every time you just hangs out he always steals something in mine and he always gives me a kiss jesus fucking christ having a girlfriend fucking sucks Judas so I guess I have a girlfriend and a dog like fuck I really wish that I just one good reason to break up with her but she's so fucking hot I'm like Judas I I'm in this predicament like I wish I knew something that I could do about it go out there jesus fucking christ take this dog for a walk so fucking door then just gets back from this walk and then I'm like pump Jesus and I'm like Jesus versus dark juice where's the fucking dog Jesus where's the fucking dog Jesus no fucking daughter you kidding me and my fucking girl runs down and she's just like my fucking dog ran away what my dog ran away and I'm like yeah just fucking with ran your dog way well we're gonna have to find this dog so we might as well go look for it so I figure backs reason of the natural course was a put my girl in Jesus in a group just juice and then split offs and try find this dog here boy here boy where you going this is a restaurant just high that I didn't smoke yet so I turn around to you know smoke I go into my house and I start rolling up shit so our goal is fucking cross joint and I goes to light it and I'm like I don't have anywhere like this shit I'm fucking over there straining trying to light this shit being like damn I wish I had somebody fucking help me light there's always Jesus help me here smoke this right now Oh Judas was Kristen he's looking for my dog your dog yep I figured out talk about that later thank you so I was at this dog rescue place and I saw the cutest dog I just had to rescue him I felt so good about myself after I did that so yeah I raised him until he was 12 years old in dog years obviously he just been my best friend since forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and I really hope we find him you're so much better at listening than Christian is Christian is a fucking dumbass I guess there's three corners in case Krishna shows up Christian never liked eating healthy snack hot salads we should do this more often there's a drink on the house and check you guys take care of you ready where are you going it's the bathroom are we diner dashing right now oh my god Christian never does fun stuff like this so I'm just fucking sitting there on the cross next thing he's actually I'll get a call and so I can get in I'm like yeah what's up Gideon you know Chris and Judas just fucking build on his check again are you forgetting me you know you never I was any moaning can you come take care of this shit up stick a deal with it do you getting it I'm so fucking sorry bro there's nothing I can do about it can't call the cops right now but you know I'm calling you to take care of it dunno yeah don't know by the way is what your girl – I'm like just what fuck would you go to the only restaurant that we know to serve her I won't you dear – somewhere else you fucking idiot so then I fucking walk my way down the restaurant fucking forever yeah yeah Gibby I'm sorry if I can can't believe just fucking kidding me give me the money and shits going on let's try to pull so much fucking money out of me out of this shit deal with me left and right she oughta need an order for I can't my free drinks Gideon thanks a lot do you not gonna give me any money for that chicken Gideon I gave you a lot of fucking money already – shit only if it knows on the menu fucking asking for like some sort of fucking tip no tip cool but don't come without a next time all right I didn't I didn't I won't come without him again I swear so it's like no this must be back when out of this point so walk in the house juice up is your fucking tabby dickhead like I don't see him and I'm like Judas Judas and then I walk up the stairs and open the door Judas the fuck out of my office are you fucking kidding me Jesus up fuck could you do is meet Charlotte for you kids neither dumb like pause I throw his ass on the bed they're all just fucking start swinging rose royal fucking bitch I'm fucking pissed off he's Jesus God just kick him on my house for good and then like on that fart Esther sky ever play some Xbox I'll get a knock at my door I don't want to fucking talk to anybody I just open the door anyways give me a fucking break i watch you show up here for cheesy fucking eat ruin my fucking life I have ways of talking ever again what are you ready for you look at that so I'm looking at this dog no no no what the hell do hey you wanna go for a walk fucking good for walking apart hurry up I don't have a bag come on you know these fucking dickhead activist neighbors are just always shouting dumb shit you see this you see this guy coming just get your dog out of your babies okay no Taylor funny petition against pit bulls Oh give me a fucking break losing your best friend Cana sucks but you know they say dogs men's best friends now I'm gonna prop pit bull owner I'm single again which is pretty tight y'all know for you speed to juice again my life fuck Jesus