Axios is reporting that speaker of the house,
Nancy Pelosi, of course, a Democrat from California, is announcing that the house of representatives
is this week going to quote, introduce and vote on a war powers resolution to limit president
Donald Trump’s military actions regarding Iran. Now, of course, if the president does
not seek approval, if the president ignores what they are supposed to do, then it’s unclear
how much this will actually limit the president’s ability to do whatever he wants. But needless
to say, Nancy Pelosi said in her letter quote last week, the Trump administration conducted
a provocative and disproportionate military airstrike targeting high level mil Iranian
military officials. This action endangered our service members, diplomats, and others
by risking a serious escalation of tensions with Iran in the Senate. Senator Tim Kaine
from Virginia, also a Democrat, introduced a similar war powers resolution. Now you may
have missed this, but Donald Trump did file a war powers resolution regarding Iran. It’s super odd and it only raised even more
questions. Nancy Pelosi responded by saying this classified war powers act notification
delivered to Congress raises more questions than it answers this document. Prompt serious
and urgent questions about the timing, manner and justification of the administration’s
decision to engage in hostilities against Iran. The highly unusual decision to classify
this document in its entirety compounds our many concerns and suggest that the Congress
and the American people are being left in the dark about our national security. Can
you imagine? He says under Obama, Trump does, you need congressional authorization to do
this type of thing. Then he just does it files a war, powers resolution, but immediately
classifies it so nobody has any idea what’s actually in it but then pretends like he’s
doing everything on the up and up. So as far as the war powers resolution that Nancy Pelosi
is introducing in the house and Tim Cain is introducing in the Senate, anybody voting
no on this should be held to account and have to give an actual explanation for why they
are voting no. Of course every Democrat should vote yes on
this. Republicans who say they believe in the rule of law, Republicans who say they
believe in the constitution, Republicans who say that checks and balances and separation
of powers matter should all be voting yes as well. But I would not necessarily expect
them to do that if you needed any more evidence that Donald Trump has no idea how any of this
stuff works and just how out of control he is. Look at what Donald Trump tweeted yesterday.
He tweeted that his tweets serve as notifications to Congress. Look at how insane this is. Trump
tweeting quote these media posts and he capitalizes the em and media and the P and posts and maybe
he believes that that makes it official in some way. These media posts will serve as
notification to the United States Congress that should Iran strike any U S person or
target the United States will quickly and fully strike back and perhaps in a disproportionate
manner such legal notice is not required, but is given that nevertheless, that’s not
how Twitter works. Tweeting stuff from the bathroom on your phone
are uh, does not, uh, do that does not qualify as legal notice. It’s not how Twitter works.
It’s not how the presidency works. And what we have if we step back is an impeached president
threatening war crimes on Twitter. Like I told you yesterday. And using Twitter as a
notification tool, I guess to Congress about military action. If we don’t take the country
back from this lawbreaking and sanity, what happens next? I’m all of a sudden becoming
right wing in my opinion of executive power and the power of the office of the presidency.
I got a call a couple of weeks ago from a viewer saying, Hey David, are you a right
winger on anything? And I really couldn’t think of anything. Maybe I am starting to
be a small government conservative in the sense that the Trump administration is exposing
that the presidency has too much unchecked power. We’ve seen unchecked power used before in
to some degree we’ve seen Barack Obama with the drones. We’ve seen George W. Bush, like
we’ve talked about this before, but generally speaking, the left is not particularly keen
on stripping more and more power from the office of the presidency. Uh, maybe my mind
is being changed because I’m seeing what Donald Trump is doing. Trump’s antics, Trump’s belligerence
Trump’s ignorance show exactly why a single person and one office, the office of the presidency
should not be allowed to hold this much power. But really what it comes down to is the lack
of effectiveness and efficacy of the checks and balances. When we go back to the founding
fathers and the ways that they structured checks and balances, they clearly never imagined
that you would have a president like Donald Trump that would just flout those norms and
laws and framework. And, uh, it seems as though, uh, our elected officials are either unable
or unwilling, our justice system is unable or unwilling, probably a combination of both
to actually employ those checks and balances in a way that limits what Donald Trump is
able to do. At the same time. In a sense, Trump doesn’t
have that much power because they could remove them tomorrow if the entire Republican party
hadn’t decided to let him do whatever he wants. 20 Republicans is all it would take in the
Senate during the impeachment trial to remove Donald Trump. 14 members of the cabinet, 13
plus Mike Pence, or is it 14 plus? Mike Pence could remove Donald Trump under the 25th amendment,
but they don’t and that makes him effectively, uh, um, uh, Omni omnipotent, uh, endlessly
powerful. It is a dystopian nightmare. We’ll talk a little bit more later about the 14
Republicans or the 20 Republicans. In the meantime, what do you think is ultimately
going to happen in Iran? Uh, we are talking about this, uh,
on a variety of our platforms. Let me know via tweet at D Pacman. What do you believe
ultimately will happen in Iran? We’ll take a quick break and be
back after this,