– Now the story of a family
that wants to rule the galaxy and the one son who had
no choice but to save it. [“ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT” THEME] It’s “Star Wars– A New Hope.” Meet Darth Vader. He’s upset, because his
daughter, Princess Leia, stole his secret plans. – I want to know what
happened to the plans. – I don’t know what
you’re talking about. – She actually did. – Fortunately,
Leia’s droids landed in the backyard
of Luke Skywalker, who found her secret message. – Who is she? She’s beautiful. – She’s his sister. Curious for answers about the
message and the girl, Luke finds Obi-Wan in the desert. – Don’t seem to remember
ever owning a droid? – From a certain point of
view, Obi-Wan was lying. – R2.
R2. R2? R2. – Back home, Obi-Wan tells
Luke about a religious cult he and Luke’s father belong to. – How did my father die? – Well– [LIGHTSABERS HUMMING] [SCREAM] – He was a good friend. – Well– – I hate you! – Hoping to meet
his mystery girl, Luke followed Obi-Wan to find
a ride across the galaxy. [INAUDIBLE] Not with him, but with this guy. – You’ve never heard of
the Millennium Falcon? It’s the ship that
made the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs. – Hey, that would make
an interesting movie. Go see “Solo– A Star Wars Story” only
in theaters May 25. Still refusing to
give up the plans, the empire taught
Leia a subtle lesson. – What? [EXPLOSION] – Coming out of hyperspace,
Han and the gang were confused. – A fighter that size couldn’t
get this deep into space. – Look at him. He’s heading for
that small moon. – It wasn’t a moon, but it did
put them in the path of Leia for an easy and quiet rescue. [GUNSHOT] [HIGH TEMPO SPANISH GUITAR
PLAYING] In 10 minutes, they caused
millions of credits of damage and blasted at least
15 Stormtroopers. While Obi-Wan shut down the
reactor, the gang split up. And finally alone with
the woman he loves, Luke made a bold attempt
to get closer to her. – For luck! [AIR HORN BLOWS] – Moments later, Luke and Leia
meet up with Han and Chewbacca. – What kept you? – We, uh, ran into
some old friends. – Uh-huh. [AIR HORN BLOWS] Obi-Wan also ran
into an old friend. – No! – And while the gang
escaped to the Rebel base, they planned to
destroy the Death Star without the help of Han. – I know what I’m doing. – He didn’t. – Seconds into the
fight, the Rebels were being blown up one by one,
with Vader closing in on Luke. – I have you now. – He didn’t. – What! – You’re all clear, kid. Now let’s blow this
PLAYING] – On the next “Star Wars,” Luke
and Leia get a little closer. [AIR HORN BLOWS] And Darth Vader gets to
spend a little quality time with his son. – Ah-ah-ah! – And that’s why you
always leave a note.