TODAY THE CITY COUNCIL IS SET TO VOTE ON A PLAN THAT COULD PUT THE BRAKES ON CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL’S PLANS TO EXPAND. THAT PROJECT WOULD CHANGE THE LANDSCAPE AROUND THAT PART OF AVONDALE AND FORCE ABOUT A DOZEN HOMES TO BE DEMOLISHED. 9 ON YOUR SIDE’S TIMYKA ARTIST JOINS US LIVE WITH WHAT’S IN STORE AND WHAT’S AT STAKE. What’s at stake for some residents is their way of life. As they watch their neighborhood get smaller and smaller. The 550 million dollar expansion project which includes an emergency room and a new 10 story patient tower.. would require a zoning change to re reroute erkenbecher Avenue. The president of the hospital released a statement to 9 on your side saying that he will not support a motion presented by council members Yvette Simpson and Wendell young which would force children’s to invest another 14 million dollars in the Avondale community for expansion. But some long time residents feel it’s the least they can do 040929 – No one at any point often-time really looked to the community as a whole to understand the sensitivity to these types of occurrence in terms of expansions. expansions. 045353 – We can continue to have a city that is a tale of two cities – that has great anchor institutions backed against significant poverty and poor health outcomes CHILDREN’S HOSPITALS HAS ALREADY COMMITTED ABOUT 11 MILLION ABOUT 11 COMMITTED ALREADY HOSPITALS HAS CHILDREN’S health outcomes CHILDREN’S HOSPITALS HAS ALREADY COMMITTED ABOUT 11 MILLION DOLLARS TO COMMUNITY IMPROVEMENTS. SO WHAT HAPPENS NEXT IS IN THE HANDS OF CITY COUNCIL. WE’LL BRING YOU THEY’RE VOTE AS SOON AS IT HAPPENS LATER ON TODAY.