out of his ass I'm gonna talk about that in another video but this is Disneyland bro that shit is the most embarrassing spectacle I mean I don't know what else to say it's like I just hope to shit you know let in talking about arrest and all of them for criminal charges so you know this shit runs deep the rabbit-hole is gonna run deep because you got two things working on here you got two things working on here you got black people working against themselves and you got the system working against these against these ignorant niggas and you know I had to say that because like I said you can tell that wasn't the first time the way he backed up but have you really watched that video the way he backed up on her when she backed up he that's not the first time he beat her like that in public that's not the first time that's not the first time it's why it's black women we need to keep abortion alive we need to keep this shit y'all need to really really semi-auto need to be having kids owning – I mean I don't know why y'all want to create the very men that are abusive towards you I would I'd say keep abortion safe in a life that's one issue that will fight for abortion definitely abortion definitely but this is why I avoid large crowds for the most part this is why you won't see me at Disneyland I trade Disney stock I trade the Disney stock I trade stocks I'm gonna fuck around Oh going up disadvantaged and all the pen at high price ticket you you you and you know you would think that is you know you think that the tickets they so expensive some of the fuckers won't be able to perform go to there you understand what I'm saying so if I got paid $150 $190 I think it is for one ticket to get into Disneyland I put that I buy Disney stock instead of trying to go and be around a bunch of fucking England ass niggas okay that's what I would do first that's what I would do first I would buy some stock fuck this Union you know I don't like I said I don't I boy crowds and I void places where there's a lot of black men because I know these motherfuckers is abusive they will you know in public now they will they will abuse you in public so yeah I mean this is gonna be very short it's just very embarrassing it's very disheartening to see you know black people act like that in public because we're a minority in this country we're only like 12 % of population so you know we're gonna get we gonna catch hell for this just because we're such a minority in the country you gonna catch hell for your behavior and you don't know how to interact in public you all don't know how to interact the public it's very embarrassing I just say black women as smart wants to stay away from large crowds stay away from large crowds stay away you got a lot of ignorant ass nigga around and the kids that shit was so embarrassing I feel so bad for those kids I swear to get out there so bad for those kids black women keep your fucking legs closed cuz you can't handle it you can't handle it is there y'all can't handle it keep your fucking legs closed that's why I say keep abortion alive keep that law I don't know why it why they want to make that our law portion I just I just don't get it I do get it but I don't get it anyway y'all leave me a comment about this shit it's all online Eric I was a it's a special edition and for Disneyland they hood Disneyland from the hood special edition this shit is so embarrassing anyway you mean you guys in your comment what you think about this black women yo we just need to separate from black man just separate it just this is it is what it is black men are broken black women are broken tuna power respects avoid large crowds a few smart do you know black women ain't got money travel just get out the United States it's nothing but a bunch of ignorant low-class people here and I have to say in every race there's a lot of little class ignorant as people here but particularly in our group it's a special class of local a special brand of low class if you got any kind of coin get the fuck up then you a school travel go overseas I'm talking about thinking about going to Barcelona next month get the fuck out of this place I'm just serious a boy crowd well you see a lot of ignorant black me in there where you know you might be attacked by anything you say and you see a lot of ignorant hood rats just avoid it just don't it's just not worth going save your money keep your coin trouble get the fuck out of us do something different you know that's all I gotta say not only me a message you think about this shit