Hello everyone. Welcome back to yet another wonderful episode of Penazhuk. This is me Lekshmi here. I am here today with an interesting video as you all can see. We are bringing a variety of episodes through Penazhuk. We have done tutorials, tips, we have done episodes answering your questions, relating to seasons like the hot season, cold seasons, rainy seasons. We have done different types of tutorials, makeup related, beauty related episodes. This is Athira. As soon as you have seen Athira, you must have understood that I am here with an interesting tutorial. If you see Athira, you can see a beautiful girl. Isn’t it? Athira has nice features. If you see Athira’s skin tone, she has beautiful brown skin. That is just like we say chocolate skin, Athira has a milk chocolate skin. When I usually talk with many beauticians and makeup artists, they generally would say when this skin tone bride comes they would be sleepless, say before 1 week because they don’t know how to do the makeup with this skin tone. There is also a misconception that makeup won’t suit for people with this type of skin tone. But makeup looks absolutely beautiful for people with this skin tone. We think only fair people or whitish people or extremely cool people that is people with cool tone like pinkish skin tone suits makeup which is a misconception. Many think that my skin is black and makeup won’t suit me. I am bringing this special episode part by part. If you look at Athira’s skin tone, it is beautiful brown skin tone. It’s Indian skin tone. Indians are known for this kind of skin tone. A tan, warm, brown skin tone are of Indians. I will show you how to makeup this type of skin tone. Ok? I am not cramming everything in one episode. I am teaching you section by section through each episode. So stay tunned for all the series. I am doing this as a series, say 5 episodes. So stay tune with the series because I am showing the full routine in sections each week. Ok? So, like I said Athira has brown skin. Everyone tries to make this skin tone fairer when doing the makeup. Don’t try to make this skin tone people fair. When we try to make this skin tone fair, they won’t turn fair but turns to unpleasant tone. In makeup artistry, it is called Ashy look. The ashy look is a con or negative aspect of Makeup Artistry. We should never make anyone look ashy after makeup. This is a bad thing and gives a negative remark when your foundation becomes ashy. We should understand the skin tone for makeup. I am not showing any Bridal routine today. For bridal routine, it has some more concepts, some more theories, some more science to study. Today I am going to show you is skin prep, simple eye makeup, how to define eyebrows. Many beauticians and makeup artist are watching Penazhuk. It should be also helpful to them. That is why I have taken this series. So Athira, can we start? Firstly, we have cleaned Athira’s skin. To cleanse properly is a very important aspect before starting Makeup Artistry. Another important thing is to wash our hands too. Our hands should be clean. So using a sanitizer, I am going to sanitize my hands. Just sanitize your hands. We should approach any client’s face with clean hands. Your hands are very dirty. You should not approach any clients with dirty hands. You need your hands to be clean first. Athira’s face is cleaned. There is no makeup. If there is kajal, eyeliner or pottu, remove it. This is a clean face. This is a clean canvas. Don’t use cleansing milk now. Some beauticians use cleansing milk, don’t do all that. There is no need for all that. Ok? The next step is, with a hydrating toner I am going to hydrate. I have taken a hydrating toner. With this hydrating toner, I am spraying it in a distance to prep the skin. This routine is very important. Before working with any skin, you should prep the skin. In makeup artistry, without prepping there will be no finishing for the makeup and it won’t last longer also. So I am going to hydrate her skin first. So, all this is enough. Don’t wipe it with cotton or cotton pads or tissues. You have to give time for skin absorption. So you have to let it rest. If you give the skin 5-10 minutes, the hydrating tonners will be absorbed by the skin. The skin will become a plumber and hydrated. So let it rest for 5-10 minutes. If you like you can sit under a fan or AC so that you can give her a relaxation effect for 5+10 minutes. Close your eyes and just relax. Athira’s skin absorbed the hydrating skin very much. Sitting under the fan, the skin absorbed it within 5 minutes. Now the skin is hydrated, next, we have to nourish the skin. Hydration and nourishment are very important when you do makeup. Skin hydration means increasing the water content of the skin. Nourishing means increasing moisture or oil content. So you have to nourish your skin. If there is no nourishment in the skin, when we do the makeup the skin will start absorbing the water and oil content from the makeup and the makeup will come off. You have to be careful about that. It has a lot of science. To be brief, you have to hydrate and nourish your skin. For this process, we call it Skin Prepping or Prepping your skin in Makeup artistry. So we have given hydration and I am going to nourish her skin now. Squalenes are plant-derived. Squalenes are good nourishment for normal to dry skin people. If you didn’t get squalenes you can use any good moisturizer of your like. You can also use oils. If you like oils, you can use good oils too. If you can use oils like marula oils. Marula oils are very good for people with dry skin. I am nourishing the dry skin with oil. First I am applying the squalene. Squalenes are not available everywhere. If you get a squalene, it is good. So I am using plant-derived squalene and nourishing her skin. Now Athira has normal leading to more drier skin. If you look at Athira’s skin, here she has absolutely normal skin but here it is more drier. So I am going to nourish the skin properly. I am going to drop it on her face. After dropping the oil with the fingers, I am just going to push it into her skin. Even if I applied squalene, have you seen that it has already been absorbed. It has been absorbed to nowhere. So I am applying some more because Athira needs more nourishment as she has very dry skin. This part of the skin is very very dry. So I am nourishing it properly. Now we have an apt glow. This glowing element is very important when you prep the skin for any client. Ok? I am taking the same squalene and applying it on the neck. So ensure that you will apply it for the client’s neck as well. So applied squalene. If you see this, Athira’s neck and skin are hydrated. That is the reason the skin glows. The skin will plump up. Whenever you do the makeup, you should prep the skin first. So this is your first part in this series of videos on how to prep the skin. Likewise only after hydration and nourishment, you must do the makeup. This first part of the series is over today. When I come next week, I will show you different routines of Makeup on Athira’s face. I will see you next week on Penazhuk in the next episode with a lot of other tips and tricks on Athira here. I will see you soon. Bye.