well we go now to Steve Chris tacos for sports where a lot of celebrities say they have no desire to perform and this year's Super Bowl in solidarity with Colin kehrberg this is a big problem when you don't have a Super Bowl halftime performer what do you do any bands out there wanting to audition well I mean it's such a coveted thing right everybody wants to perform in this new suit now maroon 5 accepted the offer and we thought they were the first choice but it's come out recently that they're actually probably third or fourth down the list Rihanna apparently wasn't the first choice she rejected their offer in favor of supporting Colin Kaepernick she you know his people use the hash tag and wear shirts I'm with cap she is a celebrity who supports the movement and same with pink however she hasn't confirmed that's the reason why but she backed out and many are believing that's the reason why summer room 5 accepted so for now they're facing a lot of criticism they're being dragged through Twitter you know being forced to forced to reject the offer but especially Amy Schumer now I'm sure you've heard is coming out and perform please don't let her let me stick to acting Amy but here's the 114 point 4 million viewers of super o I know people that do not watch the Super Bowl but they watched the halftime performance with Beyonce took advantage of it and she actually spread her message made it very political there was criticism for it but people still saw it music artists they don't get paid to be the performance in it but they see double to triple digit uptick in all of their music downloads following the Super Bowl at this stage I mean can they really hurt the super the NFL any more than they're doing if they if they start making this even more political than the NFL already is well it's like you said it's always been a political situation with the NFL and with sports when pop sports and politics mixed however with Amy Schumer for example you mentioned advertisers she mentioned also that she told her agent to not put her in any ads she's been in like Bud Light commercials I believe and she's wanting she's trying to get other celebrities to follow that as well in boycott ads so it could hurt the NFL because that's where all the money's made during the Super Bowl is the advertisements we all know most people watch it just for the ads so these celebrities start boycotting that as well that could be in trouble for the NFL and then if maroon 5 backs out that was their last resort apparently so and also they're facing criticism it's in Atlanta the Superbowl and they want you know in Atlanta band or musician from Atlanta to represent the hometown and maroon 5 is not so there's a lot of controversy with this one but I mean the NFL is already suffering right now from diversity already in viewership down PSL is being turned in what is what do they all what is they're all goal is it to get is this all in protest because Colin Kaepernick is not playing this season that's a huge part of it like cardi B for example she's featured on 105's hit songs girls like you I like the song I don't know it's a great song she is now saying that she probably if Colin Kaepernick she said directly if Colin Kaepernick doesn't have a job she would not perform that song because you know they're gonna want to perform that song and now they're basically Hollywood's now saying you must take a player who is debatable whether or not he is still I mean he's still at this level to play in the NFL I mean some people compare him to Tim Tebow right now either he's not the only one he's got some good plays it's so now they're going to start forcing they're making their political stance to force people to take on a player I think well they just want to bring awareness they agree on it for example bringing more awareness to the movement and yeah I guess cardi B gave it all tomato basically and it really is showing how much influence Colin Kaepernick has had with this movement so I think it's already worked no matter what happens his message has gotten across and the kneeling during the anthem you know it's it's really sent a message for racial inequality and to talking about it we are definitely talking about you know Russ were talking about last night's game we made a bet yesterday our weekly goes and because I won I have to gloat about it so now we are getting close to being even though what was the final four now I think after you won that's nice so nice five to four beats Oh Falcons beat the Giants 23 20 experience I was talking about a ran a lot of focus on yeah yeah and it came down to the last last play play it always does but in the end at least I want