(Chewbacca Roar)
That’s not me making that noise it’s the mask! (Laughing)
(hysterical laughing) I saw it. I’ve seen it. I’ve seen it,
It’s great. It’s great. How many, how many times have you watched that thing?
(hysterical laughing) This week on the Star Wars Show Andi sits down with Chewbacca Mom, Candace
Payne We hit streets of San Francisco for some Star Wars impressions, and much, much more. Now from the Lucasfilm Headquarters it’s
The Star Wars Show! Hello! I’m Peter Townley And I’m Andi Gutierrez. Welcome to The Star
Wars Show, the only show on the internet whose title was almost Han Show-lo. What, was Show Dameron was taken? My vote was for C-3P-Show. Show-bi-wan Kenobi! Let’s break some news then, huh?! First up in news, have you seen the key art
for Star Wars Celebration London yet? No, but I have a feeling you’re about to
reveal it. It’s like you’re reading my thoughts off
of a teleprompter. Yes! The Star Wars Show is proud to reveal the key art for Star Wars
Celebration…right…now! The art features the cast of The Force Awakens
looking quite stoic, and below them is a gorgeous rendering of the characters from Rogue One. Aside from the cast, there’s also a squadron
of Death Troopers…the black armored troopers we saw in the trailer, and down below on the
left is your first clear look at the brand-new Shoretrooper. Also, on the poster are a new class of AT-AT’s,
called AT-ACT, which stands for All-Terrain Armored Cargo Transport. Rogue One news CONFIRMED! Boom! News high Five! And switching over to comics now, because
it’s Wednesday, Andi, new comic book day and the first pages from Marvel’s Star Wars:
The Force Awakens adaptation were unveiled today. Written by Aftermath’s Chuck Wendig with
art by Luke Ross the 6-issue comic will be available on store shelves June 22nd. Speaking of TFA, The Force Awakens soundtrack
is being re-released on a special vinyl album that features, get this, a hologram projection
of The Millennium Falcon on one side and a TIE Fighter on the other. WE’RE LIVING IN
THE FUTURE, ANDI! These super cool Holograms are created through
a series of etchings that when exposed to light from above reveal the image while the
record is playing. Pre-orders for the album are available right
now with a limited number of copies available for purchase at Star Wars Celebration in London. Shifting gears to these cool bands Peter and
I are wearing, Ashley Eckstein from Star Wars: Rebels and Clone Wars is kicking off the latest Kid
Power Mission with UNICEF and Force For Change. Each kid power band helps you deliver food
packages to children in need and this year they’re adding the stylish green band as
well. Oooooh! You can find out more about the campaign
and get one of these fancy new Kid Power bands by visiting unicefkidpower.org Finally, by now you’re no doubt one of the
tens of millions of people who saw Candace Payne’s video on Facebook of her laughing
in a Chewbacca mask. She’s been everywhere this week. Good Morning
America, riding bikes at Facebook, and now she’s here at Lucasfilm. But before I sit
down with her in the studio we hit the streets of San Francisco to see if anyone could do
a decent Chewbacca impression. (Chewbacca impression.) Huh. Okay. A little more Lumpy than Chewie Hello! Matt Lieb here in San Francisco. Chewbacca
is one of my favorite Star Wars characters, especially his voice. So we decided to go
around asking people if they could give us their best impression of Chewbacca. Check
it oooooouuuggggghhhht! Give me your best Chewbacca impression
(Growls) (Amazing Chewie Roar) (Definitely not a Chewbacca roar) (Also not a Chewbacca roar, more like purring) I can’t! (mumbles) (laughing)
(high pitched screaming) That sounded like just a, a hamster caught
in like a bear trap. (Chewie impression) (gargling noise)
(Sassy purring) I don’t know (More sassy purring)
That was like a really soulful cat. Just, meooooooow!
(AROUGH!) (painful grunt)
That is not Chewbacca! Welcome back to The Star Wars Show we have
managed to snag the most popular woman in the galaxy right now, Candace Payne also known
as the Chewbacca mask lady. How has your week been going? Crazy!
Cra-, yeah of course crazy. Crazy. One word, Crazy. I still don’t even
believe I’m in my body, sometimes. Like, I’m walking around going, “Okay, this is real, and I need to breathe in, breathe out and enjoy every minute.” Is this your first time in San Francisco?
Absolutely. So you got to come and see Lucasfilm, and go into the heart of the beast. What was your favorite part of the tour we just went on? Okay, I loved the painted map in E.T.
Oh, yeah. It just brings you back to nostalgia, and your childhood. I’m telling you, Lucasfilm has done something remarkable to where it’s brought story into sci-fi, and it makes me, it makes me drawn to it on a heart level to where I love the characters, and you feel, man, this can’t even exist, but yet I feel like it does, and I need to protect it, and shield it, and save it… and sometimes hug it Ya know?
And sometimes just shout it from the rooftops. YES! (laughter) Yes!
So is the whole family Star Wars fans?
Yes. Yes. Yeah I saw a picture that you dressed up for
Halloween last year, you were Yoda. I was Yoda
Your husband was Chewbacca My Husband was Chewbacca. I’ll tell you the cutest moment ever… My son also has the exact same kid version
of the onesie. So I, I woke up and go to the living room and I see them snugglin’ on
the couch together and they’re both in their Chewbacca onesies and I was like, “I don’t
think my heart has ever been more full in my life.”
That’s probably one of the best things you can walk out to. Your like nice- Yes, my two favorite guys in the whole world
dressed as Chewbacca it’s like the great, I, I just went Wookiee love right then, I
was like come here. Have you been a Star Wars fan you know, since,
forever? No.
No? Oh, you’re relatively new? Relatively.
That’s cool! My husband and I got married almost 15 years
ago. And I had never seen any of them. He actually introduced it to me. And I was like,
why in the world haven’t I seen this? This is amazing. We went to the movie theater and
saw Episode 1, 2, and 3. And I remember that one of our coolest dates, is just sittin’
in this sports bar and we were just holding hands,
watching Revenge of the Sith. And I’m telling you, those are the moments that you think
back and you go, why are we so drawn to this dynasty of films? It’s incredible storytelling,
it’s incredible imagination, it makes you feel like a kid.
Yeah. But it also makes you get wrapped in a saga
like never before. I mean this has been a crazy, crazy whirlwind
for you. In all honesty, when the lights go, when this
experience ends, the thing I’m going to remember most is a moment that happened in
my kitchen on Friday when it broke about 30 million views. I turned off everything that had a ding or a notification, it was intense. I had to be very intentional to not look. And I just got face down on my kitchen floor, and I said, Thank you, God. I don’t know
what’s happening right now, but thank you. Well thank you so much for coming by and spending
some time with us. It was an absolute pleasure to meet you and we wish you all the best.
Seriously. My pleasure. The studio got decorated quickly.
We used the force. That’s not how the force works.
It is. Okay. Last week we asked you to send us your
Star Wars themed cakes to help celebrate the 39th Anniversary of the release of A New Hope
and you did not disappoint. We got pictures of BB-Cakes, Yoda Cakes, R2
cakes, Millennium Falcon cakes, there was a sarlaac pit cake with Boba Fett falling
into it and even a couple of Death Star cakes. Which inspired us to get our own Death Star
cake to not only celebrate the 39th anniversary of Star Wars, but Frank Oz’s birthday, Peter
Meyhew’s birthday, and the maker himself, George Lucas’ birthday.
Thank the maker. Yeah.
But wait! There’s more! We even have our own celebrity guest cake cutter.
Please welcome to The Star Wars Show, from down the hall at Industrial Light and Magic,
special effects pioneer and original Star Wars crew member, Dennis Muren! Thank you, thank you!
Welcome to the show, Dennis! Yeah, yeah, you got a nice place here.
Thank you! Dennis, do you think you could stop by next
week for an interview on the couch? Uh, if the fans can ask me questions, sure!
So that means you can Tweet your questions for Dennis using the hashtag #StarWarsShowAsks
or leave them in the comments below and Dennis might just answer them next week.
And as always, remember to like the video, subscribe to our channel, follow us on Twitter,
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See you next week! Yeah!
Alright! Oh going for the logo!
We’re making our attack run! Oooh!
Look at that Very nice!
(clapping) Woo!
We did it! Oh we forgot the confetti.