american women pakistan are planning on
dad doing a protest uh… against roe strikes in pakistan and other planning
on doing so in southern was the wrist and out which is of course a very
dangerous region and these are the ladies of colored pink
cell at about thirty five of them are planning to not only do i you know and normal
protest but they’re also planning on doing a hunger strike uh… now day believe that this is going
to be uh… a win-win situation for both sides in fact uh… one woman from coating says we’re
going because we are challenging the pakistani government to allow us to go
to a place that has been off limits that needs to be seen and if they try to stop
us they will be clear they do not want the world to see what’s going on there
now it’s interesting because they really brings chill issues to focus one of them is what’s happening in
southern was the wrist and an is the pakistani government being genuine with
us and also had the whole issue of trouble strikes uh… is it worth it for
these women to kind of risk their lives to protest bistro strikes and it will be
american government listen to it anyway footsie i have a real problem throw
strikes out from at every level are morally and legally philosophically strategically for every single reason i posed rhodes
writes and higher polls and every situation i
think it is absolutely wrong for us to act like they are god’s sitting above with these on man machines that droning on and on twenty four seven
above the population extracting them down and obliterating families and part-time that want in a place where we’re at the state of
war because we are at war with pakistan or
work world war or bombing them uh… to tuf find some sort of resolution to that
conflict that that’s a different story this year mean this constant surveillance this constant uh… destruct that people can will be opposed to it on on everywhere even instances where we have three
percent guarantee that this only a bad guy that worst that were striking with
this with the drone on those with her and her and you know
my plan that is that if we do that just one time the city
kill some of the month would never do it again you have to act like that but if the point is that we are to
continue to do this over and over nowhere and there’s not there’s no way to make
sure that innocent civilians don’t die in the
process of the joint strike so at let me just practice what i’m about to say with
that i won’t say if there is some a magical
way where you know you are targeting the right person and only that person will die and they
will be no civilian casualties and we will use that procedure over and
over again of course i’m in favor of and outlook no you’re not a fear of it
here’s why i don’t believe because you are not imagining it happened here in
the u_s_ your magic happening somewhere else maginnis in the u_s_ we had drones
flying over as an all-time either by the u_s_ government mexican government cuban government canadian governments
some other government were our own imagine that abbas guided missile comes down edition
targets for anyone who’s innocent it just blows up with that and had been periodically ever shopping
if you walk into this business is missile command of the sky boone and and and you know someone’s dad is not the way to live like in your
scenario where their consolation runs flying above our heads and were
constantly living in a state of fear and of course i’m against that but that they
wanted us instead of fear and it turns out i had by enforcing do
not think that they’re purposes and have much effect on the the foreign policy it
states doing in withdrawn some i will say it before we get into the
ethics of germans is something i have for quite a bit about uh… the state of fear that we’re
putting people in this is not something that’s completely new in world war two we had bombers the flu
so high that you would not see them before they drop the bombs and you would
just obama we hear the sound of bombs dropping and that was a terrifying thing
too long before drones wherever he is um… we firebombed whole cities in
world war two because we couldn’t target the particular places that we wanted so
we just burned everything down that’s what the reasons we have nuclear
technology is because sometimes guitar person oneself i think that what’s scary what’s
objectionable is not necessarily specifically drums but war uh… i have
a problem with people with mexico in your example flanged runs over sales of
problem with a mexican guy any plane dropping bombs and me so for that
purpose i don’t have a particular private rooms but i do think that in the future we are going to have
to think about this and if i was still couple of the scientist to put a
psychologist physically which is what i was sitting before this is one of the things are going to
say the future is that i don’t think that they just have a
problem with us attacking them i do think the unmanned nature of the weapon
is something that’s particularly pennsylvania right now we send these roads in the
fire hellfire missile sometime soon they’ll be engaging enemy aircraft
eventually the small bomb diffusing robot so we
have which by the way can be armed with shotguns and other weapons they can be
firearm utley will be autonomous at some point that sounds like the province a
science fiction right now it sounds like a talking about robo copper terminator
abutting ten or twenty years are were fighting not just in the skies the on
the streets is going to be done by robots some control perhaps remotely
some perhaps autonomous and i think that the psychological impact that’s going to
have on people in third world countries in the countries we invade is going to
be a very interesting an important thing to study i think i think that makes me
worry the most about drones and are using drugs in the future is who use those transport right because who we consider uh… a terrace now and
feel like could be easily change at the definition
of that can easily change like months from now right so is a drug dealer considered a
terrorist i could totally see us certain people
want to take down a member of you know i a of the drug cartels for instance
they’re reasonably using drones for drug cartels there’s so many memories drug
cartels so that i do see is a big problem so but the part that i would drones is that i mean go it’s going to your example the
workfare i mean in the state of war between one sovereign state at and
another sovereign state yes farrakhan cities civilians die
that’s happens the war but you sign up for as a country and and he’s in in the in the war but this is not a war would not have
what what parts pakistani uh… people are suppose there allies and we have completed the their
sovereignty or just like the airspace constantly and
and instructing them down and he said they have tried to turn c there are a working on this breath from the overall scandals that
are not doing well in the government and and there are no that despite as
today tomorrow what are they going to do they respected within on this it what
that guy he was uh… america’s most want to talk about and that we had were
chasing for point six years before they got a some sort of them what can we do and you know what we killed three people accident but
that’s collateral damage and of course i’m against that i know by the same even impeding for
that for the three innocent people head of one of its side where we have groans flying over our
heads u_s_ by that and costly monocular everyone is to get out the so-called bag
as big as it means they got the worst people in our best and certain that that i do want to see a missile fought for