BBC Features Vegan Activism + Veganuary

have you been getting on with dry January or other New Year's resolutions one minute you're promising yourself could get fit and spend more time with fun interesting people the next you're slumped on the sofa watching this show but vegans have been urging us all to do without meat and dairy this month in an experiment they're calling vegan Yuri but can it be done and what lengths will some vegans go to to make carnivores think again as the month comes to an end here's our own guilty pleasure Stephen Smith now let's see what if we compete in her new series telly chef Nigella Lawson puts on a mouth-watering buffet of vegan sweet meat that's all well and good but we wanted to go deeper into this cuisine and lifestyle we're approaching the climax of a month-long campaign to get people to go vegan it's called genu vegan no vegan airing hang on began marry me January again here it doesn't always roll off the tongue we like to say it's actually the hardest part of the whole month just saying it we wanted it to have a fun name so one of the inspirations for the gallery was November we wanted a month with a name that would become a part of the annual calendar where we encourage people to try vegan life of the month of January at this vegan Expo at Alexandra Palace in London people are sampling food free of meat and dairy and it's a spider why Jesus join me oh yeah okay so we marinated it's my uncle's recipe so are you a vegan yourself and I'm not a vegan myself now my partner Billy it season everybody that else that works has to be my vegan how come they let you in then I did want to try to be a vegetarian when I was about 13 and I lasted today now I got so depressed about never eating sausages again so I had to have a side obviously to the road but now I have dolly and dolly is my daughter she's 15 and Sewer and that's why we're here I was very young when I first entered carrion and sort of recycle old and what about the animals but I think veganism is a much more cynical argument one of the things about living with dollars is I've really intellectually come down to a little bit is correct that we should be vegetarian and probably leaving but I just another willpower world away from Ally Pally another more assertive side of the vegan movement in this action outside a fast food restaurant in the West End campaign a show footage of what they say is mistreatment of livestock in the food industry they can obviously move on if it's some very fine to abstain or they don't want to see it at the same time people have this kind of like natural curiosity I think to watch what's going on and so we have the masks on to kind of draw attention to ourselves and also to dehumanize it as well I make about the photos showing and our aim really is the total animal liberation where abolitionists that we want to end all animal exploitation with lots of food clothing animal testing or animals entertainment I feel what they're saying about like okay animals are treated cruelly in these environments but I just love chicken too much that was a little broken but I'm skip that laughs really yeah I'm a skid Burger King then why would you do that come on they're in that out here for no reason the fact of their january and veggie burgers how many of us could go a month or more without red meat or an egg come to that how many people backslide into toad-in-the-hole and Shepherd pie design actually fewer than you think from the 2016 participants sixty three percent was still vegan six months later the BBC is scratching around for a follow-up to Baker what about your dad some vegan cake experience number that's going to be told something be content maybe everyone so you found a deal okay great wishes beam off there you go commissioning Steven Smith I can do halloumi couple nights a week