ASU Local reimagines the college experience for Washington, DC, youth

November 24, 2021

Camal Shorter is a file ASU Local – Washington, DC, a first-year student pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy. He describes himself as extroverted, willing, engaged and hopes to one day become a lawyer or professor, as well as a bestselling author. The biggest motivation for staying in school is to become the best writer you can be. In fact, that journey has already begun. Co-authored by Children’s book Through a reading literacy program in Washington and is working on another book – a memoir he hopes to publish soon.

Before joining ASU Local, Shorter had plans to study abroad for a year after finishing high school. Then COVID-19 happened. An official at his high school mentioned ASU Local, and decided to apply.
A student success coach stands behind two students who complete assignments and are assigned to their laptops
Local students at ASU participate in college success programming with the support of a Student Success Coach.
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“I know ASU is a good school and is number one for innovation,” Schurter said. “I actually applied and got accepted, so it made sense to stay in Washington to stay close to my family.”

ASU Local is a new undergraduate experience from Arizona State University that offers bachelor’s degree options to students in the communities in which they are rooted. Students benefit from the college’s personalized coaching and mentoring and career success programs, intentionally designed to assist them in their academic and professional lives. They also have the flexibility to complete coursework anytime, anywhere with ASU Online learning platforms, and choose from over 130 online bachelor’s degree programs.

He said, “We designed a university experience that provides support in areas such as career readiness, wellbeing, and connectivity so students can successfully navigate their college journey and prepare for the jobs of the future — all while staying rooted in their community.” Martha Juarez, president of ASU Local. “The program integrates the city as a campus and its rich cultural and historical heritage as an immersive learning environment. We believe this enables students to grow and contribute to their communities.”

The program launched its first location in downtown Los Angeles in the fall of 2019 to meet the growing demand for high-quality undergraduate degrees for high school students and transfer students. It provides students with the feeling of a small campus in a close-knit community without the commute to college. ASU Local allows students to stay close to their families and take advantage of existing support systems to navigate the college for an accessible and affordable college experience.

In Washington, ASU Local is partnering with City Works DC – City Bridge Education. This non-profit organization works to better understand and deal with the challenges students in the region face in pursuing higher education. CityWorks DC’s mission is to redesign its education and employment systems to ensure that young people can build family-supporting jobs by acquiring what they call the “triple of social mobility”: academic and professional qualifications; Paid related work experience; and a supportive network of professionals.

“Capital youth are pulled from their post-secondary path due to factors largely outside their control, primarily the cost of college, the need for family care and the need for academic and social support to help them know that they will succeed,” said Jenny Niles, President and CEO of CityWorks DC. . “We need more post-secondary opportunities that provide support systems that enable students to complete their studies. That’s why we’re excited to partner with ASU Local to launch the DC site.”

In addition to ASU Local, students in Washington also have access to the ASU Local Bridge Pathway to the admissions program. As part of this, students enroll in Universal Learner Courses – a collection of more than 20 low-cost transferable online university courses that can also be used by students to gain admission to the university while completing degree requirements, regardless of previous academic performance.

“My GPA wasn’t where it should be fully accepted (into ASU Local), so I was referred to the Bridge Pathway,” said Rose Itinoff, who joined the program in Washington this year. “The rules are clear: You can set a certain GPA, and then you can be fully accepted. It helps me stay motivated.”

As a student on the Bridge Pathway, Etinoff can take advantage of the in-person support and programming available through ASU Local – Washington, DC, to help her transition to a successful bachelor’s degree through university.

The ASU Local and the ASU Local Bridge Pathway to Admissions programs are innovative initiatives of the university Learning Foundation. The Foundation aims to reimagine the role of universities in society and to help learners throughout their lives – from kindergarten to high school to their mid-career to post-retirement – access and benefit from education as an effective ladder of social and economic opportunity.

Itinov is currently taking two classes – Computer Science and Technology, as well as Psychology 101. She sees herself doing social work, perhaps as a family therapist. She wanted to get out of state but decided to be close to home after the pandemic started. Having the financial support available to ASU Local Bridge Pathway students and an ASU Local Scholarship, once she is eligible for full admission, motivated her to register. Another motivation was to try undergraduate courses in a safe environment because Universal Learner courses only score courses with a grade of C or better.

“My mother and my brothers—we are five sisters, including a twin and a sister—motivated me to stay in school. My mother said, ‘Go to college; If you don’t like it, at least do the year and give it a try. So far, I like it – I’ll do a better job than I’m doing now, ”Etinov said. “I will excel!”

“We build trust with our students through weekly personal check-ins and learning and programming experiences that help them prepare for an increasingly uncertain and ever-evolving future,” said Paula Olanian, Director of ASU Local – Washington, DC. We want students to be confident in their ability to address Any uncertainty or jobs that might come their way and they know we’re here for them, no matter what.”

Schurter, who enjoys starting the week “the right way” with ASU Local’s Personal Student Success Program every Monday and Tuesday, says his best advice is to find a bigger “cause” and go after that goal. Raised by his mother and grandfather after his father’s death when he was just one year old, The Why helps him stay motivated and energetic towards earning his degree.

He said, “I want my mother and grandfather to be proud of me. I want my grandfather to see me succeed and excel in life.”

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