fantastic internet weighing on me
distance of mission for us for this episode to write to you and i love it
because he can estimate update obvious student protests and she left this is
something that is very much under reported by the media aljazeera is the
only news outlet that did a great documentary on the protest that are
happening right now and she let but edwin has been following up on it so
he’s gonna give us an update on what’s going on the students into your school books is
in the privatization authors pieces although they have been under constant
attack from actually a militarized police force called heavy metals they are reluctant to back down reports data from two dozen seven of all
the countries in the old cv organization for economic cooperation
envelopment but sadly higher education system
receives more projects venture eighty five point six percent that any other country some schools lacked basic necessities
such as the heating and cooling system and unfortunately the schools are
deplorable shape instruments would be super supports kitchen thank you believe massive debt in an interview with the other two zero
two subich cations secretary for tomorrow as favors to corporate site
system over free public system because he
claims is such a rebel change helps the wealthier people the curve privatize that use a system
that began under the dictator owns two people should was never change after his overthrow but
instead amplified and made into a very profitable business the trap students
does give them an option for better education fortunately the movement has made a
small impact in the government has increased public education spending by
seven point two percent but it’s still not enough to meet the
demands of the process is what the government to return so nineteen sixties education policy could be higher education free under
some of the radiant the protesters have also seen the
resignation of the country’s second education this until years philippe
aboard this will now be replaced by a compass harold bayer changing faces with
sixties policies have put the public the president to get us to move from rating
of twenty percent disprove jefferson report because had it kinda shows you the direction that
the united states for new you do you have been i mean as he was talking about
the private privatization of higher education in chile and how it basically
needs to sub par education poor conditions to get your education
and and ek and astronomical amount of student loan
debt i was like that’s where the united states is headed sure we have public
institutions at this point but if the republicans get their way pretty soon
everything will be for-profit everything will be privatized and we will be in a
disastrous situation will go back to what we asked before to our citizens to our students have the kind a fight and them for
foresight to know how badly it’s going to stay in a
position has reduced even insulin students of five would we do that they didn’t tell you where conflict that
anti-alcohol probably hooping cell at first i would say no and i would still say no because we’re
not quite at the same place that the chilean students are at because if you
watch that documentary done by aljazeera in fact we’re gonna post a link to that
underneath that be underneath this video so you guys to check out for yourselves
this student’s are there’s just so passionate and um… there are also military paneling but he
did not even a good way because of the fact that they are act and not to intimidate the politicians
and get a message across now we are making great strides with occupy
movement so i don’t want to put us you know throw us under the bus because we are becoming more politically
active students are starting to realize what’s
going on the political sphere so i’d love that that’s a great thing uh… but
you look at all the parallels between the united states and sheila and
it’s amazing because what they have a militarized police force some might argue that in the united
states we don’t have a militarized police force but the fact of the matter
is we do okay we have the military uh… or i’m sorry we’re having our police
force good unique with the movement will come
from soon to become old friends again batons equipment that you need is that end rides in the fight wars there’d been trained by the f_b_i_ to
demilitarize so in the united states you’re saying something very similar and the parallels are scary and i think
i think he said we’re not at the point were these things aren’t you in the meantime you know what’s coming
in integrity of foresight didn’t you get a stop in for this year before the theories chew with putting a
lot of these police forces with this capital equipment card therefore seeing what’s possible and
they’re getting ready i mean you know it sounds so to doomsday
mad max i’m situation but because the elements of that and not
be a form of an but the faggot some of these gas and
tanks in the these automatic weapons but they have who they were confined wonder if
anything needed but uh… you know whoever does the thing to me in the
fight over whatever it is that conflict they’re looking for those other companies to realize that we
need to stop and forgets their process can be disastrous themselves on the subject conspiratorial having its conspiratorial and the truth to be honest with you and the thing that i think really upsets me
is that what’s happening in chile right now is not being covered by anyone else
right aljazeera i mean that’s of boring news agency they’re actually covering it
but did they talk about in the mainstream media now do most students
know about what’s going on you know and that the reason why it’s important for
them to know about these things this so they can come to cure into the future
and see what the loop country would be like if we were to
privatize all prop hype higher at so hot i hope that this video at least
gets around a little bit you know what’s going on but i love that ad since admission by edwin and if you guys
have any updates on it as well we would love to hear it