I don't want to be negative I feel positive about what I'm seeing young people doing and BDS is a very good impression this is a peaceful act of citizens using the purchasing power to make a point to the other government that is a rogue to act in a more responsible way and in a more Human Rights respectful way I think it's important to note one thing I think is positive is that if you look at the United States and if you look at the BDS movement there you are seeing actually a very strong participation of American Jewish young people in that movement and we welcome embrace that and we acknowledge their courage of doing we hope that sanity will prevail and that Africans will be treated fairly in terms of international law but I think we would be very naive given the track record of the Israeli State to believe that they could act with the level of magnanimity humanity and compliance to international or we will be naive to expect it given their track record but results should insist that they do it and we should continue to fight and put pressure on Israel and his allies to fulfill the obligations multiple levels but specifically all for this question the bottom line is history is on the side of Palestinian people and the justness of this struggle