Sir, thank you so much for taking the time for this interview. Oh, it is my pleasure May I offer you some tea, friend? Thank you. None for me. Yes, of course. So… this hunger strike…When will it end? Not until my demands have been met. And what is it exactly that you’re asking for? I crave peace. I demand that steps be taken to ensure all violence comes to an end. And until my demands have been met, I have resolved to remain hungry. That is so inspiring. What would you say is your– Um…excuse me…what is that? Hmm? What is that? What is what? That thing you are gnawing on. It is a chicken wing. It tastes like Teriyaki. I love Japanese food. I don’t understand. You’re eating? Well… Of course. It is a hunger strike, not a starvation strike. [Laughs] That would be stupid! Oh! But I assure you, I am still very hungry. But what are you going to tell the people? They’re counting on you to– Is that a hot dog? Why, yes it is. Oh my. But you’re on a hunger strike. How can you eat all this food in good conscience? Here. Let me explain with this delicious tray of carrot muffins. Do you see how tasty they look? So … muffiny and carroty. All smothered in butter. All just– [mumbling] It really helps to appreciate the flavour. Mmm But wait… I am not done. I am so hungry, I could eat this entire tray of carrot muffins… But — Ask me if I will have another? Oh, I’m not sure if I– Oh no no no. I insist. Please. Ask me if I will indulge in another warm, tasty, delicious carrot muffin that melted on my lips. Um…Okay. Would you like another? Nope! Well I really don’t think– I don’t think so. No no no no. You are trying to tempt me! My resolve is strong. I will not take another carrot muffin. Get out! Leave! I insist. You get out. You are a vile western woman who is trying to tempt me with these delicious, beautiful carrot muffins. The interview is not ov– The interview IS over. You’re a vile little man with crappy little glasses. How dare you? Get out! I’m taking your muffins. [Sigh] That really wore me out. I’m kind of hungry. Maybe I will order– Psychic Pizza? Ohh. Fabulous!