Covid 19 Delta outbreak: Farm Cove Intermediate School student tests positive

East Auckland school remains open despite a student testing positive for Covid-19. Photo/Sylvie Weinray

East Auckland school remains open despite a student testing positive for Covid-19 as the risk of transmission is understood to be low.

Farm Cove Middle School in Bakuranga sent an email to parents and caregivers today, to confirm that a student had been infected at the site on Monday this week.

She said those who had close contact with the student were given appropriate public health advice, including testing and isolation requirements.

She advised those showing symptoms to get tested and stay away from school. Anyone without symptoms can go to school.

The NZ Herald contacted school principal Tamara Jones as she entered the meeting but noted that the situation was under control.

The Herald sent questions to Jones, which are expected to be answered later today.

The email from the school today said it will remain open, saying: “Based on international and local evidence and experience, the risk of transmission of Covid-19 within schools is considered low.

“This means that it is no longer necessary for a school to close immediately when a case is determined to be contagious while in school.

“Farm Cove Middle School is still open at this time.”

The email continues to encourage Whānau to get vaccinated and outline symptoms associated with Covid-19.

This comes after two schools in the Bay of Plenty area reported positive cases among their students this week.

Two students at Te Puna School and a student at Mount Maunganui Middle School have tested positive for Covid-19.

Te Puna School was closed on Wednesday.

Mount Maunganui Middle School remained open, but about 30 percent of the school’s record remained at home on Wednesday.

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