at one time on it was actually an
injured here at u_n_c_ created another student video for us and this one it is
on a very important topic and again it’s another international topic that has to
do to protest he’s focusing on the process that are taking place right now
and she lent they our our students who are protesting about the quality of
higher education in the country so let’s watch this video and i’ll give you some
more information on the protest taking place in chile there’s a revolution happening this is
awesome earth for most of what this is the position he’s been easier more western protest
work stoppages along the way waking up an entire country sickens me education
more accessible chilean president subha cynthia
billionaire investor politician suffering massive political backlash
from the student movement has been happening since may of two dozen eleven currently many of the schools into the
are for-profit schools there have been advertised for sale opening in the
nation’s largest newspaper emporio and described as highly profitable
investments students at mandarin since the nineteen
sixties education policies they guaranteed free public university
education the marshes have gone up to one hundred
thousand protesters throughout the nation and the leader of the forefront
of his movements twenty three-year-old camille about also known as to how about
the cause irresponsible masculine governments
promise an increase of three point four billion dollars reduction on low
interest from six point towards two percent with processors are refusing to
budge i love that video dial of what’s
happening in chile right now because you’re seeing the exact same thing
happened in the united states you see the private it’s privatization
of higher education which has always been around right but there’s a
difference between private universities and for-profit colleges right in the
about something that we’ve talked about so many times i’m a broken record i
won’t go into a again but it’s nice to see students he so engaged right and so infuriated
with what’s going on in education system that actually take to the streets before
working with you and and and and and getting those are the same thing ambient
sound like a broken record the the fact that we get to see this i
think the mood in serious injury how we see if we didn’t worry whether
access online see the president reagan in the council what’s going on for them
when we have issues either here or students what to have things changed you don’t feel like you’re the only
people doing it in even if this is a hero was will put people in your own
country and gather on it and joanne joanne the cause when you see other countries do any like
this is is not a disney using one of its nuclear
card benefit as it takes our presidents artisanal instance october not
eliminated man all of the country and in other
countries of course and then you need me to from remains in
power and then left and still be able to to have the presidency of the world yet keep the
moments of valujet and it was the fascinating about all these protester
happening throughout the day of the world is the fact that most of them have been
uh… encouraged through the process of habit in egypt right or how do you know in libya in tunisia that everything is known as the spring so in the united states adopted by wall
street it’s the american screenwriter yes l at yes and then that some people
are calling this the the chilean spring when you know it’s not really springing
up when i get the point so it’s a you know they’re trying to draw parallels to
the arabs frank and i think it’s interesting because yes to social media you see these images you see this video
footage and you become inspired anna and i love that these students get being
known that they need access to affordable higher education they don’t
have access now here in united states we don’t have that access break solution
being raised about and i think the students in the u_s_ who are raised
about our enjoy not joining the occupied movements but uh… you know if it what you’re
seeing in chile as they shipped to uh… for-profit colleges that charging
on a leg of the quality of public education has
completely diminished because you see politicians funding at less and less and
install similar to what has united for things that you don’t know it will be a there’ll be a parallel between like how
one drum is the alice works in another private companies to make a lot of money
off it and sources they see a model the people
in the process any dulcet model really give these two different kinds of
parallels that both need to be will not need to be of course the limits
there’s still a trusted me uh… attitude but for me to get to see
you know we were ninety third let me and my wife and i’ll
go to john uh… you know the protests that started here
in chile and actually began is very peaceful protests but just a as you’ve seen in other
places like or rain or egypt uh… it starts peaceful and then you have a
government officials get a little intimidated and these sputum friend
authorities to kinda handled the situation and will anybody have a
situation violence incidents and then get all the
studies p peaceful protesters are violent ones and people begin to discredit that you
know so that’s what’s happening right now in chile but we’re glad those of
archival justin should continue fighting i think this is an incredible protest go ahead john uh… i think that some of the
connections between what’s happening in chile and in some segments of the
occupied move in a really interesting it we’ve had on his video unfortunately in
the original he talked more about that one of the biggest things he seemed
so worried about is these high interest rates on their loans in chile and you
can see in my pocket by colleges movement it’s that’s being really active
in the country this week the same sort of worry about death unlikely that that
is being a driving issue for some segment of the occupy movement um… but
one thing that i think that we should take from what’s going on in chile from
the brief research they did is that they’ve been doing this latest
round of protest since around like a primary but they had around in two
thousand eight and two thousand six they can take a really long time and i only
hope that the people who were in a being really active right now are going to be
in it for more than just a couple weeks and they’re going to be around if it
takes a year to you know dehydrated and you know that’s the point that you have
a little earlier we need to keep that momentum going he didn’t know where but it would have
been canadian cold and i’d just can’t imagine how horrible it’s
gonna be in new york but the weather reluctance to have no idea
that the weather pattern shows will be decent remediation throughout the year yet another weather donated i i know is
an evening sounds better than they are pointer house they demanded sorry cannot status to keep the defied
god isle of hearing the staff and they do it within our system existence and
how bad there for them and will continue not better than it did last night and i a m back above the minimum the commandant she’s been arrested offers the largest
ever hot-headed and thank you and that’s not what you know discredit
her at all she’s very attractive but i love more information about a she’s
twenty three years old she’s a second female leader in uh… when in fact five year history
of the university of chile student union in case she is also a member of the
chilean communist party of bruno a coalition shammai said he would share
that information but also that i don’t have a list his accountant which is a twenty
three-year-old woman who is yeah twenty three-year-old woman whose politically
active intelligent intellectual and goes out there fighting which he
believes in something like that we certainly don’t budgets real fast evolution criticizing
you know the movement in india moving new york l dot about not having a of
public face i nominate at work get in that it didn’t
have her that’ll give me the new public face of occupied was hit by a weight
when dozens of fan that that was a very anonymous ask video dial an eight mo mag early hang
out with glass a room the voices the fact that clearly they’re not protest uninsured