to our top story where supporters of embattled a tegu anemias andylou mehta have taken to the streets to protest demanding that the mayor be reinstated our reporters and on mobile is on the streets of Durban monitoring those developments the and a very good morning to you once again we understand that rubber bullets and tear gas are making their way on the streets of Durban tell us what's happening good morning impor we've just seen a journalist being arrested he is in the back of this van which is behind me police have used force to put him inside this police van it's unclear where the tension began we kept on screaming to the authorities to say he's a journalist he's a journalist one of the cops then they came back to me to say well he also swore at them and they had to actually take him down he was surrounded by about four or five police and police men rather who were on top of him one of the leaders of this marches volumes almost a tuber who I interviewed earlier this morning as well taken down by authorities put to the floor on the ground where authorities were trying to put handcuffs on him handcuffs on him this also happened with several other leaders who've now been I packed up and put behind at the back of police vans and poor way what happened was that a few moments ago we're still standing on the streets there was tension between the supporters of Zandi local media and authorities after Thursday's fight they first stun grenade they were questioning what they have done to deserve this kind of treatment for authorities and shortly after that simple then we saw the firing of stun grenades and rubber bullets and then thereafter it just descended into chaos simple it's unclear how it came to be that a report a journalist who was on the scene who was on the sidelines with us also came to be arrested by authorities impor and earlier on when we first started to our crossing there were tensions between police and a group of supporters who had gathered outside the city hall took us through exactly how those tensions emulate to what we witnessed a few minutes ago with that journalists are being surrounded by police officers well as I've explained in poll and we were standing on the sidelines we've moved down West Street where authorities were trying to actually push the protesters to the steps of the Durban City Hall they were maintaining that they want to keep at least one lane on the streets are closed off but authorities want to open it up to traffic and thereafter there was that firing shots from the authorities still the protesters remained on the streets and then the authorities then pushed back and as I've said it did the sentence to cancer authorities were now also using force grabbing pushing and shoving some of the supporters to the ground and that's where tensions really have escalated I'm judging from the situation right now there is a policeman yella a lot of these supporters have moved off the streets they they ran off to the sides where they seem to have been ducking for cover there's a police gala in front of you and pour and there is a very very heavy police presence here on the streets of Durban this morning thank you so much for that update our reporters the and and Lobo on the streets of Durban they're saying that a journalist is among those who have been arrested as protesters had been gathering on the street protesting and chanting calling for mayor sandy legume netted to be reinstate to return to her position and return to work this morning of course this is a developing story our reporters on the ground to monitor those developments as and when they occur