bill Mahr did a new rule segment on PC anger over Halloween costumes let's watch and then we'll break it down the internet and magazines are littered with articles scolding people like the Huffington Post's list of frightening ly ignorant costumes which includes the completely benign sexy nurse now I never got the whole sexy nurse thing because really who's that horny when you're in the hospital thanks for wiping my ass nurse and while you're back there but who is it offending Us Weekly recently published a list of past celebrity costume transgressions like the time Chris Brown dressed as a Taliban like that's the worst thing he ever did the Taliban should be wearing Chris Brown costume and remember when the internet lost its mom's over this get up now it's not a great costume she looks less like krazee-eyez and more like John Boehner but what's the big deal same with all the costumes on the buzzkill shit list like mariachi mariachis themselves are wearing a costume do you think most Mexicans wear sombreros in sequin suits no just the ones who play that horrible music when you're trying to eat another one they hate geisha oh who is that gonna offend the Geisha who lives in the apartment upstairs there's 12 geishas in the whole world and they're all in Kyoto they're never gonna find out you dressed like them at the office party and Irvine and of course you're absolutely not supposed to dress as a supermodel another one the do-gooders really hate is hobo which they think offends the homeless but a hobo isn't a homeless person he's a classic character of American folklore a loafer who survives by doing as little as possible I believe the modern term for it is snowboarder and anyway if I was a bum I'd be thrilled someone wanted to dress up as me they have bigger problems when your life is begging strangers for food every day is Halloween you can get outraged over any costume if you try hard enough Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz may seem innocent but isn't it insensitive to people who get caught in twisters or vampires having the good people of Transylvania been stereotyped enough remember Drac lives matter and here's the point banning a hobo costume doesn't make the homeless feel better it makes you feel better this is the lazy liberalism in which scolding has become a substitute for actually doing something yeah I agree and I don't think that's a false dichotomy because that's oftentimes the counter-argument people have said to me on similar issues like no I can't do both well I can't you actually do something to fight homelessness and then also get mad if somebody dresses up like homeless person given that actually doesn't happen in real life the people who are complaining about a homeless person costume or anything else they're typically not doing shit to actually help homeless people they just want to do as Bill Maher rightly points out lazy liberalism and do slacktivism from their couch to make themselves feel good when in reality they've become social authoritarians and the problem is as Bill Maher goes on to lay out in the rest of the rant there you have you guys don't even realize you'd be creating more conservatives by acting like that you know there's the rise of this new somewhat new movement I guess you could say they call them the cultural libertarians whereas the people who are right leaning on economics and left-leaning on economics who on social issues totally agree where they say stop fucking controlling people's lives in a social context and you know there's control of people's lives unfortunately in a social context from both the right and the left I wouldn't say it's equal I think there's much more control from the right and it's much more damaging and numerically it's a lot more and we can go on and on but it does exist on the left and as somebody who is on the left certainly in America when I see people on the left flirting with or just flat-out being authoritarians in some respects it drives me fucking nuts because it's like hey jackass you missed the point you missed the whole point of being a liberal okay so it's not a false dichotomy what he said it what he's saying is true this is the lazy version of liberalism it it makes me feel good it doesn't make homeless people feel good if you tell somebody to not dress up like a homeless person it doesn't make them feel it makes you feel good and it you can actually instead of wasting your time yelling at people on Twitter about shit that doesn't matter go fucking volunteer to homeless shelter or some shit if you really care about the issue and if you're just pretending to care about the issue by doing the lazy version of activism then do us all a favor and shut the fuck up because you are acting an authoritarian way which I that offends me that offends me no bill is right what he says you can look at any costume and there is an argument there some with varying degrees of believability but there is an argument for almost every costume as to why that's offensive you know hey this person dressed like a construction worker oh you're misogynist I mean construction workers are known to whistle at the hot ladies as they walk by so as I guess you're a misogynist by wearing that costume you name the costume I can give you some kind of an argument that would you know that show you outrage and you're crazy if you don't think there's some percentage of people out there YES on the left who would sign on to it the second that you utter any argument that you know says this thing is offensive or that thing is offensive I'm done with the offensive like the whole concept the idea of I'm offended that should be out the window because all that matters is is the thing true or is it not true or if we're talking about something this is all in good fun and jokes then almost everybody should get a pass now that's not to say guys that you know you're not allowed to say you know that it's that's in poor taste and here's why the problem only becomes when you call for censorship okay that that's probably the biggest problem is when people start calling for censorship as they do or they spend all day on it you know these are the things that when you are so outraged by a costume or a joke that you spend more time tweeting about that than war or actual homelessness or extreme poverty or any other money in politics any other important issue then that's a problem and you're part of the problem but again I have no problem so you can say to somebody if somebody dresses like there's Trayvon Martin costumes a few years ago okay well I I know because I participated and I said look that's in poor taste and here's why you know if somebody wears a Hitler costume yeah terrible terrible taste here why you explained it but the problem only becomes when you start saying censor it or I'm gonna spend all day on this and neglect all the other issues that matter I oftentimes talk about political correctness in the context of right-wingers using it to hide behind it where they invoke political correctness so that they can get away with just being incorrect they can get away with saying things that are factually not true and they don't want anybody to counter their bullshit so they say why are you being politically correct guys that's a different thing than this which is genuine political correctness which is people going way too far in this attempt to micromanage society to not hurt people's feelings the true liberal position is free speech free expression above all else even above like hey this person's offended that person's offended okay you get to be offended you get to tell the person hey that's in poor taste when you go further than that then you're the problem and you're no longer a liberal leftist then you become an authoritarian leftist an authoritarian leftism is you know the bane of the left the people on the Left who we should all oppose because they do make many people who are good people turn to conservatism because they see the outrage over every minor little thing and they go I can't I can't associate with them let me go with these other guys not even realizing that they're signing up for a shitty economic policy you know a shitty idea on war and corruption and all the other stuff