Cougars staff poised to be on offense for a change during de-commitment season

Houston Cougar football fans are very familiar with this time of year and the anxiety that has plagued them for years, maybe even a decade. Just like fans in schools across the country, Cougar fans have watched closely to see how the annual training change will hurt the current enlistment class.

In a semi-sinister turn of fate, these adventures and annual silent fingers crossed’We focus on our game, and I’m proud to be the coach of this team.”, appears to be coming in earlier and earlier each year in an effort to allow new employees time to have an impact on the NCAA’s early signing period (December 15-17 this year).

For once, while cougar fans were sitting among family and friends, pondering their thoughts while wasting enough time not to look bad by returning to another plate of Thanksgiving combinations, they didn’t have to worry about a cousin or co-worker who had gone to another school in the state and laughing Always on their hardships on the training front as the cougars struggle hard to fend off hunters again due to very good performance (see Kevin Sumlin And Tom Hermann), or very poor performance (see Tony Levine And Major Applewhite).

Enter your current football coach Dana Holgorsen and his staff. Holgorsen explained that when the Cougars were doing some silent courtship in late 2018, he wanted to return to Houston to rebuild the program from the ground up in a way none of the four coaches mentioned earlier had a chance. To implement. He wanted to fix the damage the turnstile had done to the coaches with the Cougars roster and the ability to build depth.

To be fair, the previous coaches haven’t had the greatest benefit Holgorsen and his staff have. The leadership is willing to allow a multi-year lull in field production as employees have used multiple recruitment cycles to bring in players into positions where the team has always lacked depth. This has been applied pretty much across the board but nowhere other than the offensive line.

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Holgorsen and his staff have once again benefited from the creation of the NCAA Transfer Portal as well as the legislature’s ending of a standard transfer rule requiring student athletes to sit for a year if they cannot obtain an NCAA waiver for extenuating circumstances.

Holgorsen had his plan and stuck to it. names like Marcus JonesAnd Ta’Zhawn HenryAnd Gervarius OwensAnd Kesan CarterAnd Alex HoganAnd Jake HirslowAnd LATRILL BANKSTONAnd Seth GreenAnd Hassan Hippolyte More than that they have all contributed greatly to the success that is finally starting to hit the ground running in 2021, and they have all arrived from other schools since Holgorsen arrived in January of 2019.

In addition to this influx of talent, other contributors have been recruited and developed into productive parts of success; names like Alton McCaskillAnd Damarion WilliamsAnd Nathaniel “Tank” DaleAnd owner robinsonAnd monastery maniAnd Chidose NwankwoAnd Anthony JonesAnd Nelson CaesarAnd green art More have been signed under this system.

Now, as those programs that have worked so hard to stabilize their staff have the opportunity to sit back and benefit from the training change, the Cougars have received another boost as they announced at the start of the season that they would. To be among the four new members of the Big12 convention in the coming years. Giving Holgorsen and his staff all the ammunition they need now as much-needed recruits return to the market with training changes.

We’ve already seen that with the early changes that have taken place. Cougars enlisted a local position Matthew Golden Klein Kane offers him a scholarship early in the recruiting process. Golden chose to commit to TCU and Gary PattersonBig12’s long-term coach. Now as these 4-star players start deciding what’s next, here sit Cougars with training stability, success on the field and a Big12 invite in hand to show that there’s no need to fly across the state to achieve the exact same things you can achieve at home… in front of Friends and family. Training jobs continue to open up providing more targets for employees to decide whether or not to pursue.

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There are several other goals the Cougars are already striving to achieve to end the current recruitment cycle, with more changes in training still to come. They also made the leap at the start of the 2023 cycle (more on that to come). This previously wasn’t options without all the reasons we’ve talked about here. We’re not even talking about a transfer portal just yet, which you can guarantee Cougars will participate in. Early indications are that they will have the ear of top local talent looking to return closer to home to finish their careers.

If someone needs to say it, I’ll be the first to raise my neck there. The Cougars will begin to fully reap the rewards of these positives when they close this chapter and move forward. An expansion in the level of recruits that cougars will be able to attract will begin to appear over the next three months and they will be carried over to future classes as well.

Cougar Digest will continue to track Cougars recruitment efforts, as we always do as the only outlet to provide full coverage of employee recruitment efforts throughout the year.

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