>>Oh hey, Cole!
What you doing?>>Dad asked me to
just clean the pool.>>On Christmas Eve? Oh yeah, we have people
coming over remember?>>Oh, that’s lame. What do you think
you got for Christmas?>>I don’t know but I saw
some big presents in there.>>You wanna go see what they are?>>That’s probably not really good idea.>>Come on, just a quick peek.>>I can’t go, though.>>I’m gonna go!
Let’s go check it out.>>Fine.>>Hey can you do me a favor,
please?>>Sure, what’s up?>>I have to go run some
errands real quick. Can you please make sure those boys
don’t get into their Christmas presents?>>Sure, where are they?>>I’m pretty sure they’re out back
playing but I’ll go tell them I’m leaving and then
I’ll be back later tonight.>>Alright, sounds good to me.>>Boys!
>>Oh, hi mom.>>What are you boys up to?>>Oh nothing, we’re just cleaning
the pool and hanging out about to go and watch some TV.>>That’s what we were doing.>>Anyways, I’m gonna be gone.
I’m leaving ’til later tonight. But you better behave for your dad
and do not touch those presents!>>We would never, ever
touch the presents!>>Yeah mom, like… What?>>Okay, boys!
But just a friendly reminder, the big man, Santa,
he’s coming tonight! So, you better not touch those.>>Got it, mom. We never touch the presents
anyways, but got it.>>Alright boys, I’ll see you later.>>Now’s like the best time to
check out our presents! It’s only dad there!>>It’ll be easy ’cause dad
doesn’t pay attention.>>Yeah, let’s go check it out.>>Oh, hey dad!
What are you doing?>>Hey guys what’s up?>>Nothing much. We’re just gonna go upstairs
and play. So, see you!>>Wait a second.>>Yep?>>Don’t go near those presents. I know you you guys
are up to something.>>You know? I’m insulted.
I would never!>>Yeah, Dad!>>Okay, I’ll be watching you.>>Alright then.
>>Alright then.>>Check out that present,
>>Oh my God! So big! Look at tha–>>A-ha! [Screaming] Aww! Guys! Little loud.>>You just gave me a heart attack!
>>Me too!>>Well you’re a little close
to the presents. I suggest you keep
moving along boys. I’m watching you.>>Okay!
>>Okay! We told you we won’t! Dad’s way too close
to our presents! I don’t think we could do this.>>We can’t do this,
but I know who can.>>Who?>>Sneak Attack Squad.>>Oh, yeah!>>It’s a perfect task
for the Sneak Attack Squad.>>Yeah, it is.
Dad doesn’t stand a chance!>>Let’s see what present we have.>>Okay, that was very unnecessary.>>I got an idea! Follow me! Here, take them.
You should turn it on.>>These are so sick!>>I know!>>Okay, put one over there. Okay, I’m doing this. Testing, testing,
testing, testing. Okay, what now?
>>I’ll show you. Follow me! Okay, watch this:
Dad, I need your help!>>That’s genius!>>Dad, come up here! Dad I need you!>>Where are you?
What do you need?>>Let me try. Dad, hurry up already!>>I’m coming, I’m coming!>>Dad, I don’t got all day here!>>Where are you?>>I can’t, I don’t–
I can’t tell where you are. I can’t–
I don’t know where you are. You know where’d you go?>>What do you think this is?>>I don’t know, but look.>>Is that what I think it is?>>Yeah!>>Awesome!
>>Awesome! We should go ride these!>>But we’re gonna get in trouble! No, we won’t! Watch! Dad, are you coming or not?>>Where are you, guys?
I can’t even find you!>>See? We’re good.>>Let’s go!>>Okay.>>Alright, guys.
I know you’re hiding from me. You better come out,
I’m gonna find you!>>Oh yeah! You think Dad’s still
looking for us, though?>>Probably, but watch this. Dad, you ever gonna come in here
or what?>>Let me try. Are you ever gonna come here?>>Tell me where!
Where are you?>>Dad, hurry up and hurry up! Dad, hurry up!>>Alright, I know you guys are trying
to mess around here. Where’s that coming from?>>Dad, you’re taking so long! Hurry up!
>>What? A-ha! I knew they’re
trying to mess with me. That means… the presents! I knew it! They took the scooters! That’s it.>>I think we should bring these things back.>>I don’t know I think we
still got some time.>>He’s probably not figured it out yet.>>Yeah, let’s play with the ball.>>Come in, boys. Can you hear me boys?
>>Uh-oh!>>Boys, I know you can hear me.
Come in right now.>>Uh, yeeeeaaah…? I know what you guys have
been up to. The tables have turned.>>Uh-oh. Let’s go! Let’s go! Come on! Shhh. Shhh. Let’s go back here!>>A-ha!>>Uh-oh.
>>Uh-oh.>>Caught you red-handed!>>Get down!>>It’s jammed!
What in the-! God! Urrghh!>>He’s jammed!
What are we gonna do?>>There might be a Nerf gun
in these presents somewhere!>>Yeah, good idea.>>Open them! What? Socks?>>Pssh! What is this?>>Cut it out! That’ll do for sure!>>Perfect!>>You better not be
opening presents!>>A-ha!>>Times! Times!
Times, time! Didyou guys hear that?>>Oh, are you timing ’cause of the fact
that we’re gonna beat you?>>I heard like a car
pull up.>>Oh no! Mom’s home!>>Clean that quick,
quick, quick!>>Ahhh! Mom’s home!>>Act normal, act normal.>>Boys! I’m home! Hmm, that’s pretty impressive! Well, hello boys.>>Hey mom.>>Any trouble while I was gone?>>No.>>No.>>No, we’re good.
>>Did you do something?>>No, I don’t think so.>>Did you?
>>No.>>Alright, well it’s getting late.
It’s time to go get in bed.>>Are you ready for bed?>>Yeah, I’m super excited!
Santa comes tonight! You think anything bad will happen
’cause we opened our presents early?>>No, nothing ever bad happened
on Christmas night.>>Okay, if you say so. Now, we should go to bed!
It’s getting late before Santa comes. Come on!>>Good night!
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