chicken and corn matters huh Gugino certified okay okay okay this is getting out of hand what's going on this sucker Pacino so Kelly Rowland is getting it blasted for support Chris Brown on the he's accused oh my goodness this is this is crazy so it's his accusations of colorism well that's just that common allegation no accusations these are real statements you made there we go Chris Kelly Rowland sit the nice mr. Chris Brown she received a lot of backlash for it because Brown has been under heavy criticism since his new song neither stack dropped last week featuring Lil Wayne Jonah Lucas in the cut he mentioned a lot about black women in here that rubbed me the wrong way all right as we continue to scrolling here Kelly Rowland left was heavily criticized for supporting Chris Brown right after the singer was accused of colorism all right and now these are the lyrics from the song so let's let's analyze this a little bit I'll leave a paper trail then I'm an ear tip drills shaking it turn the lights down busted for the light bill diggin it then I'm licking all on the pretty right there only wanna if the black this is with with the night with night with a nice hair let's show let's talk about this for a second you'll see this check this out you should have a problem with a person saying that he will fuck you for a light bill busted for light bill y'all got offended by it okay anyway after the song made the internet rounds Brown was accused of colorism and not liking black women first of all what is nice here what if it's denied form of nice hair is Kiki here cuz I think que quieras good hair for black people black women in general but do y'all understand that black women they spend so much money on weave and if they felt like their hair their natural ear if it meant more to them they would consider that to be natural or nice hair or good air so he was saying nice hair yeah we can pretty much have a good idea that he probably means the weave that you wear that majority of you wear that you all spent 10 billion dollars a year old let's just be real here there's not even half the black women in the world there are natural anyway that's another topic after the song was made okay I got their Part F Chris Brown he's a big school for called a black woman bitches and say only lights one with good hair Chris Brown been caught using the word bitch numerous times wherever y'all been and why is he a cone for saying that when you need to be calling out numerous rap artists R&B artists for that matter he's be calling oh this is weird so we calling out Chris Brown what do you say anyway let's continue the singer first responded on Instagram by writing I don't give a f— about y'all negative booty face and his hosts are giving away free lays friends for all you weird females with the Skid Row edges in low self-esteem now he just validated my point his form of good hair is natural hair he don't like the fact that women are wearing lace fronts and weaves and quick weaves and stuff like that cuz he just said up here dis y'all for that particular image you know the Skid Row edges and you come on he just pretty much proved my point anyway y'all trippin he also wrote y'all bitches don't wanna fuck the nigga we fucked up do you only bitches of said what is the Uglies and not the black Queens then on Thursday the RB crooner posted another message to thank his fans for supporting his new album indigo which houses the need the neo sex song and that's where Kelly roller showed him support we love you Chris she wrote that's all she wrote that's it oh yeah Danno Kelly okay look look just some small little bit would deal with that another day let's let's get back on it anyway she wrote know you love him shaking my head what anyway what he said is not okay and you don't speak for the it's not a female dog skin community why does it have to be a dog skin why does it have to be the dark skin community right that's weird why can't they just be black women why does it have to be dark-skinned why can't just be black female community yep this is this is weird I love Kelly Rowland persists you as a dog ski so this is about complexion so he said black bitches y'all take this all about dark-skinned women I mean do we not know that there's like skin and mixed women alike that where we even lace fronts I'm not saying that complexion is a thing and colorism is not a thing there's a thing like a complexion is a problem amongst us as black people but he didn't label dark-skinned he didn't do that y'all doing it anyway huh you as a dark-skinned woman have stated on multiple instances about how color is affected you in your career you put all your Cape for Chris Brown all he said was I love you Chris that's all she wrote Kelly Rowland I don't know he don't want darkies around him somebody somebody get hurt he don't want darkies around him someone else wrote if he wasn't celebrity he will feel the same about you Brown was spotted to the backlash again on Friday and said it would be the last time he'd be addressing it people let don't let people twist your meanings what it's meant to show love he wrote and a nigger ain't fair to jump through hoops to satisfy any one ego or movement I bet a nigger all my life stop playing like I'm out here uncle Timon and cretin discrediting the beauty let's go to this other article because I saw – there you go Rihanna dragging him apparently Rihanna goes after Chris Brown over his nice hair comment let's continue by the looks of things Rihanna is coming for ex-boyfriend Chris Brown physically abused her you notice how they got right to the point well Kelly Rowland was back in him you see that so now you put in Kelly Rowland in Rihanna and odds because one was abused and the other one is back in him here we go Chris has been in some serious trouble in the past few days over something Eric sometime over song lyrics where he claimed that he will be ate only in a relationship with women wouldn't I said Chris spoke about his preference on the Lil Wayne and Jonah Lucas feature song neither stank from his Indigo album the father of one is getting mercilessly he correct Oh supposed to be for being colorism and he decided to defend himself by further insulting black women wouldn't listen to degrading both where he called them ugly it told them he will give the lace front wigs free lace front wigs and I might add the backlash prompted Chris to write this don't let people twist your meanings when it's meant to show love okay I read that already Rihanna pin a message and used a dark-skinned emoji to make her point if that ain't a joke here we go 2020 is in six months don't let anyone waste your time is that what she wrote is that it is this the dog's game oh by the way Rihanna is not dog skin I just want that to be clear anyway what fair you said use the da skate emoji I see what you did there effects be selective with your energy I only want to be around people bringing value and good energy in 2019 if we ever now this one fan is correct Rihanna you are nowhere near brown-skinned you are the light-skinned black female who I might add that's not where we even don't need to we're leaving a few where we this only dude to Hollywood like you have the quote-unquote straight hair you know saying you have the the more straight hair that's not kinky let's just keep it real here but we don't want to talk about that let's just skip over that I don't matter anyway now I won't play that but that might be copyrighted anyway she should have just said she was raped out what the fuck rapped out is that what the Kelly Rose set herself up for the okey doke and show Chris Brown love when she know half her fanbase talks kid how the fuck do y'all know have her fan bases dark-skinned how how do you know this who's kind of news came up with these stats how do y'all know half our audience is not white people honey I know half the audiences and light skinned chicks she did come up on the bestie channel she is from the 90s error she was part of a quote-unquote teenage band group y'all joking right like y'all discover so now this has become a dog scared that he'd never said this now maybe I'm wrong I'm pretty sure you said something about dogs skiing women in the pants but this whole lying in the song was black bitches busted it open for a utility bill and it was about defecting Wow this is about him saying good hair he'd never said what type of hair as I state and i'ma say it again the kinky hair might be good hair to him he never described but then disrespecting you by saying lace front wigs and shit like that that's what he said basically he's letting it be known that this is what I don't like he never said y'all was nappy headed or will you wear your natural hair this doesn't this is what I don't like I want you to wear this and that no he never said that he bases this you buy what the majority is doing with their hair I don't understand the point is trying to make this a dark-skinned thing anyway artist somewhere sometimes it takes don't switch up the person when you see them might be with the moving stairs I'm just saying rapped out anyway a second follow edit wait she's she's single now that dude that's not have messed up what see how she used the dog skin emoji shine said Chris I'm a need for black women to give Chris Brown the same energy all you give since said because this Negros like Chris Brown and make girls say the things that they say about black women so comfortably a third color in the same read is so private I doubt that this would ever be about her relationship notice she used the dawn skin emoji instead of the life skinny most Rihanna says she she black no matter what shade she is I could respect the fashion makeup mogul Rihanna over the music Rihanna any day any of youse want celebrities to stay in one place all you never want Turner to expand oh yeah Ariana nos routine oh she gotta have him coming out Oh what is already out savage 50 June drop June drop then coming tonight I'm assuming that must been a song that came out around the time whatever case but this is July now don't believe in July 7 anyway the 4th father will care come on now all you know Riya read well no well no well enough to know that this means this could mean something or absolutely nothing why are you bringing up Chris highly doubt she was speaking on him she's mastered the art of diversions of privacy don't even try me while Kelly's getting dragged for rightness Chris we love you in the middle of the drama that's all she wrote four words said his name in three words Chris we love you and they piss all because she said we love you let me pause the music on this one you know what they don't say y'all remember when he beat up Rihanna and they said that he grew up in the home where he was saw his mom being abused and his dad did this and this is where he learned his behavior from and this is where his anger came from seeing his dad do this to his mom you know what they don't say and this is just me speaking and you know in a hypothetical standard stance here because I don't believe he meant good hair as in straight hair or weave I think he meant by grab meaning that naturally but you notice that no one says that maybe he saw all this stuff growing up and thought that it was normal to not like the way black women have treated their and where they deal with their and dress their hair and and deal with it far as like not being natural because let's just be real a lot of black women are natural but she don't know what he meant so you have to run with the fact that you don't like dogs camera he never said this now I'm pretty sure he probably didn't say this this is not what this whole video should be about I'm taking what he said in the line I'm taking what he said in a tweet and I'm running with that because if he said it's something in the parents which I'm pretty sure yes he that's not what this is about now however no one's saying that maybe he grew up not liking that shit that the way the way black women are now and maybe that's because of his upbringing in a black community because if you're gonna start to say that he learned to be abusive from his dad don't you think he learned to not like something because of his mom maybe he got tired of seeing all this stuff with black women when it came to his mom his family and etc etcetera etcetera but why not that maybe I want to hold them to the same standard for being angry and abusive and a woman beater hold her to the same standard for him not quote-unquote accepting the way you are a black woman as a matter of fact let's also not forget let's not forget one important thing here Chris Brown can like what he want you can say whatever he want all this time you people have not let him go from being abusive to Rihanna see we can't play that game because now you want to see it and get married because he made a statement in a line of the song you should have wrote him off when he went to jail and got convicted for being for assaulting Rihanna but you didn't y'all just like the fans are Kelly oh he pissed on little girls he'd fuck the leader he merited and y'all still let him flourish through the 90s and the 2000s and then now you want to say he's nasty he's this he's dead and he's a he's a pedophile also the crowd selective outrage call it fake outrage