We’re all in deep shit. Look at them all. [LAUGHTER] Smokers! With it. Smokers! [MUSIC PLAYING] Previously on Delos,
we said goodbye to the incredible,
amazing La Reunion, and made the short 150
mile hop to Mauritius. So I’ve got the important
documents folder. It seems like a cool
little town so far. It’s a lot more built up
than I thought it would be. Just from the boat,
you could see a Subway, how weird is that? Hey, all these huge banks. Apparently, it’s an
offshore banking center. Dillon was telling me that his
parents keep his money here. There’s like, all these
sketchy Zimbabweans [INTERPOSING VOICES] Lot of South Africans do
too, to avoid the taxes. Ooh, customs right there. Good morning. OK, so we got a little
bit more information. First of all, we are not to
film in the customs office. Yeah. And the sanitary
guys are on the way. I don’t know what that is. I guess it’s their version
of quarantine, perhaps. Yep. So after they visit, then
we go back to customs, and then we go to Coast
Guard, and then immigration comes on the boat, I believe. What’s your name? [INAUDIBLE] This is [? Poboo. ?] And he’s
from the Ministry of Health. Yes. So we’ve got all of our papers
sorted, quarantine flag’s down. [INAUDIBLE] Kiril, when did you
last go to the doctor there? I’m pretty healthy. Pretty healthy. Self-diagnosed. (LAUGHING) Self-diagnosed. We are not a danger
to public health. We’re a healthy boat. A healthy boat. [INTERPOSING VOICES] Confidence can be [INAUDIBLE]. By the way– [INTERPOSING VOICES] This is Stefan, the
man of Mauritius. This is Stefan. He’s hooking us
up with all sorts of stuff while we’re here. We got a space in the marina. He’s smoothing out
the check-out process. All good. All good, [INAUDIBLE]. We’re gonna hang out. I have a feeling we’re going
to be seeing a lot of you. [LAUGHTER] [INAUDIBLE] videos, you know. [LAUGHTER] Just give me five minutes. OK, man. Thanks you guys. Sweet. So this guy, Stefan
sent us a message when we were in Capetown, saying
hey, when you get to Mauritius, we have lots of Phoenix
beer waiting for you. And then we talked
for maybe two months, and it turns out he’s
a yacht agent here. So he’s taking
care of everything. He’s a really cool dude. Sweet. Yeah. He’s a good contact
to have, for sure. Feel like Santa, man. We’ve got one of two of our
bags, that’s probably like, 20 kilos of laundry. And so we just got to port,
and of course, chores first. We have to do laundry. We have to find a sim card. We have to go to the
ATM, all of the things you do when you first
show up to a place. Find out where the market is. But luckily, we
don’t have to rely on public transport and stuff. We have Stefan and
his badass truck. So it’s always cool to
have a local around. We’re going to go
on a little mission. There he is. There he is. Ready to go. I never thought there would
be tall buildings here. No, I pictured it to be
a lot less developed. Hey, check it out. Bank of Mauritius. We’ve got a sim card with data
put on it, couple of videos, and some credit, so
we can call Stefan. So apparently, there’s big
sugar production on Mauritius. And wherever there’s
big sugar production, there’s rum production. So these are all local rums. Would you like? Is that the good one? Oh my goodness. You try to drink it. [LAUGHTER] OK, we don’t want that one then. I like the look of
the Green Island. Yeah, Green Island’s superior. Well– It says we gather the
idea that “Mauritius was made first, and
then Heaven, and that was Heaven was copied after
Mauritius,” Mark Twain. That’s what I want on a rum. OK. What is that one? Loco. Extra dry cane liquor. [LAUGHTER] What’s the mission today, guys? Market. Market. Fresh produce. Fruit and veg. OK, let’s go. We’ve just cut across the
road now at [? Union CBD. ?] And it just changes completely,
from like city center to quiet, like hustley,
bustley markets, slum town. It’s quite a stark
contrast, really. [CAR HORNS] [INAUDIBLE] it really
is the gauntlet. All right, let’s do it. Let’s do it. [CHATTER] So what are we after here? Everything. Everything? That’s pretty broad. Do we have a list? All vegetables. Veggies. All fruits. We hardly have anything
on the boat so– For a week, maybe,
a week’s worth? OK. Something like that? How much are those? They’re like, 40
for half a kilo. I guess that’s about $1.50. Thank you. Two kilograms potatoes. It’s some tough light
to be shooting in here. There are lots of
like, fluorescent light over the fruit, then
you have natural light coming through the top. So the whole time, you’re
busy cranking your settings either up or down. [INTERPOSING VOICES] But we get some moody pics. [INTERPOSING VOICES] [CHATTER] I think we’re done. You’re done? What are you fishing for? We’ve managed to get a
few plastic bags sucked up into the bow thruster. Oh no. Ah-ha! There’s one. [LAUGHTER] Eww, that’s disgusting. Yeah, it is, the dirty plastic. There we go. [INAUDIBLE] Now it’s pretty– oh. OK. Yes? There’s still a lot– I got it. There’s still a
lot more in there. You got two bags
out, but there’s some wrapped around
the shaft, so we’ll go for a little swim
in the poo water. Brian’s got the
strongest immune system. Yeah, I better do it. Take one for the team, Brian. Not my favorite thing
to do, but whatever. Someone’s got to do it, hey. Brian, you have a really
strong immune system, though. Yeah, that’s what
I’ve been told. Man for the job. Good luck, brah. Yep. This is the– [LAUGHTER] The other– the other
end of the camera. Bit a [INAUDIBLE] on it. How does it look, brah? We’ll get it. Bit by bit, we’re getting there. And yesterday was
World Oceans Day. Yeah. This is why we pick up
anything we find there really. Yep. Not only can it
kill a turtle, it can get stuck in
your bow thruster, and you can be a
navigational danger, a hazard of the high seas. Yeah. Yeah. Nobody got time for that. Nobody got time. We’ve even got an audience. What were we discussing– this is the tactic
they would have used. [INAUDIBLE] are bad. What was that? It’s gross down there. Oh, [INAUDIBLE]. And now you need Kazza
to rinse you off. Oh yeah, relief. The yatching lifestyle. [LAUGHS] Yachting. Just another day at
the office, Brian. That’s right. We’ve been basically,
at anchorages since– no, at marinas
since last October, when we got into Richards Bay. And all the way
through Cape Town, I mean, they’re nice
places, but you know, normally, we only go to
an anchorage like once, or maybe twice a year. And we’ve been solid for
like what, seven months now? Eight months? Long time. So we’re just itching
to get out some place we can anchor the boat,
not be tied to anything, like, swim, and
just use the dinghy, and that’s like, the way
Delos is meant to be. It’s funny, because all the
other cruisers out of there are coming from Thailand, and
they’ve only been in anchorages for the past couple months. So they’re stoked to tie up. Like, oh, you’ve only
been here like, 24 hours. Like, pfft. Yeah. We’re out. Pull, pull, pull. Pull. [LAUGHTER] Yeah. Gut-wrenching. [INAUDIBLE] [MUSIC PLAYING] It looks pretty protected
in there, though. Yeah, we’ll get right in here. Right in there. We’re made for it, right? Grand Riviera [INAUDIBLE]. That’s what it’s called. Yes. Three meters deep. That’s sad. How much chain did
you roll out, Bri? 34 meters, 35 meters. Anchor isn’t home. I know. Gotta get it where it should be. I feel like we’re back
in the [INAUDIBLE]. We just got our first anchorage
after leaving the port, and Coast Guard came up. We need to do a
boarding clearance. [LAUGHTER] Like, we’ve already did it
like, two hours ago, man. And well, they need to
do it again, apparently. So they’re on their way over. Very official. Very official,
very bureaucratic. And we’ll smile and
nod, and invite them up. Ask them some questions. [INTERPOSING VOICES] But there’s some
old formalities. Hello, how are you? Brady. Hi. Hello, welcome aboard. I’m Brian. [INAUDIBLE] [INAUDIBLE], man. OK, [INAUDIBLE]. Come on in. Please, come in, have a seat. Yes, sit down. [INTERPOSING VOICES] Good to meet you. Nice to meet you. Beautiful boat. Thank you. [INTERPOSING VOICES] Pleased to meet you. These guys are obviously
just doing their job. But still, if only
some sort of technology existed that would allow
communication between ports, the savings could be amazing. That was a good one. [INAUDIBLE] So much better to be anchored. So much more relaxing. Cheers. [INTERPOSING VOICES] That’s good. Some bilge stuff on it though. Ahh. Ooh. Cold, bro. It’s quite [INAUDIBLE]. It’s cold. Hey! [INAUDIBLE] What was that? It was an alien bird. Whoa, well done. Executed with perfection, dude. Ah-ha. [INAUDIBLE] We’re on a successful
little mission to the beach. We found a nice little store. We’ve got some Phoenix beers. Mm-mm. Whoa, those are huge. And provisions, and the
weather is beautiful. So I say we put away the
computers, load up [INAUDIBLE], and we’ll grab the
journal, and maybe do a little dinghy mission
around the corner to an island. Oh yeah. Hang out. [MUSIC PLAYING] Hello. So we’re going coconut hunting. We didn’t bring any other
liquids other than beer. Not a problem. But we might be here a while,
so having something to rehydrate on, this could be good. What are you doing, Carmen? I’m just coming along,
having a little walk, and then I’ll maybe
lie on the beach. Are you gonna have a jaw? A jaw? Yeah. I’m going lie on the beach
with my book, and laze out. I don’t know about a jaw. That sounds [INAUDIBLE]. As South Africans would
say, ach, [INAUDIBLE] man. [INAUDIBLE] [INAUDIBLE] We don’t
know what that is. Because I don’t know
if they’re clams. It’s island rhino horn. Ooh. Well, they certainly cut
toes walking across them. Look at that, there’s
ton of them there. Ooh, this is– [INTERPOSING VOICES] This is what men do, hoo-yah! Oh! Ooh! Dude, you have to– You’re going to get a
spike in Carmen’s face. Oh yeah! Oh, shit. [INTERPOSING VOICES] What is that? What is that? [MUSIC PLAYING] There’s a whole bunch. That’s good. Bring it out. Oh, fuck. [MUSIC PLAYING] [CHATTER] That climb was tough, dude. I really chop. You did good. Was cool, man. Whoo! [LAUGHTER] Let’s take them
back to base camp. Action. World Oceans Day was
a couple days ago. And it kind of sucks that it
takes something like that, like a special day
to clean up a beach. But at least it raises– it
brings it back into your mind, so this is just from like,
three feet around us. Yeah. And I’ve got a sack,
and I’ve got plastic. So we’re going to pick up
all the plastic we see. Boom. Boom. [MUSIC PLAYING] Freshly cut coconuts,
[INAUDIBLE], local beer, some sunshine, tropical
beach, cool people. Can’t ask for more, eh? Can’t ask for more. Look at– there’s a– it’s so little. It’s very little. Little baby. What are you [INAUDIBLE]? Making rainbow bangles. Nice. Quite funky. Takes a lot of time, but
we have a lot of time. What did you find, Brady? I found a crab like
I’ve never seen before. This little guy,
he’s a soft shell, and it looks like a rock. Give him a little– Isn’t that cool? Look how much when he sucks it. Isn’t he crazy? What is he doing? He’s trying to dig
himself deeper in. See? And then what, he
waits for his prey? I think so. Look at the camouflage
on this one. You see those two little
arms moving down there? OK, you don’t see
it, but right where my finger is,
underneath my finger, it looks like nothing, right? Right. Wait. Just under where my finger is. Yeah? Watch. Oh. That’s a crazy one. Really [INAUDIBLE]. Everything’s alive. It’s so crazy, because
you walk over all of this, and not even think about it. But you stop and
just look at an area this big for like, 30 seconds. [INTERPOSING VOICES] I have no idea what I’m doing,
but I’ve got dough mixing. Yeah you do. I’ll put that in
the bottom of a pan, and I’m going to put a bunch
of other stuff in there, and just chuck her in the oven. What other stuff you
gonna put in there? Looks like some– Some meat, some onion peels. I’m going to put a
bunch of leftover– Some garlic wrappings. –some leftover pasta. OK. Can of corn. Oh yeah, can of corn’s
going to go in there. Oh. Oh. [INTERPOSING VOICES] How about the ones you
just spilled on the floor? Was there? Bet those are mine. Where are they? No, I don’t see any. It’s right there. See ’em? That’s garlic. Oh, OK. No, I have no idea what that is. [INTERPOSING VOICES] A fingernail. Mush. Eww. Look at this spacey girl. [LAUGHTER] What are you doing? Something you won’t see
me doing very often, working on the computer. Working on the computer. Try to spend as little time
at a computer as possible. OK. But I’m write some
blogs I’m tapping out. I’m just tweaking them a
little, finding some good photos to go in before I leave. I’m leaving soon. [RASPBERRY] I know, it’s very sad. What are you doing? I’m doing absolutely
nothing, to be honest. I’m sat here, I’ve got
nothing to, and I love it. I can do whatever I
want right now, bro. Let’s see what the Kazzatron’s
up to– look at her. She’s working. She’s a worker. Here we go. What’s that? Um– (WHISPERING) What are
you doing, Kazzatron? Editing videos. You like it back here in
your little hole, don’t you? Yeah. And me, tonight I
have video copy duty, which is not that
exciting, basically, just– [LAUGHTER] Look at you two. Anyway, yep, this is my life. That’s it. It’s actually mine, because it’s
my cooking night, [INAUDIBLE]. Yeah, but you’re a slacker. You should be doing it. Huge slice. That piece. (LAUGHING) Brian,
are you hungry? Yes, whoa! Bri’s up first. Get it, Bri. Holy! It’s as massive chunk, bro. Yo, I’ve been looking at
the screen the whole time. [INTERPOSING VOICES] I gave him two forks. Ho, ho, ho. Look at that. Ooh! My goodness. [INTERPOSING VOICES] –if it tastes good. I’m going to be a fatty. Mmm. Is it a lasagna pizza pie? Man, I don’t know what it is. With leftovers and– It’s got some cheese in
there, some carrots, tomatoes, cucumber, homemade pie crust. My first time making some kind– Potatoes. –of dough crust. Number one really. Number one. Looks crazy. There’s a lot of coffee, and
a little bit of the energy drink in it too. There’s electrolytes in there. It’s like you
added electrolytes. Oh. Oh, c’est bon. Brian likes anything, though. So it’s not really that good. Long as there’s a lot of it. Muhaha, ha. Mr. Brady. I’ve got the clicks. Put the computer away. It’s time for lunch. Put down the computer
and come to lunch. OK. [INAUDIBLE] Look at them all. Smokers! The Smokers! [LAUGHTER] What did we do today, Carmen? I have made a snack
platter for us. We have some homemade hummus. We have some
crackers and cheese. We have some homemade bread,
[INAUDIBLE], some cucumber, some fried eggplant,
and some bacon. Oh my, look it this! Yeah. How’s that [INAUDIBLE]? Oh yeah. [INAUDIBLE] Oh. [LAUGHTER] Brady Came up with the great
idea that to celebrate 100,000 subscribers on YouTube,
I should shave my beard. And why not? OK, so I’m gonna cut this first. We’re going to do some styling. So first, the sides go. And then I’m going to get
a bit creative in here. I think this is quite– That’s going to
be the last to go. That’s the French tickler. It’s a bit potent, so
we’ll leave that on. [INTERPOSING VOICES] Whoa! Whoa! Years are just dropping off, yo. Goodbye, sailor beard. No more trapped food
particles, and smells. [LAUGHTER] [INAUDIBLE] [LAUGHTER] Basically, you’ve
got [INAUDIBLE]. That suits him. [LAUGHTER] Where did you come from? Don’t move your mouth, you– [LAUGHS] Yeah, because he’ll
breath it all in. [COUGHS] Oh man. Eww. Hey man, anybody
looking for work? [INAUDIBLE] Look at this guy. Strange person. It’ll take you back, brah. Ooh. You’re going for a swim? What are you doing? Here comes Kiril. [INAUDIBLE] trying to
string guitars, and just be a general rock stars. How’s that working out for you? Pretty good, snapped
a string so far. And battled to tune the guitars. But we’re not playing
by anybody’s rules. [INTERPOSING VOICES] Or anybody’s tunes. We’ve just got– I mean, you know? Yeah. We’ve made up our own tunings. [LAUGHTER] Yeah, we put them
strings on backwards, because we’re so rock and roll. You’re doing something
much more civilized. Yep, Carmen has inspired
me to make some bracelets. So I’m hanging around with
cool kids, making bracelets. Very cool. Yeah. Looking really cool. Look at Carmen, it’s her
last night on the boat, and she’s finally
getting the hang of it. I know, she just
finally [INAUDIBLE]. She’s like, everyone,
close all the hatches. Everybody get ready, let’s go. I got my sprinkles on. Sparkles! [LAUGHTER] Are the hatches closed. I’m trying to look
at this [INAUDIBLE]. Look at– Carmen, look at all
of our memories we’ve made. I know. This is mostly me [INAUDIBLE] What are you talking about? Look at all these memories. And now you’re leaving us. [INTERPOSING VOICES] Flying back to Durban town. Yeah, back to Durban. I’ll be there tomorrow night. We’re going to have one last
party night though, aren’t we? They’re having a complete– Is Strippergeddon
coming out tonight? Yeah. You’re damn right she is. God, I’m scared. We’re going to take shots
before we leave the boat, like we used to. Let’s go have us a night out. [LAUGHTER] Whoa! The place’s, uh, homemade
Amarillo, with coconut. No, with almond milk powder. Oh, is that what I’ve
having a shot of? Yeah. Can I sip it? Nope. Nope. But it’s [INAUDIBLE]. It’s one cup. It’s one cup. Go. This is not even a shot, though. It’s less than a shot. Come on, Carmen. [CLAPPING AND WHISTLING] Oh my god. Carmen! Carmen! Carmen! Carmen! Ooh! It’s actually not that bad. Thank you, Carmen,
for the fantastic times, and the good memories,
and all the laughter that was sometimes at
you, but mostly with you. [INTERPOSING VOICES] The first thing you
said to me, Carmen, when you got on
the boat, was I’ve always wanted a little sister. [LAUGHTER] And the first thing Brady said
to you, by the way, on Delos, we pee with the door open. [LAUGHTER] And ever since then– Like a week and
a half later, I’m like, Carmen, why are you
peeing with the door open? Brady told me! Brady told me! [LAUGHTER] And it’s lasted. [INAUDIBLE] it’s a joke, and
you know you can close the door, the door is still open. No, because you’re like, no such
thing as privacy on this boat, OK? You better get used to that. I’m like, OK. [LAUGHTER] You do. [INTERPOSING VOICES] Oh shit. [INAUDIBLE], yeah. Bonsoir. ah, merci. [INTERPOSING VOICES] Carmen, here it comes. Spin. You know what? You lose your beer, nobody
takes you seriously. [LAUGHTER] And I’m pretty sure Carmen eats
curry five days a week at home. [LAUGHTER] Carmen believes in [INAUDIBLE]. The most basic Carmen
factor is, is Carmen goes nuts from sparkles. Yes! [INTERPOSING VOICES] Carmen fact 2.0,
grandparents or old people are smelly and weird. Oh yeah, no, I say that
it really annoys me when people bite their
nails, but I secretly bite my nails as well. [LAUGHING] [INTERPOSING VOICES] It wasn’t personal. Because she– you
have hairy armpits. [LAUGHTER] And you know it. [LAUGHTER] Carmen wasn’t coming on Delos,
she also applied for work as a cheerleader in England. [LAUGHTER] That’s so true. For the cricket? For the [INAUDIBLE]. [INTERPOSING VOICES] So I’ll see you
guys [INAUDIBLE]. Cheers. [INTERPOSING VOICES] Yes. [INTERPOSING VOICES] [LAUGHTER] [MUSIC PLAYING] [INAUDIBLE]? Are you ready, Carmen? I think so. Bag of tricks. Whoa! [INTERPOSING VOICES] I’m happy and sad. Aw. Bye, [INAUDIBLE]. [INTERPOSING VOICES] Oh, I’ll miss you. Oh, I’ll miss you. Oh, bye bye, Carmen. It’s been so awesome
having you on board. Thank you so much for
having me for so long. I stayed a little
longer than I thought. Bye! See you soon! Bye! Carmen! Carmen! Carmen! [INTERPOSING VOICES] This is the Carmen
going away dance. Yeah, Kazza! There she goes. Oh, [INAUDIBLE]. Up next– There she is, Mr. Brady. Hi. We pick up Brady’s girly
friend from the airport. We find an amazing dive site. And give Delos some
much needed TLC. [LAUGHTER] [INAUDIBLE] First thing in the morning. [LAUGHTER] That’s a wrap. [LAUGHTER] [MUSIC PLAYING] Dude. Like it? I like it a lot. Hello. [INTERPOSING VOICES] Hey, that’s my hat. [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] Yep, that’s it. What? Oh! [LAUGHTER] Dude, how did you
get so deep into it? That’s what she said. [INAUDIBLE] your hot pipe
touched my lower back. [LAUGHTER] How many did you do? Kazza, it’s a fitness
challenge, get up here. He did three. I did five. [INTERPOSING VOICES] Fitness challenge complete. [INTERPOSING VOICES] Pump, pump, pump. Look at that! I walk like this now. Ooh. Good job, Carmen. This is spicy, Kazza. We have ambience. Who did the ambience? Do you know what’s funny? Very nice. There’s that condom wrapper. Oh. Oh. That looks like an open one. [LAUGHTER] And it’s open. Oh shit. There’s a second one as well. [INTERPOSING VOICES] There’s a used condom in there. [LAUGHTER] No, the condoms
shouldn’t [INAUDIBLE]. [LAUGHTER] Kiril, put that
back, don’t touch it. Kiril is going to pocket it. Yeah, he’s like, I’m
going to use it later. He’s like, ooh! Put that away.