Agripharmatech students boosted by inaugural scholarships

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Scholarship Recipients of Inge White Agripharmatech Students and Donors

Inge White Scholarship recipients each received $500 per semester for tuition and books at Windward Community College. The White Scholarships will support two students each year in the Certificate of Achievement in the Agripharmatech Program. Spencer White And Paula Duke They are the ones who are appointed.

“Receiving Dr. Inge White Endoid Scholarship will help me finish my studies. Through this program, I learned how to process food plants and turn them into bioproducts. In general, these are the value-added products that achieve a niche in the market,” White said.

Through the Agripharmatech Certificate Program, students receive hands-on training and conduct field and laboratory research in plant product manufacturing and plant biotechnology.

“It is a great honor to be selected for the Dr. Inge White Scholarship. The scholarship came at an ideal time as the funds could be applied to my remaining balance. This will allow me to complete [Certificate of Achievement in] Duke said. “I hope to continue expanding my knowledge of biotechnology, ethnobotany, and entrepreneurship by earning a bachelor’s degree in plant production and management. My ultimate goal is to serve communities through growth, education, and creation of biomedical products that help them thrive.”

Professor Emerita led the Dr. Inge White Scholarships in 2018 Jackie Mali And it grew to exceed its original goal of $25,000. After the endowment was fully funded in September 2020, the Honolulu Orchid Association continued its pledge to support the grant award with a total pledge of $3,000 over five years.

“This is the technology in agriculture and the sciences related to plants that can lead students to employment or higher education opportunities,” said Professor Emerita Inge White, former coordinator of the agripharmatech programme. “No matter where you go, you can go anywhere – botanical knowledge can be applied to life.”

Agripharmatech students have presented their research in Singapore, South Africa and Ecuador at the World Orchid Congress and at scientific conferences on Andean orchards.

“These students honor Dr. White’s place-based legacy, enlightened by science, Related to Hawaii education. The purposeful generosity of Dr. White and Dr. Mali [Honolulu Orchid Society President] “Brad Lau, the Honolulu Orchid Association, and donors provide support to students and grow our college and community,” the chancellor said. Ardis Ischenberg.

Find out how to donate to the Dr. Inge White Scholarship.

For more information about the agripharmatech program and scholarship opportunities, contact Hongwei Lee at or call (808) 236-9104.


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