No, don’t go. (Having a bad dream.) (Something doesn’t look okay.) (So horrible.) (She lost her sight from the accident
you just saw.) (What a temper. But she owns this house!) It was me. I know. The pedestal was covered with the scent of cheap lavender. Only the lavender girl is fired. (She so mean!) You are a foolish man. You steal animals. You buy and sell lives. My client, are you ready? Let’s go. Please give him peace. (He must be some sort of
the angel of the death.) My goodness, come down! They say that a ballerina dies twice. The first time is when we give up ballet. The second time is when we stop breathing. When I stopped being a dancer,
darkness was all around me. Is there a point
in waiting for my second death? I wished to rather face two deaths at once. Who’s there? Who are you? Why did you sit on this bench
without asking me? Just because I lost my sight
doesn’t mean I know nothing. The only sense I lost was my eyesight, so I can still smell, hear,
and touch things. Because I can’t see anything,
my darned sixth sense is
heightened more than ever. Did she hear me? There’s no way she heard me. You were a guy? What? Can you hear me? You can? I told you clearly that
my hearing is just fine. How could this be possible? I should be asking that. I caught you, so just leave. If you keep bothering me, you’ll get hurt. Wait…
I don’t want to! What? Those who deny – the deity’s existence will face…
/ – I didn’t say that. The deity? Of course, there’s a deity. It’s just that the deity is a jerk. “A jerk”? Those who blaspheme – against the deity
/ – He won’t listen to me no matter how hard I pray. He ignores my wish when it’s my only wish. I asked Him to keep my dad
alive for one more day to let me see my dad for
a week before he died. I cried and prayed for
11 hours on the plane,
but He didn’t listen. I asked Him
to take one of my limbs instead of my eyes. That way, I could still be a dancer. He ignored me when I desperately prayed. That’s what the deity,
your superstar, did to me. Not everyone behaves like you
after experiencing a tragedy. Not everyone jumps off the bridge like you. (She is embarrassed
because he knows her past.) Who are you? Ms. Jung! Go get that guy. A young man is running away, right? Who? Who is it? Over there! Go get that man right now! (He was an angel so
no human’s supposed to see him.) (Our main character, YeonSeo,
has the Angel’s hankie.) Must it be tomorrow? To be precise,
the 20th anniversary is next week. Is Yeonseo coming? Ms. Choi. She’s been cooped up at home
for three years. She never shows her face
at foundation’s events. It’s very hard
to run a big organization like this
in place of her. I invited her, so she can come and watch. To see it for herself how well
I ran the organization that she threw away. My bad. She won’t be able to see it with her eyes. My poor niece. Don’t you just find this odd? It’s been three years, you know. I wondered why
she still hadn’t received
her cornea donation. She’s always so close. But it’s always canceled
at the last minute. Well, I guess the cells don’t match. What can I do? That’s her luck. Thanks to that, you managed to keep
your position as
the general director. Right? How much did he find out? Today, I pretended that
I didn’t know anything. – “Today”? /
– I can’t this do anymore. I’m a doctor too. I came here to tell you that. If there’s an investigation… That won’t happen. No, that can’t happen. Investigation? Just keep this in mind. Dr. Kim, you crossed a bridge. And I bombed the bridge. (Various ways to threat someone.
But bombing makes noises, doesn’t it?) You can’t go back now.
Do you understand? Oh, God!
What will I do about this immature kid? The deity’s great purpose
won’t be tampered with just because a lowly angel like me
flicked a finger. I will be up there tomorrow anyway. My term is… – over. /
– You’re so annoying. By the way,
humans can’t see us, can they? No matter how spiritual they are. Who are you? Why did you sit on this bench
without asking me? Never mind. I met a sensitive human who has a very foul mouth today. You. Wait, did you… I didn’t do anything. If you lay a finger on a human, you will disappear immediately. You will disappear like smoke and dust, (Such a great rule for handsome angels.
at once. I only have 24 hours left.
Nothing will happen. I’m scared that
you have long 24 hours left. I feel like you will finally manage
to do that hard angel’s extinction. Yes, I will be careful of
even the falling leaves. I’m scared I’ll meet a wild
and violent human.