We have created mutual induction between primary coil and secondary coil Due to electric flux an electric field is creatrd An electric field is created around this coil In this bulb there is mercury vapor, which gets ionized and becomes excited This electric field gives us only positive potential To use any electric appliances we need both positive and negative potentials This field acts as positive potential and we can do earthing to get negative potential Our body can also act as negative potential This field can give upto 36000 volt potential We can see spark producing in this electric field We can use this spark for wielding purpose This electric field is generated by 12 volt and has ability to light bulb which needs 220 volt This can increase efficiency But there are some risk involved in this so it is still in developing phase We can use this set up to demonstrate some of physics theories like Plasma concept , cathode ray etc You can see here that due to wind of electron flow a lighter’s flame is extinguished Even when we touch it , little spak is formed THANK YOU