Amy Schumer's audience walks out after she bashes at Donald Trump it's very surreal the comedian was performing in Tampa when things got political so tell me why husband then Amy trashed Donald explained why she's voting for Hillary Clinton and talked about sexual assault and gun control all in all it lasted about 10 minutes dozens of people exited at some even booed Amy one audience member tells et it went on longer than it should have especially since she was only out there for a little over an hour another eye witness says many in attendance were talking about being uncomfortable with all the political talk after the show this comes after Amy trashed Tampa and her best-selling book the girl with the lower back tattoo what better way to open the hook in it she called the city horrendous and said the people of Tampa can't read et reached out to Amy for comment about the show and she told us this quote we have always depended on comedians to make us laugh and tell the truth I am proud to continue that tradition you