This video is sponsored by nothing because
I don’t accept sponsorships from literal trash. When Fallout made the shift from a turn-based
RPG to a 1st or 3rd person RPG, many feared that the ability to target specific parts
of an enemy’s body to attack would be lost. That mechanic returned in Fallout 3 as a sort
of companion to the more modern first-person-shooter gameplay. But what if you wanted to play Fallout 3 as
if it was like one of the classic Fallout games? Can You Beat Fallout 3 By Only Attacking With
VATS? I was going to name myself Action Boy based
on the perk, but I felt Vault Chungus better represented my goals for this playthrough,
I played around with my character a bit, and started assigning special points. Using only VATS to attack means that having
as many Action Points as possible is crucial, which is why Agility is at 9. Intelligence is useful for leveling up faster
which can let us more easily get certain perks that improve accuracy when using VATS. Because there are no weapon restrictions,
somewhat evenly distributing the remaining points is a fairly safe strategy. Vault life was pretty good for a while. There was a celebration in my honor, I got
to kill a bug, and take a test to determine whether my life is fun or filled with misery. I cheated on that test and chose Repair, Melee
Weapons, and Small Guns as my skills, and it was time to escape the Vault. The first issue with VATS that I noticed is
that it’s a finicky system. Sometimes when you activate it the game has
a hard time figuring out what target you’re trying to… well… target. It’s like Lag had a love affair with a blind
otter and their child is VATS. I pretty much killed everyone I could inside
Vault 101 to both level up faster and get their supplies. The big downside to attacking with VATS is
that you’re pretty much defenseless while you wait for your Action Points to regenerate. That’s not too much of a problem in one-on-one
fights but when you’re dealing with multiple enemies it’s a good way to drain your supply
of Stimpaks. Outside the Vault, I leveled up, but the points
into Small Guns, Sneak, and Science of all things. You don’t start getting the VATS perks until
you’re a few levels into the game, so the early perks are all about boosting stats. I mean, that’s what like 90% of the perks
are, but that doesn’t mean I’m wrong. I took the long way to Megaton, discovering
signs and whatnot, and things got off to a phenomenal start when my Pip-Boy was broken. The 10mm Pistol is my best weapon and it’s
equipped, so it’s not a huge deal. I tricked Moira into buying most of my trash. I tried to sell her my copy of Raid: Shadow
Legends, but even she’s not stupid enough to buy that. I couldn’t even pay her to take it. I did get myself some useful supplies though,
somehow hacked into Moriarty’s terminal while he was using it, was as respectful as
I could possibly be to Gob, and left to explore the Capital Wasteland. My first stop was Super Duper Mart because
why not. I killed a few creatures on the way there,
bugs and dogs. This Wastelander presented himself before
me with a gift he didn’t know was for me. Two Hunting Rifles. As I looted his body, a Deathclaw crept out
from around the corner to say hello. I thought that was the end, luckily for me
it rode the short bus and didn’t notice me. Inside the Shopping Center, I found some neat
weapons, and began taking on an army of Raiders. Another issue with VATS is when you miss shots,
it’s pretty annoying. That’s it. A fun side effect of this no- pip-boy thing
is that once I began over encumbered, I had a hard time getting out of the line of sight
of a Raider. Also I couldn’t equip any of the weapons
I’d found. Couldn’t repair anything either, which was
also “fun”. I’d been playing with a controller, so when
the game crashed for the 2nd or 3rd time I took the opportunity to disable my Pip-Boy
mod and unplug the the virtual cord to use a keyboard and mouse instead. That fixed the problem but the Pip-Boy mod
was still active. I wasn’t entirely sure why but that’s
a problem for future me, even though this is future me talking about past me and current
me doesn’t really remember if it ended up being a problem for the future me past me
just mentioned. Huh. In other news, I used my grenades to blast
a Super Mutant Brute. Well, I tried. For some reason the grenades landing at his
feet did nothing. They sure as shit hurt his friend though. And he was battered and bruised by the shrapnel,
so it seemed fitting that I play ring-around-the-rosey with him and beat him to death with a baseball
bat. Two Talon Company Mercs tried their hand at
ending the legend of Vault Chungus. You can probably guess how well that turned
out for them. I’ll give you a hint if you’re having
trouble: they’re dead. A nearby Centaur came to investigate the noise,
which presented me with the perfect opportunity to use my Combat Knife. Nothing says “use a knife” like tentacles
being swung from the mouth of a monster. Rather than following the main quest line,
I wandered around for a bit. In my adventures, I found a small Mutant camp
and got my hands on a Mini-Gun that a Brute let me borrow after I killed him and picked
it up off his corpse. Then I saw a Wasteland Captive being held
hostage by a Mutant and its pet. I knew what I had to do. I’ve always done the right thing, no matter
how hard it is. I killed the captive first. I had to make sure he wouldn’t suffer at
the hands of The Master who’s been dead for a long time. The pocket full of posies technique worked
wonders on the Centaur, there was a 3 for 1 special on dead Raiders if you use the promo
code Grenade at checkout, and I battled 2 Mini-Gun wielding Brutes with a Flamer. Yeah, the Flamer is awful. I gave myself a preview of the suffering to
come when I used a Chinese Pistol on the last remaining Brute, and I went down into Rock
Creek Canyon. I knew there was nothing good for me down
there. Not because of the Mirelurk, but because of
what I saw on the walls. Or rather what I didn’t see on the walls. They were gone, the darkness of Grandma Sparkle
had begun to spread. I didn’t waste too much time in there. The longer you’re near the darkness the
more likely you are to feel the desire to join it. It spread beyond the canyon, reaching the
lamp posts outside the National Guard Depot. Then the game crashed. The crash is like the reset button. It’s annoying but it keeps my stupid comments
about this glitchy game at bay. I went down into the ruins of the Depot, battling
robots and turrets along the way. The usual tactic for dealing with enemies
is attacking then retreating behind a corner to wait for your AP to regenerate. It’s especially useful on enemies that are
slow and can’t reach you. Down in the weapon quarters I found a bunch
of weapons, most of which were in not great condition, but were still useful nonetheless. I fought my way through more robots and more
of the building’s defenses until I got back outside and could return to Megaton to sell
what I didn’t need. With all the supplies in the world, I went
back to one of the Raider camps I found, and began making my way through the Metro station
in search of Galaxy News Radio. The Hunting Rifle made quick work of the Ghouls
and before long I emerged outside, took out the Mutants giving Sarah Lyons trouble, I
could tell they needed all the help they could get, and the Behemoth arrived just in time
for tea. A miniature nuclear cup of tea fired from
a portable version of the superior siege weapon. Inside the GNR building, I spoke to Three
Dog who fled from me despite me doing nothing wrong. He probably knew what was coming. I followed him into his room and bonked him
with my bat. Because I remained hidden, nobody else knew
he was dead. Some jokester even told me that Three Dog
is waiting for me upstairs. He’s gonna be sad later and that makes me
happy. With my only lead now rhyming with that word,
I returned to Megaton to have a few of my weapons repaired and stocked up from Craterside
Supply one final time. Bad tiding are about to befall this little
community. I started my rampage with Mr Moriarty. In my defense, I don’t think it was the
bat that killed him, I think it was bouncing his face off the cabinet. Sharp corners are dangerous, almost as dangerous
as a maniac throwing grenades indoors. Not that I would know anything about that. Back outside, I tempted the radioactive gods
of fate by firing a mini nuke inside the boundaries of the town, hoping the Big Nuke would hear
the commotion and wake up from its nap. If not, that’s okay, I’ve got ways of
waking it up. Pretty much everyone in Megaton died. Some fought back more bravely than others,
but most of their faces turned into slipping hazards on the ground. Moira was one of the last to fall before me. I used my patented baseball bat baseball swing
to strike her out of existence. Once I’d raided her cache of weapons, I
left and began heading towards Smith Casey’s Garage. Mel tried to mug me and lost his face in a
freak shotgun accident. Closer to my destination, I got into a brief
firefight with a few Radscorpions that were pretty mean to me. Critical shots proved to be my ally again,
I discovered some alien ammo down in a radiation hole, as well as a ridiculous number of Talon
Company Mercs, making me think that the location I’d discovered was their base or something. Oh and I took out a giant radscorpion with
a Fat Man. Better to overkill than underkill. The Talon Company base was a real treat in
the classical sense of the word. A lot of things died there, and I do mean
a lot. On the plus side, their armor found a new
home around my body. And, more importantly, I now have a Missile
Launcher. I went inside Fort Bannister, the door was
locked but I’ve never let that stop me before. The Sniper Rifle I’d gotten some minutes
or hours ago was effective, but used a solid chunk of my available Action Points. After using the circle around an object to
take advantage of the limitation of a game from 2008 technique, I entered Smith Casey’s
Garage, and entered the simulation. It was here I decided to really change things
up. Instead of activating the failsafe, I spent
some time virtually tormenting people. Unfortunately, VATS doesn’t work on Tranquility
Lane, so I couldn’t punch Timmy Neusbaum in his stupid head. But sometimes psychological damage is more
fun than physical damage, so I convinced him that his parents are getting a divorce because
of him and that they never loved him to begin with. Braun then continued the theme of abusive
relationships by tasking me with breaking up the Rockwell’s marriage. I found a Rolling Pin and thought that Mr
Rockwell dying would be a good way to end their marriage. Didn’t work. So instead, I played both of them like a fiddle
by planting another woman’s underwear on his desk. Betty then told me to arrange for Mabel Henderson
to die. I killed her, reported back to him, her, they,
didn’t really listen to what he said, killed her again, then the 3rd time I got the message
and got sneaky with it. All it took was fiddling with a stove and
she accidentally lit herself on fire and burned to death. That doesn’t disqualify the run. I set the stage but Mabel was the one who
killed herself. It’s no different than leading someone to
a Mine that was already on the ground when I found it. Next came the last and most fun part of any
simulation: putting on a clown mask and running around with a knife killing everyone in town. This really takes me back to when I was a
kid. Christmas always was a special time. With Braun’s demands fulfilled, I left the
simulation with my Father, agreed to meet him back at Rivet City. On the way there, I ended the evil of Grandma
Sparkle, took out some Raiders, discovered the Citadel, and arrived at the Jefferson
Memorial. As I usually do, I entered the Memorial to
clear it out before proceeding with the story. I used the .44 Magnum briefly because Robbaz
and because it’s a powerful weapon, but switched to the Combat Shotgun later on because
at extremely close range it’s overwhelmingly powerful. Unless you miss. With the building mostly cleared out, I continued
onward to Rivet City, bought some things from the market, met Dad, left Dad, and I’d somehow
failed at clearing out the Memorial despite being able to sleep in a bed in the basement. The last standing Mutant was on the upper
level, hiding around one of the corners that I somehow missed. Dad was informed that it was clear, I acted
as his errand boy for a few minutes, and the Enclave Arrived. Thanks to the points I’d put into Small
Guns, the .44 Magnum was capable of ending Enclave Soldiers with 2 headshots. The game crashed again because it wouldn’t
be a Fallout 3 playthrough without a stupid number of crashes, I watched dad bite the
dust, and escaped to the Taft Tunnels with Doctor Li and her worthless friends. After fighting my way through at least 2 Feral
Ghouls, Madison informed me that Garza was feeling faint. I convinced her to leave him behind, escaped
the tunnels, arrived at the Citadel, leveled up again, spread out the points across a few
different skills because I was feeling pretty good about my ability to kill anything that
moved, picked the Child at Heart perk to make life easier later on, got the location of
Vault 87 from Rothschild, and left to find the Vault. Almost. There was a Megaton that still needed to be
annihilated first. Also there was this weird bug where the marker
on my compass was fixed in position. Reloading a save didn’t fix it, fast-traveling
didn’t fix it. It was pretty weird. I’d never encountered that kind of bug before. I killed Roy Phillips outside Tenpenny Tower
as is tradition, blew up Megaton, I’d planted the charge shortly after I got Explosives
up to 25, then killed both Allistair Tenpenny and Mister Burke. I very briefly assumed the role of Mister
Burke, then decided that the residents of Tenpenny Tower were a stain on the Capital
Wasteland, meaning it fell to me to help nature take its course. In time, they would all die anyway. I was just speeding things up a bit. This also meant that I could swap out the
Talon Company armor for a Tenpenny Security Uniform, which is both better and provides
a boost to small guns. My good deed for the day was done, I spread
skill points out among a few different combat skills, tripped on an explosive rock, tested
out the Ripper which uses an absurd amount of Action Points, helped a Mutant with his
cow problem, smooth talked my way into Little Lamplight, and entered Murder Pass. To be honest, this was not that bad. The Combat Shotgun is more than enough to
handle the Mutants at close range. There’s enough time between fights that
AP has time to regenerate, so it’s actually kind of boring. Walk towards an enemy, activate Instant Kill
Mode, reload, maybe use a Stimpak, and then do it again. Hell, even this Super Mutant Master wasn’t
much of a threat. I tried using the Super Sledge a bit inside
the Vault. It was okay. Some weapons that are normally extremely powerful
suck when used exclusively in VATS. The .44 Magnum is as useful and adorable as
ever. It’s not often that I’m more than capable
of killing everything I come in contact with as I push through Vault 87, but this was definitely
one of those times. Mini-Gun still sucks, if you were wondering. My special Assault Rifle had been repaired
and had enough ammo to kill everything in the wasteland, so I relied on it, along with
grenades, to get through most of the Vault. I freed Fawkes then gave him a colonoscopy
with a miniature nuclear warhead. As tough as he was, he couldn’t handle it,
and died. Rest in peace Fawkes. I continued fighting my way through everything
in my path until I got the G.E.C.K and was abducted by the Enclave. Now at level 11, I dumped all my points into
Small Guns, picked Finesse as my perk for more frequent Criticals, and killed every
Enclave Soldier and Scientist I found. None were spared. With Small Guns at nearly 100, the .44 Magnum
can 1-shot almost every Enclave Soldier with a headshot. I didn’t even let the Sentry Bots live. I blasted them with the Fat Man just as Fawkes
would’ve wanted. I also went ahead and convinced President
Eden to destroy the base after I left. Outside the base, I tested out the Gatling
Laser I’d found inside on a Yao Guai. 95% chance to hit and I missed almost every
single shot I fired. Tried it on a Bloatfly too. Wiffed it again. Back at the Citadel, I raised Small Guns to
100, bought a few things from Durga, blasted everyone with a Fat Man just to see what would
happen, wasted a few minutes in the process, returned, and went outside to follow Liberty
Prime to Freedom. As expected, because this run had gone rather
smoothly, he got stuck. Stuck in the sense that part of the ground
wouldn’t spawn so he had nowhere to go. Reloading a save, oddly enough, only made
it worse. My very existence is a crime against reality,
so I swam through the void and decided to brute force my way to the end of the game
by save-scumming my way through the energy barrier and fighting my way through all the
Enclave inside the Memorial until I arrived at the Rotunda. Colonel Autumn was waiting for me by himself,
and none of the buttons did anything. My only remaining option was to once again
brute force my way into the purifier. It was a wasted effort as the buttons in there
didn’t work either. The game had crashed during my adventure in
disappointment, which had the added benefit of spawning the ground, allowing Liberty Prime
to walk to the Memorial. My 2nd time inside, I fought through the the
Enclave again and entered the Rotunda. Sarah Lyons was nowhere to be seen. The 3rd time she was inside the Memorial,
but just stood there and did nothing even after taking a bullet to the chest. I ignored it, I had plans for her, and for
the last time I fought through the Enclave. I used the worst gun at my disposal to end
Colonel Autumn to ensure he suffered as much as possible, Sarah decided to be useful for
once in her life, and I agreed to activate the Purifier. But she was coming with me whether she wanted
to or not. I tried knocking her out with a bullet and
dragging her inside with me, but the door would’t close. I briefly considered letting the entire place
blow up, but realized the error of my ways, activated the purifier and… I was too late. Right as I hit the button the entire place
blew up and I beat Fallout 3 by only attacking with VATS.