unfortunately this might just be the latest example of how divided we are as a country some people are saying that as customers we can vote with our wallets but others are saying sometimes a burger is just a burger the social media calls for a boycott of in and out don't seem to be having an effect at this Corona restaurant no one we talked you wanted to change their lunch plans because of politics oh I don't want a boycott I love their food and it doesn't matter I mean I think it's their decision and I shop where I want to shop and I eat where I want to eat I don't care what their political views are but some customers are bothered to learn that the Irvine based company made a 25 thousand dollar donation to the California Republican Party this week one Twitter user writing thanks for making my decision where to eat easier I will never support another burger from in and out just like I bet in and out feel strongly about what they believe in the people that eat here they they're allowed to feel strongly about what they believe in and if they feel it appropriate to boycott more power toon we reached out to in and out and the executive vice president sent us a statement saying the company has contributed to both Republican and Democratic causes here in California while it is unfortunate that our contributions to support both political parties in California has caused concern with some groups we believe that bipartisan support is a fair and consistent approach that best serves the interest of our company and all of our customers some feel better hearing that the company is spreading their money around that's just making sure that they're covered on both sides just like we we do the same thing sometimes others say a company's politics shouldn't be an issue we have gone just crazy with boycotts if a business wants to support either party why does it matter I don't go out to eat and check what political party they are I go because of the food or atmosphere boycott in and out is just stupid it's a hamburger now in their statement in and out said that what's important to them is not the political donations they make but the millions that they give to organizations that are trying to prevent child abuse human trafficking and substance abuse live in Corona Tina Patel