13 Manson fucks you just have a man beside the Walmart in Beaver Creek Crawford was shot and killed by Beaver Creek police while walking around with an air pellet rifle inside the Beaver Creek Walmart a grand jury decided the officers were justified in the shooting these are the two officers involved in the shooting last night kill one of our own man somebody gotta pay for that shit you know what they think what about all they gotta get a consequence we should walk down here today shut up David shut up but alas 68 yeah dang it's really been 468 years of oppression spot on give or take a year this is what we gonna do get some market some books and pencils and some posters we gonna stand right Bernie goddamn stole only hold our breath outside there we go protest on these mama guys I understand that we're unifying for a cause and everything but what we're going to get the supplies from where the pencils the posters where we getting all this stuff from we're hoping the Walmart over the years we have the medal of knowing people have been affected by depression of the system we've done it all protests scream shout at lost lives what else is next man you tell me everybody seemed to have odd answers but refused to reflect the fact that this country and shit without the dollar bill wolves were sheep clothing and we're smile at you right in the face just for the currency so how can we solve this solution boycott Black Friday I understand many of you like man fuck dad I got a TV to purchase bro to a nurse you gonna help me get this cheap TV do not order here my nigga okay so the TV means more than a person who looks just like you losing a life in a place that won't even stand up fun yo ass if it really come down to it that's why it's very important that we stretch the importance of financial responsibility and group economics amongst our family and friends it takes a village to raise a child it's time to smarten up and invest our dollars into our future generation of children because that's what we live in fo we live in for them if you all pay attention to the story of Mizzou the president would force to step down because it's racist remarks but guess why he stepped down because I oughta brother scam together and said they don't care about us anyway they'll keep the football game going in road and if we don't show them that we mean business how can we show them attack knee pockets I know you all got a little laugh by the sketch we made but it ain't nothing funny about supporting the system that fund the killing of black men women and children it ain't nothing funny about supporting companies that profit from incarcerating black men and women and just this year on Black Friday we want to show the world our power and value by withholding our dollars