Welcome to complete CS:GO terminology guide from beginner to advanced. Broken down to 2 parts it includes over 100 phrases and over 25 abbreviations. If you are a veteran cs:go player, this video is not for you. But if you want to learn cs:go slang and communication terms, tune in and enjoy. Clutch: Term used to define the situation in which a player wins the round after being the last man standing for their team. 1g is when a player accidentally kills himself with an incendiary grenade or molotov – named by a famous incident when a streamer summit 1g did this at a dreamhack event in 2016 to eventually lose his team the game. Gooshed is being shot in the head
without wearing head armor. Headshot /dink is shooting a player in the head – usually results in one hit kill. “One deag” is a one-shot headshot kill with the desert eagle. One tap is a one-shot headshot kill. Aim punch is the knockback from getting hit by a bullet especially noticeable when not wearing
kevlar. Strafing is zigzagging by continuously spamming the A and D button to make it more difficult for opponents to hit you. Peek is exposing yourself to
view an area of the map and gather information. Shoulder peeking is quickly exposing your shoulder to awper to lure him into firing a shot. Swing is a wide peek usually to catch opponents off guard. Dry is without any nades – dry peak
meaning a peak without a flash or anything else to support. Pick is the opening kill on an opponent. Entry frag is the first kill as a team
takes control of a specific portion of the map previously held by the enemy:
usually a bomb site. Pre aiming is a skill where a player positions their
crosshair before peeking to be on a certain positions while peeking without
having to further adjust their crosshair. Pre firing is shooting a spot
preemptively so that you get a kill in case the enemy is actually there. Whiffing is missing one or more shots. Bait has three explanations: the first one is playing T side aggressively near an area that contains CTs in an effort to
make them throw their needs early on. This makes sure that during the actual
push the CTs won’t be able to defend themselves as effectively. The second
explanation is accidentally making your enemies move towards your teammates
location thus putting the teammates in danger and the third explanation is
exposing yourself to lure an enemy out of cover so that a teammate can take him
down. With much more utility to work with Here it comes once again the first place is Adren, he’s gonna hit the ground there’s
cold oh! What? A jumping double from cold! Choking is giving away a big lead. Lag is having a delay in your actions due to a bad internet connection / server Lit is being damaged considerably while tagged is given or received small damage. Legged is being shot in the leg by an AWP. Quickscope is shooting immediately after
scoping in when using a sniper rifle noscope is shooting with a sniper rifle
while not looking through the scope collateral is killing two or more
enemies with one bullet (one shot). Glass cannon is buying AWP without armor. ADS means aiming down sights this means looking through the scope of a weapon. burst fire is firing in bursts of approximately three, four, five shots to improve accuracy
instead of shooting continuously. Wall banging / spamming is shooting through penetrable surfaces. toggling is turning on your hacks. Aimbot is a type of hack which makes the user automatically aim at enemies usually their heads. Trigger
bot is a hack that makes one’s gunfire as soon as the crosshair is on a player.
Spin bot is a cheater whose player model spins relentlessly so they cannot be
killed easily. Carrying is playing much better than the rest of your team. Smurfing is making a second account with a lower rank or de-ranking usually in order to play against lower ranked players and win more easily. Scout is another word for the SSG 08 sniper rifle. Swag 7 is a nickname for the mag 7
shotgun. Molly is another name for the Molotov.
Dual elites / Dualies is another name for dual Berettas. Deagle is an abbreviation for the desert eagle – a pistol in the game. Autoshotty is a nickname for
the automatic xm1014 shotgun Autosniper is another name for both the g3sg-1 and the scar 20. Buffed: when a weapon gets buffed it means that it’s made more powerful so that it will be used more often by players. When a weapon is nerfed it means that the creator of the game: Valve in this case weakens a
weapon that used to be too powerful Utility are all sorts of grenades. One way smoke is a smoke that can only be seen through from one angle. Pop flash is a flashbang that explodes/pops before the enemy can look away. Jumpthrow is a grenade throw while jumping. Nade stack is when a group of players
throw multiple HE grenades into an area. Kobe is a kill with an HE grenade. Eco is only using pistols for one round to save up money. A round in which no
money is spent by team as sometimes called a full eco. Eco frag is when a
player gets a kill with a pistol against a better equipped player. Anti-eco is a round in which a team plays against a team that is on eco. Force buy/quasi buy is buying out even though the team cannot afford a full buy with
utility. Default has two explanations; number one: a standard strategy used by a team at the start of the round. number two: standard/default plant
position. Execute is a strategy made for taking over a bomb site usually with the
help of coordinated Nades. Anti strat is a strategy designed specifically to counter a strategy used by the opponent retake is the attempted recapture of a
bomb site after the bomb has been planted rotate is changing plans and moving to
another area of the map for example if the original plan was to go B but it
appears not to be working out you can rotate to bombsite A. Split is a site attack from multiple attack points stacking is sending more players to an
area of the map than you normally would saving is not trying to win a difficult
situation like one versus four and instead hiding somewhere to survive and
keep your weapon. Scrim is a practice match of competitive between two teams. boosting has two explanations: the first
one is getting to otherwise inaccessible areas by jumping on top of another
players head. And second one: queueing with lower-ranked players and thereby
boosting their rank. Here are other abbreviations used in-game. Thank you TraxOnDaRocks and Jamie Villanueva from dotesports.com for great terminology guides that helped me make this video. Links in the description. Thank you for watching part one of the complete CS:GO terminology guide from beginner to advanced, next week I will also publish the second and last part. Once again, thanks for watching, and I’ll see you all next time!