move over Alice time for integrity knight
Eldrie shines brightest Oh No so what’s up guys Foxen SAO Alicization war of the underworld episode 8 so I’m guessing Asuna must be lagging
a bit and what was that about SAO being crowned light novel of the decade more
on that later so go ahead and smash the like ring the
bell for dear Eldrie and let’s dive into this SAO episode titled blood and life.
Kicking this off another look at Alice’s DIYs death star attack. The poor which
squad got fracking melted oh yeah there were some ogres to sad day for the furry
community. I really just like seeing this light stream of destruction from the
dark territory point of view. Looks like that show of force completely drained
Alice physically and mentally this actually gave Fanatio to play the prince
charming role catching the sleeping blonde. It really goes to show how far
from Fanatio herself has come. Recall that neither of these two were that fond of
each other just a few months back matters right here brings up this
excellent point the main close combat units from the
dark territory side are still untouched this includes the dark knights and the
boxer guys. I mean you saw sir Crimson a few episodes back almost fall to
some weak goblins. Just imagine that combined with stronger opponents plus
the numbers and it’s good game human Empire. Alice had also just drained the
battlefield of the sacred power but some of them had now returned due to the
sacred power leaked from the disintegrated Dark territory side come on guys
vacuum that up anyway welcoming Eldrie back one final time this dude looked
massively torn up and bloody. I mean who won that fight so you really
had Eldrie beating himself up about not only letting the goblins past his unit but
worse getting shown up by freaking Renly talk about embarrassing. Eldrie always really
wanted to get noticed by his senpai Alice. He only wished he could be the one
protecting his mentor but you know after that light of destruction bean who would
be protecting whom? You even have Eldrie here revealing his own feelings
perhaps there being more to this chaotic loathing about not being useful to Alice
come on lover boy just say something but sorry interrupted turns out the leader
of the furry survive that nuking slightly barbecued you’re now seeing why
this augur dude didn’t get much screen time.
Unfortunately the major role this ogre leader played was delivering Intel to
Alice in the human side. Alice you’re that divine light priest
the one that Lord vector wants to di soul-ify in the scene you did have a
slight change for our stopping Eldrie. In the SAO anime originally Alice stopped Eldrie’s
blade with her fingers instead of just pulling him back but back to the wolf
boy it is a shame that stuff has been mostly skipped over in the SAO anime but
I have seen somebody posting in recent videos that you got enough sense of this
that the Dark territory side really aren’t these ultra evil villain guys.
Based on how the underworld got step up the human Empire got placed on top
meanwhile the dark territory side pretty much got screwed. There’s so much less
resources on that side like food water and so on. Not too long ago the Dark
territory side was on this constant kill-or-be-killed state. Weaker guys
like the goblins or Ogres ended up getting shafted the worst.
By the way top scene of Alice releasing the sacred power into the knight sky.
Anyway switching it to Emperor vector finally waking his ass up. You heard the
guy dropped the episode title line blood and life. He must have really been like
something I could relate to sounds scrumptious and you have to love
the sudden expression shift for Dee from this frightened kitty cat into a
blissful succubus. Yes commander time to make a colossal bacon roast feast. Come on
Thanksgiving just passed. Anyway back to Alice or friends very nice to get Bercouli
and Fanatio side-by-side in the shot. Can you feel the love tonight but
seriously the hot topic at hand not only about this divine light priest but then
finding out about this dark God vector being a key player in this underworld
war. Ultimately had Alice wanting to use her self as bait for this new battle
strategy however Alice will actually keeping part of her motives a secret
from even Bercouli. I am glad the SAO anime now revealed this key detail. Post
quinella fight Alice was in fact awake enough to hear about the world and altar
still the anime did leave out one key detail fuelling Alice. Alice figured out
this spot was somehow connected to Kirito perhaps Kirito’s mind would
recover if Alice hauled the afk boy over there. By the way Alice I’m coming with
you smirk so despite my issues with the SAO animated cutting away at Bercouli’s
thoughts and inner monologue I do very much like how Bercouli has been
visually portrayed in the anime especially small details like this.
Bercouli really comes off as it’s parallel to Kirito it’d be nice if both of
them fought one day. Switching it to some darker stuff let the piggy roasting
begin. Naturally the orc leader wouldn’t be too happy hearing about their
tribe being used for fuel. From Miss Piggy even got this more tender glimpse from
the dark territory side. The wife hope that their souls would be similar in
their final moments and yes there is backstory sliced out for the orc group.
I’ll touch on this a little bit later. Meanwhile Dee just looked discussed it I mean come
on you got these guys having their final moments but she’s like oh these animals. This discount Quinella really likes looking down on others. Anyway back to
Alice and friends you got the human Empire being split into two chunks. On
one side Fanatio and Sir Crimson being left in charge. In the second Bercouli and a couple knights tagging along with Alice yes this did include bringing
potato Kirito and the two girls with them which Alice did hesitate to
allow. Right here do you notice Fanatio. Fanatio was indeed thought and looked
especially hurt when Bercouli and friends were taking off. Cut out here
with a little exchange between Fanatio and Bercouli.
No surprise that Fanatio wanted to tag along with him but Bercouli decline
her request. Bercouli had actually whispered
something into Fanatio’s ear and then she backed down. Fizel, Linel and even Eldrie
also argued wanting to join them but you know. Then getting into that orc scene
this day does extract a heavy toll and my god another beautifully animated
horrific scene. It got my eyes wet for a bit poor oinkers. Their life simply used
to charge up this dark sacred arts. I’m really glad to see they didn’t shy away
from showing not only blood but their bodies exploding into this complete mess.
The cherry on top for this crapola sundae was Miss Piggy being there.
Without her this scene mean that had been at strong. As for the orc leader
do notice that red glow at the very end this triggered by this damming event hmm
look familiar? Switching to the very turned on Dee oh
you know she’s definitely soaked down there. I mean you even did see her feeling
herself up. Anyway another scene I was very curious to see animated those dark
worms. I wasn’t really sure what to expect. It turned out to be this dark
shining force mixed in with what looked like those
minion parts you saw earlier. The SAO light novel did clarify that this dark
art blast was in fact stronger than when Alice had released just a few moments
earlier. Don’t let that touch you. Bice touch here
with them adding that Kirito shot. hmm they chose to highlight the blue rose
sword too. So getting into it Eldrie sacrifice such a powerful
finale for him. The previous orc scene got me a little bit but honestly this
Eldrie finale got me completely in tears such a gorgeous anime display gifted to
Eldrie. Definitely levels above the SAO source. It was his powerful incarnation that was
feeling him to serve Alice that ultimately pushed him forward past the
point of death. I should mention that hand pushing him forward was actually not
in the SAO light novel. Looking at the clothing this actually looked like Eugeo’s hand. It does match up with the shot from the opening. There you Eugeo
pushing Alice. I mean just a moment earlier you even had the blue rose sword
being highlighted too who knows perhaps it was just mama. So
farewell Eldrie sacrificing himself to protect his
beloved mentor Alice. Negative 500000 HP in an instant. I actually was really
fond of the scene for a different reason for me it always felt like a parallel to
the earlier Kirito scene. Eldrie was clearly dead and I mean super dead yet
he continued to fight on for a short period even talking to Alice a little
bit afterwards. Recall back to Kirito versus the Kayaba fight. Kirito had
actually done something similar via the incarnation system and no Kirito didn’t
freakin revive. I would see people wrongly thinking that Kirito somehow
hacked the system to revive himself even though that scene was just Kirito
thinking about his own fate but to be fair I do think that scene could have
been done better to be less confusing. Anyways a positive to all of this hey
Alice found some loot someone dropped time to sell that and feed the Dragons
and what a fitting way to conclude this episode.
Alice going on this outraged rampage I did feel a little bad for the witch squad.
This whole display even had Dee pissing on herself and yes Dee how can she go?
In her final moments she tore into the firking spines of those two girls. I pretty
much transmuted them into meatshields for her. She ain’t going down like this
as for Alice’s speech they’re pure great A BS coming out of her and Alice knew it.
She was taking advantage of that light priest title to gain their attention.
Very very clever of her. So overall for this week’s SAO episode a lot better
compared to last week’s. Only four more to go.
By the way where is Asuna? Next up getting it to the light novel changes going into the
SAO anime a quick overview. It really feels like this episode had the least of
chopped out first off a rundown of the orc leader. Mr. Piggy here
was born to this powerful Orc clan this orc was given the name Lilpilin and
no not a rapper his name actually included three L’s to highlight his
beauty. Something that was rare for an orc.
It was only later that the guy realized he was called handsome for an orc
since he had features less resembling orcs and more closely humans. Ultimately
this lead him into having this massive inferiority complex associated with
humans. Oh they’re so beautiful aren’t they?
Let me stomp out any non Orc out of existence. Next up Eldrie you never
actually got an Eldrie’s backstory or further ties with Alice. Eldrie was
actually born his first rank noble he eventually made it to the Four Empire
unification tournament and won that quinella then gifted him by stripping
him of his memories and then knighting him but still even as an integrity
knight his original noble pride and confidence remained this actually led to
an issue for Eldrie being under Alice Eldrie was conflicted with his two desires to
dedicate his everything to Alice but also to protect Alice as her senior in
age eventually Eldrie settled to seek her guidance as a pupil he hoped that one
day Alice would accept that not only as a swordsman but also as a man too
good night sweet prince. By the way some super quick SAO news to make a hobby
event just took place here in Japan. They had a whole lot of SAO figures on
display and oh yes this included God Stacia Asuna! Now in color. oh my god I
might just be stupid enough to buy two of these holy crap then yes there were
two more spoiler ish SAO Alicization figures on display too though it’s also
a definite day one buy for me. Then for the SAO light novel. It was actually
voted light novel of the decade this was from the kono light novel ga Sugoi
rankings and I’ll go ahead and leave a link to that down below. It is always
great to see how the beloved SAO is here in Japan. Once again SAO was a top ten
light novel for 2019. SAO came in number three practically tied for the
second spot that being the weathering with you light novel but anyway more
important leave your thoughts on this episode down below! Come on did anyone
else cry this episode be honest. What got you more the porky pig sacrifice or
Eldrie’s loss? Do subscribe and check out these other juicy videos and I’ll see
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