if the camera person can focus on the sign it says boycott is real and there is an Israeli soldier on the sign pointing a gun at Palestinian children which is something that has happened thousands and thousands of times across occupied Palestine the United States Congress has given Israel 300 billion dollars to keep murdering Palestinians and Lebanese you don't have to be part of that you can hold a public hearing on boycott of Israel you can hold a vote on boycott of Israel and you can vote for an an arbor city boycott of all products imported from Israel the United States government and the Israeli government are built on murdering and robbing people of color I think I heard a loud sigh come from one of the clerk's one of the main basis of the United States government since the 1980s has been to murder millions of arrows occupy their lands and use the money they robbed from black America to pay for it black America has been robbed as you know very very well for centuries robbed of almost everything that 300 I see the mayor's smile that's 300 billion dollars that the US Congress has given to Israel should be spent to rebuild Detroit that 300 billion dollars which the US government has given to Israel should be spent to rebuild Detroit and the other inner cities of the United States and when that runs out the trillions of dollars the US government has spent to destroy your op and destroy Afghanistan those trillions of dollars should be spent instead to rebuild black America give back what you stole from black America rebuild the inner cities don't anyone here try to tell me that the money is lacking the u.s. veteran has just spent trillions to destroy the Muslim world