Come forth! Bring me the greatest villains in the multiverse! let them unleash chaos in this World! A tin man and a guy who took the “got your nose” joke way too seriously. Oh well you’ll do… Come on fellas! Time to go prey on the weak and all that good jazz! The dark lord follow a clown muggle!? Wouldn’t that be a sight to see! Dark lord you? I doubt you ever truly stepped into the realm of the dark side! Let us see… I commend you for trying to penetrate my mind but I do not share my secrets so easily. Now! Shall I show you how it’s done? I have seen your heart and it is mine! Crucio! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!! You made the mistake of awakening my anger! Anger! Only makes me stronger! Come on! What is this a staring contest? Fight! Throw rocks at each other! Badmouth each others mothers! Do something! What? Was the mother comment too much… We shall have no more interruptions. Impressive! But how long can you last? What? A curious ability. But you have only bought yourself a little more time This is just the beginning! And so it ends! It cannot be! Oh my god! He is so cool! It appears I may have taken your magic tricks too lightly. That is a mistake, I will not make again! You will make no more mistakes because you will be dead! Avada! Keda… Avada Kedavra! Next time you won’t be so lucky! Expulso! Apparition is a magnificent art! An art that I have truly mastered! Don’t you agree? This is where you die! An animal is most dangerous when it is wounded. Avada! N-No! This contest of strengths has proven tougher than I expected! But in the end, your dark powers could not overcome mine! The Dark Lord can never be truly defeated… My soul will always linger… Then I shall crush it! Alongside the rest of your body! I have won! Yet, I still sense a threat. You!? What is the meaning of this!? Go on tin man! Let’s hear you laugh! I bet you haven’t smiled in ages. What have you done? I don’t like sand! That’s what you get for underestimating your good old uncle J! Who could have seen it coming right? The clown getting the last laugh? Oh the irony! I bet you’re pretty mad or you would be if you were still alive To go from such a triumphant victory to this… What a disappointment. Nobody wins today boys, except for me of course Oh I can taste the tears already. But it’s all in good fun right? I do want to see you smile! Let’s take a look! Alas poor Vader! I knew him… Not at all. Now that’s a face only a mother could love! You know I was burned alive once, but you just took it to the next level old boy. But still…It’s nice to see you finally crack a smile! Well it’s been fun, but I best be on my way. I’m sure I can find a few degenerates along the way to join me! Who knows what I’ll do next? Rob a candy store? Buy a puppy! Steal from the elderly? Run for President? I wouldn’t even be the biggest clown in the race! Toodles! I will avenge you!