Korea's Luthor group said to provide land to host fad China strongly against the stationing of the US defense system began imposing sanctions on the retail giant according to our kim s song other korean companies are being targeted as well take a look low tariffs chinese website has been shut down since tuesday the same day Luthor finalized a deal to provide the land for South Korea to host the US missile defense system fad the retail giant said it's Chinese website suffered a disruption that may have been a cyber attack by unidentified Chinese hackers luta mark has been selling products on Chinese e-commerce site JD calm since last July but now that's all gone too this comes amid rising tensions between Seoul and Beijing over the deployment of Thach to the south east county of song Joo a low tech group isn't the only target numerous chinese state media outlets have urged chinese consumers to boycott other south korean companies like Samsung and Hyundai both of which have factories in China Chinese government cannot officially impose harsh sanctions on Korean companies goods which would go against WTO regulations and free trade agreements that's why chinese state media is in a way encouraging Chinese people to boycott Korean goods this is very worrisome because China is the biggest market for Korean companies finished and intermediary goods experts also warn that China could change its tax and customs rules to withhold important approvals for Korean products for instance last December Beijing ban imports of 28 cosmetic products 19 of which were Korean saying they lacked the hygiene certificates required by the Chinese authorities since South Korea decided last July to deploy the fat system China has retaliated against Korean companies and cultural exports and now concern is growing over the strain on bilateral ties now that China's encouraging its ordinary people to boycott Korean products as well Kim Azam Arirang news