well you know what it is DJ Thoreau aka throws down a bridge to the streets right now you watching the hottest in the streets right now you can be watching a mummy it's in the streets he's got a special guest a comedian introduce yourself my name is Louis J Gomez stand-up comedian podcaster asshole all that alright I like that I like this I like where this is going already just saw a bunch of podcasts what's that what's the name of your podcast well I got a few podcasts I got three podcasts over the skate title if you're Legion a skank is the dirty one that's the one that if you I don't know who's watching this at home but if you have children or if you're offended easily if you have a thin skin don't even don't even click on it don't even think about it and I say I tell people that in the beginning because they should know it you should know what you're the door you're knocking on right it's a responsibility on my end we call it the most offensive podcast on earth and we call that for a reason okay because when people come in they have no and we've never gotten in trouble we say crazier shit than anybody else right we've never gotten in trouble and it's because we label it as such right so people know what they're getting into right okay now speaking of being a comedian is there a line you don't cross like is it is there such thing as a joke that's too far you just don't say that and your opinion ah no I don't think there's any line no there's no line that somebody shouldn't be able to cross here's the deal the more skilled you are the more ability you have to go to that line because it's supposed to be funny you're supposed to be making people laugh and if you are it's not a net positive there's not more people laughing than there are people that are pissed off right then you fucked up you're not doing your job your job is to get the mat it's not everybody people should be pissed off 10% of the audience should walk out pissed off I just said I'm like not everybody should listen to my show you know I mean the reality is there are people that you know that are that maybe if you have if you lost a loved one recently to some disease maybe don't go to a comedy club because there's a chance on the lineup somebody might say something about that but they have a right to and they have a right to try to find the front the funniest shit the shit that you I'm sure if you've name the comments you loved growing up okay Eddie Murphy Richard Pryor the you know docks they went dark and they went into a place they talked about growing up poor they talked about dealing I mean dude it yeah you know prior I mean he went to some really dark shit so right in order to get there and to find the funniest stuff possible they had to go and explore every topic and sometimes it's not funny sometimes it's uncomfortable right now people is just too damn sensitive in your opinion no no people aren't sensitive that's bullshit if you think nobody cares okay nobody really cares nobody sensitive you don't know anybody who gets offended by shit for real you know probably two chicks right two broads that they're not even really that behind closed doors they're like I don't really care they there's an outrage culture it's a its clickbait now to be to have an outrage no no to be mad about Louie CK or mad about Dave Chappelle saying something or whoever right people get clicks for writing that article and it's a business in itself and that whole outrage it's sort of fake social media is addictive so when you say oh my god I'm pissed off this guy sucks he should be out of the business and you get a hundred likes this person has never gotten a hundred likes on anything they've ever said about anything ever before no creative thought nothing you have ever done they've never gotten a like for anything and now they're like holy shit I'm getting attention well now it's addictive now they go war I'm gonna pretend to be more and more offended but behind closed doors I don't know anybody that cares that Louie CK touched his dick nobody cares my aunt 75 years old I asked I was like do you care she's like that's it that's what he did he touched his dick that's it okay who doesn't do that right she's dealt with real shit right she has real problems right that's it that's your big problem right right well the reason why I say that because um recently um Grammys they want a Kevin Hart took apologize force some comments he made about gays ten years ago which he apologized then it was a funny joke and it was funny it was funny for some reason and the point of that joke wasn't even right it wasn't even knocking gay people he was the ignorant person in the joke right he was the butt of the joke it was him not not being able to handle society and that's a very real perspective that represents a lot of people right why are you trying to kill that perspective you can't kill that perspective you want this what I say man white white people they don't want real black people in their lives they do not want real black people in their lives I live in Harlem they don't want the people that live on my block in their home they want some other fantasy like Will Smith like hey how's everybody doing that's who they want in their home and it did and as soon as people get a little at all real right then it blows up in their face he's playing a different game man he's with the rock right I movie with the rock but I don't believe that people really get offended that much you know when you actually sit down and talk to people you know in real life you know that's an online world that we live in where everyone has an opinion I mean they have to come every day with something new to say but if you do a supermarket nobody gives a shit nobody everyone's kind of coexisting you know what I'm saying my Muslim cab driver dropped me off here and I bought a bagel for my Jewish you know you know the guy at the bagel shop and the reporter Rican guy he still be weed but the other way everyone we all coexist we all work together with it or not it's not this overwhelming sense of like oh my god everyone's on edge everyone hates each other everyone sensitive the reality is as soon as you get off line and get off Facebook you get off your phone people are kind of cool now all right where you know you grew up we had a rough life you know we had a lot of bad things happen in your life growing up like your mom Oh Dean yeah I'm heroin and your father guy was poor I was born in Paterson New Jersey which is one of the most dangerous places on high okay like it's literally considered one of the worst and I I but I grew up in the I grew up in the suburbs I grew up in Rockland County New York which is in a weird way even worse because at least when you grew up in the city and poverty in New York City there is culture there are people that are winning you can walk down the street maybe there's a homeless guy Lapointe but there's also a billionaire in the next corner it's a movie star on the next corner everyone's riding the subway together those guys going on the wall straight so it changed you know you know so I think there's a there's a there's a sense of like you know it's a big city you know you could make it there's something going on here there's there's when you're in the the you know you're in the suburbs you know nobody has any nobody has any sense of or even more rural areas like there's no sense of like giving out and doing anything better you don't see it you don't see it members are more farm for you between when you sort of leave the city so I think that I didn't even realize it at the time and now I sorta have a different perspective on it but yeah man that you know that side of it you know it's just a it's a car that I was dealt people have worst lives I can't complain you know look you know my you know people have worse lives but I sort of live my life by this standard you know you could you're dealt you're dealt you're dealt a hand right you're done you dulled your cards you can win the game doesn't matter what the cards are doesn't matter it really truly doesn't matter you win the game and a lot of people today they're so focused on a reshuffling the deck and making sure everybody's got the same hand and it's never gonna happen it's not a realistic version of what's gonna happen and the people that spend all their time in outraged culture all their time saying we got everyone's got to have everything you're missing the opportunity for yourself right those people are missing it and for me I always just said well you know what like I would rather focus on what's going on in my life what's affecting me my family my friends and those are the variables in the factors that I can control you know I can't really control the cards you can't control the training well right okay I get it so let's talk about you have a skank fest coming up or something to that matters yeah it's called skank fest I need to be at this got a common invite everyone escape this work I would love it I would love it explain the skank fest what is a skank net nice case it started this is the fourth year that we're doing it and it's it's a it's called comedy festivals it's the wrong way to put it it's a party okay it's a three-day long comedy party we do stand-up comedians live podcast panels you do music parties games we have one venue it's it's not like you to accommodate us of all it's usually spread out across the whole city five six ten venues right this is one venue it's Brooklyn bazaar Brooklyn New York okay it's four different floors there's four different stages that are gonna be going on simultaneously so there's never anything that's not every hour there's a new event that's starting there's something to see at every moment 150 comedians doing 20 live podcasts you know I could sit here and listen every time we have the best comics in the world there's no that about you know Michael J Robert Kelley jim Florentine Jake sink Roberts is coming out take the snakes coming out which is crazy live live podcast legion of skanks come town Michael Bisping your form you'll see middleweight champion he's won his podcast here Janeane Garofalo is coming out everybody's coming is need to read it if you like edgy comedy this is the place to come I'm telling you right now it's not even about dirty because we have clean comics as well it's not it's about freedom of expression comics are taking chances at this event that wouldn't take chances anywhere else you're gonna hear ship it's gonna make you cringe you're gonna hear this is gonna make you go like oh shit and I'll be laughing at this but it is it's a party and you can't escape the comics and then the entertainers can't escape the audience everyone's hanging out together the whole time the whole weekend it really feels like a party it's very very special is very unique in that sense but yeah I mean you guys literally everyone at this is 50 you guys are welcome you guys are invited I'll get you guys some passes please you I promise you right now you've never experienced a comedy party like skank fest nothing it's a 23rd was it true June 21st to 23rd all right Brooklyn bizarre skank fest my c-calm tickets are so close to sold out they're right there by the time this airs I mean I'll be able you ticket you can hear about it for next year then come next we tell you about it next year now how do you deal with hecklers because I'm sure every comedian at some point has a deal with a heckler in a crow how does that work to you huh wish them lifted they deal with themselves idea that the reality is comedies are hard thing comedies not easy typically you just let them kill themselves number one they don't have the microphone right use the way I'll tell your trick you gonna give you a young comedian watching this I've been doing comedy for 15 years this is a trick right all you have to do is point out that they are ruining the experience of the crowd just point that out create that narrative and then the audience gets pissed off at that good yeah I'm spending my hard-earned money this motherfucker you can't resume away right though that's ooh that's a solid way to do it because you turn the audience against them and no matter what they say comedy is a very sensitive thing if they don't want to laugh right we're not gonna laugh right they're not going to so in the moment where they realize they don't like this person even if he says some clever but she's not going to he's not a professional comic it takes time to go in front of a crowd and make an entire crowd of people laugh it just takes time you know you can you're lucky you you you you know you get a punch a chance I guess but the reality is it's not an easy thing so 99% of the time just let him talk let him talk let them kill themselves you they're gonna say something not funny and something not funny Oh doggy when somebody's trying to be funny and they're not funny all my team that feeling please so it's it's it's a power play in sales the person who's talking more is losing you know so it's a sell but – this guy's trying to sell his horse shit you're trying to sell your horse shit right so now you have a moment when you got the mic you have all you have everything of everything on your advantage right don't kill yourself right let him talk to let him let him talk himself into a corner okay now speaking is trying to be funny and it's not coming out as you plant have you ever bombed I bombed every bombing on this interview what are you talking about Piper bomb well what was the worst what was that I guess your first bomb explodes whoa no I remember the first time what does that like the first time I ever bomb it's always in front of a black audience they don't want horseshit they can just they can sense your fear they can tell you're nervous the girls fake confidence doggy I went up in a little place in Brooklyn I forget the name of the place but it was a bar show and I just wasn't ready to do comedy yet I wasn't ready to go in front of I wasn't ready to go in front of a not ideal crowd this is a crowd you know once again it's a different thing black audience you know this is bedside Brooklyn you know 2004 this is not evenly now bed-stuy worth like yeah it's like bedside was like in the top 10 most dangerous places to the memory at the time it was fucking crazy I've even know what it was a comedy show there was nothing funny about bed-stuy at this time well that's why they had it they're trying to it was crazy there was no reason for this and I go up and I remember the guy who before me it was his first time doing comedy a guy before me and then I was made my tenth time and I was like I was like let him go first I was like you know I'll come out I'll clean up his best this crowd had literally had five minutes of patience in them this is it they're like five minutes of patience they have and they gave it to him and then I like Cole get off there leave a nice polite little clap I went on did I did I don't remember what I said I just wasn't funny there's no other way to describe it except just not funny and this chick in the front row she just started booing me I mean she's as far as you are for me and she's just yelling boob and she's winning right she's with the crowd going yeah she's right booked fucked it dude I got booed off stage it was so bad it was yeah I mean and then you know since then I only perform to white people but that's okay okay that's okay you are gonna laugh at anything why do you know why white people are more black audiences and Hispanic audiences are better because they don't get offended okay well not cringe once again is they tell us some girl shit I grew up and I've seen some real shit so if the joke would offend me that's fucking crazy right that's crazy I've said I've just dealt with real problems I when I go through the the the priorities of my problems in my life right and I'm going down the list a joke is so far down the list I could never imagine getting there I couldn't it's it's nuts to me that anybody this is why I believe that it's fake outrage and it's not real but white people I think just in general I shouldn't say that because not always sure because my mom was fucking white and I'm welfare and ii ate and you know drug addict shit or a whole bunch of problems but just in general if you can create a broad stroke i think that white people typically have had just an easier time just in general right so we're at they're going to a comedy club you know it's blue collar middle class whatever it is you go to a white comedy club that's sort of the demographic there if you go to an urban club but these are people that have you know they want you to fucking make them laugh they're there to have a good time they wanna have a good time you know but they also work hard for the money maybe they've a different connection with the money they spent on that so if you if you're not doing well they feel offended they feel like you've a cost of them whereas white people they just gotta go haha that's just a different different level of anger and I maybe I haven't done if I went to a trailer parking to the comedy show I'm sure it'd be a similar you know a similar thing right you know to do any kind of like the hood show it's not really about race it's about you know economic status and sort of what you deal with right but I'm just saying in general my experiences when you're traveling around will be considered a an urban club or a white club right that's a big difference in white people it's a little more polite about letting you bomb those let you bomb you know you know they're just not gonna attack you waiting for you on the side you know who knows booking app in urban so it just depends on where you're gonna go let the path you can go down is a much different path right understood understood now name your top five favorite comedians bullshit all right top five living in dead living dead or alive dead or alive top 5 dead of Allah I guess a number one who would say Patrice O'Neal number one of all time you know he passed away a few years ago he's just he just didn't give a fuck if you haven't seen Patrice O'Neal go watch elephant in the room it's on YouTube you can click over right now it is I mean in my opinion the best comedy special ever um you know he died he doesn't have the big body it worked a lot of other guys have it's not easy to find his stuff but he was the best he was in my opinion the actual funniest person that executed stand-up comedy on a high level so we're talking about both being a funny person and also executing on a really really really high level ok then I love Dave Attell who New York Times just named him the best club comic Club he's just incredible to joke where a joke machine just somebody that I've looked up to for a long time Chappell Chappell of 3d I mean just undeniable his body of work I mean you know he's you can't I'm watched you probably wanted for 7 hours the show and I and when you're hosting a comedy show and dish shows up it's literally like fuck I'm gonna be here all night this is the worst yeah it's it's a special moment for everybody in the Kratt except watch the host face anybody that sees the FL show up at a comedy show watch the host face you can tell who the host is the one person not smiling that's the guy hosting the show guarantee it every time and then I got to go to Eddie Murphy yeah it's just because I grew up on Eddie Murphy I grew up my mom when I was like 8 I shouldn't even watching Eddie Murphy my mom would show me you know raw and delirious and those two pieces of comedy were just next-level I mean what is a performer and he was erased 20 years old I think in the one of the I it's crazy I mean hour and a half each thing it's a movie you know it's it's a different thing I got a lot of respect for that and and last but not least I'll give you somebody that you probably haven't heard of just because why not right like to learn there's everybody you gotta check out a guy named Kurt Metzger okay who is you know probably I think will be regarded as the best joke writer of our time he'll be the next you know Dave Attell next bill burr you know I'm bill burns in there I mean yeah this is hard to kind of like that bill I think he sees that specials at her funny I was like of a comedy all day but uh yeah that's Kurt Metzger is a guy who you guys should all go check out because he's just brilliant he's got a crazy way of thinking just very unique very very different right and yeah he's just a killer right now as a comedian what are some of them like obstacles you face like choruses how do you get that Netflix special an HBO special or how do you get to the next level of you know I just I don't know man there's no rules in this thing you know a lot of people wait a lot of people you know they shake hands with people they make friends or people this and this isn't just comedy this is anything this is you know DJing hip hop this is if you work in a bank you know you have to get the people that are right ahead of you or above you in the business to like you and to want you to move on to the next level it's a greased the wheels about people like you so the talent it's almost it's inconsequential I shouldn't say you have to have a certain level of talent even be in the conversation once you're there we all knows we all speak we were like how does that guy get ahead what usually you're like hey there's no way I know this guy's better than this guy right i thought what this guy does behind closed doors is he's better at getting those people to like him and that's a really really important part of the business from me i'm i don't like being a phony I can't pray if I didn't like you we you'd see it like we would be having a boring conversation right now I'd shut down if you be they obviously you interview people you know how to get people to open up right it's a but I'm not good at that I can't go in if I if I meet somebody who's an executive or somebody from a TV network I almost like oh my god tend to like this timeout and then I I would rather go hang out with some lowlifes and smoke a blunt in the stairwell all right that hang out with some TV networking executive like but I I do things myself it's why I started my own comedy festival I started my own podcast network you know I got three podcast I work for myself I don't have a boss I just filmed my own comedy special which is gonna be released it buffers independently through my network through iTunes through Amazon everywhere Louis J Gomez presents the with J Gomez okay that was out I'm the Ally for that Oh and that I did it myself because I could sit around waiting forever for Netflix for Comedy Central one of these people to tell me that I'm ready or I can look at my fan base and the people that love what I do and I can just say wait a minute hold on there's actually it's a Jerry Seinfeld service there's a book called I killed okay I believe maybe I miss quoting maybe too difficult I killed it's a great book either way the Jerry Seinfeld wrote the foreword for it and he just talks about how like you spend 20 years developing your act and then finally you get a TV show it's like it's like listen you're perfect be this act is perfect this is gonna make a TV show bring like a TV show about your life and then you go to this network and then I'm like alright now we're gonna change everything about it like wait a minute I've been no I know what my fan base wants I talked to them on social media I have a regular connection with them I speak to them to my podcast I get real-time feedback for what they want if they if I don't know I know right away so how do you know anything a game of telephone exists there right so no matter what way you want to slice even the most basic level you could explain this to a child right wouldn't just having that disc and having for me to have to be a conduit between this fan base and this network aren't you gonna sort of lose some of you know something there I think anybody's sort of would understand that so I just stopped waiting I tried I did last Comic Standing I've done a lot of these TV shows that people do and I wasn't being myself and I think I don't do well I I will go further being myself then I will trying to be something else okay so that's what it is man DJ Thoreau let him know the name again and when is that word Alma's Legion of skanks I'm cast and believe you me podcast realized podcast skank fest June 21st through 2030s campus my c-calm grab tickets come out if you hit me up and and you let me know you heard me on this I'll make sure I get you guys a discount hit me up directly on Twitter or Instagram I'll get you guys a discount of tickets and what professional skank would you like to see it distinct first professional scam what professionals game what female scape would you like to see it this damn party it's not penis excuse where skanks we're all scared we're all skanks but what people escaped was you would be I want there I'm trying to defend anybody right now I've done so good now you can't all right man thanks so much my brother