so here's the meal plan this week and yes I got a new meal planner so I only had a couple of sheets left at my other one and y'all loved that one they don't sell the exact same one anymore and I've been looking for one to stick on the fridge so I can actually see it so my other one was an actual book so unless you kept it propped open you couldn't see it which is one thing I didn't like about it so I like that this one does have a magnet on the back and I can just pop it on the fridge guys and it looks amazing on the fridge and I can see exactly for breakfast lunch and dinner at my options for the week it is so easy to be able to see everything and I'm trying to eliminate as much things that take up time in my life and you know I have put a little stickers on here but I just don't have time for like the full-on planner I love the way this one looks it looks so farmhouse oh it has the detachable grocery list on the side I will have this link down below so if you want to purchase this I think it comes with fifty-two sheets so fifty-two weeks for the year and there's other designs as well if you're not digging this one so the meal plan for April 8th or the 14th the budget is 175 I did up the budget and I'm happy to report that this week we went under the 175 so I was awesome y'all saw my debacle last week with Walmart and you saw that in the intro of this video we shopped somewhere else we shopped at my local rouses now that is a grocery store that is local to mainly in Louisiana but they do have some a Mississippi Alabama and parts of Florida so if you live in those areas you might have a rouses and you might be able to get some of the same items but these are items you can find anywhere so enough to ramble breakfast guys here's our options for Monday I made the cowboy breakfast skillet from the southern keto cookbook I have that cookbook link down below it's delicious I am vlogging that my weekly keto vlog so stay tuned for that for next Monday to see what I eat in a day and that is delicious it's like a it's like a quiche honestly I really like it taco bowls y'all know that's a staple for me for lunches is so easy and such a great source of fat and protein on keto and then tonight for dinner we had meatloaf which I will link that in the AI cards above keto meatloaf it's delicious and stuffed with cheese like what then I made on-the-fly some asparagus wrapped in bacon in the airfryer like shut up Nicole what so I just threw that together and it was delicious I did not film it guys I'm kicking myself but we will definitely make it again because that is a new pedo side staple in this house so I will film it eventually and give it to you all for foodie and then the mashed cauliflower is from the southern keto cookbook as well so easy and I went to the gym today another option is eggs and sausage boiled eggs and sausage keto lunchable is what I'm probably gonna be having tomorrow that's just like salami and pecans and maybe a type of fruit like a blueberry some cheese some guac stuff like that for the Akito lunch bowls if you watched my vlogs you know what I'm talking about then we're gonna have leftovers for dinner on Tuesday and I also need to make that lemon pound cake that I want to bring to you on foodie this week I've been blowing up my dams on Instagram and then I need to also whip up some burgers to have for bunless burgers on a future lunch for the next day cowboy breakfast skillet is another option again so for breakfast guys it's pretty much the same thing just alternating it then for dinner jambalaya and salad the jambalaya is from the Quito lady cookbook I have made it before you make it with sausage shrimp chicken it's divine and so so good like you don't even I'm telling y'all guys these recipes that I make they are delicious like I would make them whether I was doing keto or not so so good then on Thursday we're gonna have taco bowls probably again for lunch leftovers of the jambalaya going to the gym salad for lunch is an option you'll know up with the avocado bacon egg chicken in there and whip it up with some of the decade old ladies blue cheese dressing so bomb and then dinner we're going out to eat on Friday so Saturday and Sunday I'll know I always make those keto pancakes I'll link that on the I cards above that is my favorite breakfast staple like if I have time I love making those keto pancakes if I had time in the morning I would make that every single morning know why then for lunch on Saturday and Sunday we're gonna have boneless burgers and then I will link this above as well the parmesan Dijon pork chops and agua tanuki nee so I have made this before and it's delicious so I want to film that and bring that to you guys for a future foodie Fridays as so desserts this week I made the peanut butter cheesecakes from dat Quito lady that's the second time I've made them in their divine so definitely check her out she's linked down below she has amazing stuff and especially desserts and then I'm gonna make the lemon pound cake for y'all for foodie Friday so I have a lot of things that I'm gonna be filming and bringing to y'all for foodie I promise I'm filming I'm putting them away it's just so many awesome things I'm trying and you only have a one foodie a week so definitely follow my Kido vlog so you can see what I've got going on as far as what I eat in a day sometimes I will give you little snippets of like how to make things before foodie even comes so definitely watch those vlogs so let's get into the actual grocery haul now I'm so excited to show you all what I got from a new grocery store not a new grocery store but not a Walmart so as y'all saw we went to rouses I also did a little Sam's haul as well guys arouses and Sam's with tax 165 yes because the budget is now 175 but I was blown away by rouses prices and their selection is phenomenal way better than Walmart okay so if you have a local rouses definitely hit them up because they are amazing so the silk almond milk was on sale for $2.99 I went ahead and got one of those there whirring waters were on sale for a dollar in 99 Walmart's are always two dollars plus so that was amazing these are new to me this is a Dasani sparkling strawberry guava natural sparkling water beverage and I looked at the ingredients guys and it's just carbonated water and natural flavors it has nothing in it but 35 milligrams of sodium they had a million flavors and eight cans were $2.99 I thought that was a really great deal and I've been loving some sparkling water lately just to have instead of plain water so I thought that was a great deal got some heavy whipping cream and what I like about this our best choice brand is that it has zero carbs the one from Walmart the gray value one has one carbonate so that was amazing the cucumbers I got one I got 2 zucchinis they were 99 cents that cucumber was 65 cents tre is banging on his cup guys so if you hear that's what it is green onions I got two bundles the asparagus was on sale for a dollar ninety-nine a pound so I got two bundles of asparagus I got four lemons for water and for that lemon pound cake I'm making again I posted on my Instagram guys and y'all were drooling over it so I'm gonna make it again cuz it's amazing and I cannot wait to share with y'all and look at this one he is snatched and stuff like crazy that's why I went Ray's around I got to get these grocery dogs grocery hauls don't quit because he wants to eat everything as I've mentioned before I try to hide things so they don't eat up so quickly throughout the week I got some shredded lettuce I think this is a dollar ninety-nine way more expensive at Walmart I'm telling you I was shocked shocked guys at the selection and a lot of things were cheaper there were some things that were more expensive but I think it balances out nicely so I was very pleased these organic girl salads these were priced for two for seven dollars so I did get the baby spinach and I got the spring mix for salads and for keto Lunchables this week it does have coupons if you want the dressing as well as that was kind of cool I got our original uncured bacon this is a natural choice this was five dollars and some change it's been on rollback for for something at Walmart not that big of a difference and I was happy to see it there because they have this not buy the regular bacon it's in a separate section and when I first looked at the regular bacon I was like oh my god look at all this nitrate sugar-filled crap and then I moved over a little bit it was like oh thank you Jesus because they had a bunch of selections of uncured bacon so I was happy about that and also rouses has uncared pepperoni which I haven't found at my Walmart anyway their craft block cheese's were on sale for $8 66 like what I need the pepper jack and since they were on sale I got another extra sharp cheddar because we can't ever have enough of that on hand with keto I got an onion if I didn't mention it guys and some sweet grape tomatoes those were just two bucks and then avocados they were on the pricier side grouses does like 72 hours sales and actually tomorrow their avocados are be 50 cents but I didn't feel like going back so I've paid the extra money and they're like huge and you get to pick them out yourself since I went in store y'all yes I went in store y'all should have seen me so look over there there's my reusable bags you should have seen me with all those reusable bags on one arm because Trey takes up the whole buggy pushing him around yeah it was I got my workout in okay so for everyone that commented that this girl is lazy I'm far from it okay so I got some of the boneless skinless chicken size this is a rouses bran it's similar to Perdue they don't have Perdue but they have this instead it's like their brand and it's no antibiotics hundred percent vegetarian no added hormones and it was 534 and I need that for the jambalaya look at this one he he is like wanting me let me go ahead and tell y'all what this is so I can open it up for him so I got these cookies this is the gluten-free goodie girl cookies chocolate cream they had another one as well and these were reasonably priced I mean this and some of the other specialty stuff was the more expensive of the items this was like three dollars and some change I was paying that pretty much for the glooty no one's at Walmart and they're pretty good as far as ingredients go so he's wantin one let me get him a treat I also got some manda and Dewey's sausage if you all have this locally guys this is amazing and it's zero carbs it's really really good a lot of your sausage has at least one or more carbs in it but this manda andouille does not so I love that for jambalaya gumbo whatever I got Trey's white American cheese it was on sale this week whoop whoop for $4.99 so we got a pound for five bucks and that's for his kid okay so I'm gonna film that and bring that to y'all because even if you're not doing keto like my mother-in-law she loves this stuff she says it's the best queso ever so I'm gonna share that with y'all later I did get some shaved parmesan cheese they didn't have like the the other kind that I like that I've been getting from Walmart but this will do and it was about the same price the rice veggies were on sale for like a dollar or something a pack like what y'all know this stuff is hella pricey at Walmart so I needed one thing of rice cauliflower and then I needed some cauliflower florets and that was also a dollar or something their shrimp were on sale for 399 for a pound this is usually like $7.99 so this is a really good deal its local wild-caught Louisiana shrimp and that's for the jambalaya as well now this was expensive I'm gonna be buying my powdered urethra tall in my urethra tall from Amazon because I am an Amazon Prime member and I get free shipping I think this would have been cheaper but I was there and this was $7.99 for the confectioner I just I needed it guys for the I think for the lemon pound cake went ahead and got it I needed some mayonnaise I would like to get auto kado crime but it's $10 at Whole Foods and they don't sell it at rouses so I went ahead and just got this one I know that's like bad ingredients with the soybean oil for keto but we can't do everything illegitimate gotta do what we got to do they didn't have the Welch's grape jelly that the boys have been eating from Walmart but they had the schmucker's low sugar no artificial sweeteners concord grape and as far as the macros on it so it's got six carbs five sugars and as far as the ingredients go it's grape juice sugar water fruit pectin so I mean it's kind of like the other one that they're eating so that was my only option super stoked to share this with y'all guys there ding bars were on sale for $8 what because the cheapest I've seen them is like a dollar 50 at Whole Foods and they are like more pricier than full price and I've tried the chocolate ones so I've tried the chocolate and sea salt guys it is delicious and it is a four net carbs for the entire bar so what I like to do is cut this in half and eat half for a dessert one night and half for the other night so it's just two net carbs for a dessert and that sea salt is so darn good and prominent so I got one of those I have not tried the two well first off let me back up they only sell the chocolate and the lemon at my Whole Foods they don't sell these other flavors so today when I saw a million flavors for a dollar I kind of did a little happy keto dance in the rouses I must admit if the security cameras were on I was like doing a jig up in there I was so stinking excited to see these so the tasted tasted toasted coconut almond vanilla the coconuts five net carbs five net carbs for the almond vanilla and five net carbs for the Saigon cinnamon chocolate like shut up yes Dan bars we are gonna get our dang bar on for a dollar yes girl please so if you got a rouses go hit them up guys before tomorrow when you're watching this because I think that's when they go off their dollar of sale I then got this Nature's Path crispy chocolate rice bars like rice krispie treats they are organic are they gluten free I'm not sure they were in the gluten-free section so I'm assuming that they are maybe not but I got them for Trey I like to get the gluten-free rice cakes but I need to look at this closely to see if it's gluten-free or not but regardless they'll eat them this week but the ones that they have they don't have the antes at rouses I can get those online so it's not a big deal but we're gonna give them a go this was like four dollars and some change so a little bit pricey for that Whalen's blueberry muffins you know they got those everywhere so that wasn't a big deal I did get one drop in for the toilet I did get some diced pears they're limited on their dice pears so this is all they had all at rouses so the del Monte dice pears no sugar added and those were a little pricey but he loves them then I got its green chilies for a kid okay so and then $5.99 of course for some pure vanilla extract it is so hella pricey but I have to say like their lemon extract their coconut all their other ones were on sale right now and super cheap like two dollars and some change for the two ounce ones and I paid a lot more for the other one from Walmart last week simply Cheetos for tray you'll know and then I got some gluten-free tortilla chips for him and these are reasonably priced and then they're Sara Lee bread was on sale for a dollar eighty eight so a dollar a hundred and twenty nine dollars with tax is what I spent at rouses I thought that was pretty darn good for what I got and really excited about some of the new items and the different variety that they have I was very very pleased so I this girl is on cloud nine right now with rouses at Sam's guys I did get the almond flour this is an awesome deal it's three pounds and it's like close to 13 bucks but that's amazing for the almond flour on keto definitely get it from there awesome deal for their cream cheese it's on $1 instant savings so this is eight dollars and some change for six packs of cream cheese the Philadelphia has less carbs than any of your off-brand so keep that in mind always check the labels with keto guys because not all of the same thing is the same when it comes to net carbs if that makes sense I think got the Boise Nature's bakery fig bars or 24 in here these are awesome and they're obsessed with them think of six dollars and some change for this 24 twin pack and then I got some organic cage-free eggs my Sam's is out of the free range I would much rather get the free range because they're the same price as this but they have been as soon as they get them back in I will definitely be getting the free range because you all had schooled me up on it thank y'all so much for giving me the information about the eggs and the free-range are way better than the cage free so thirty-six dollars for all four items that you see from Sam so it was like 165 dollars with tax for everything guys I'm super excited to report that next week should be a cheaper grocery haul because I'm planning on doing one item three ways so making one big thing and then make it into three different meals throughout the week for keto so I'm excited to bring that to y'all keto wise and grocery wise as well I think that will help with the budget um if we don't need a lot of extra things so super excited about that you don't make sure to give this video a thumbs up if you enjoy these weekly keto grocery haul and meal plans make sure to hit that subscribe button if you're not with me already I'd love to have you part of the YouTube family thank you so much for last week guys letting me vent letting me rant a little bit about Walmart god I just needed to get to get it off my chest y'all know and I'm really happy to be supporting a local business versus on Walmart you know and I even left some comments down there that I worked at Walmart for three years as a customer service manager so I have been in retail before and actually at Walmart so I understand and get it but I'm gonna go this route I think I'm gonna go this route for a little while not saying I'm never gonna shop Walmart again because y'all know this girl lives up in Walmart but we're gonna go this route a little bit because I think we got some better choices keto wise as well thank y'all so much for watching y'all have an amazing Tuesday an awesome week and I'll see you all in my next video bye guys