the surest signs that someone is unhinged or has Trump derangement syndrome is when good things are treated as bad things because Moe Trump is involved the far progressive left cannot handle that tax cuts have resulted in prosperity and profits and that yes that prosperity has actually trickled down to the employees in the forms of millions and millions of dollars of cash money to the working-class not to mention there already increased take-home pay they told us we were all going to die Bill Maher even demanded a recession because winning is more important than like people eating so of course they go after anyone that's even happy about the fact that they can keep more of their own money and invest it back into their workers and their business because like I said unhinged now the latest target is Jim Koch he is the co-founder of Boston Beer and they make Sam Adams beer who it was discovered this guy right here dined with President Trump recently and get this you guys are gonna flip thanked him for tax cuts now in response to this completely completely totally normal thing the mayor of Somerville Massachusetts this guy he just has that look of a guy who just gets into a fight with an umpire at his kids Little League game Joseph curtatone declared on Twitter that he will never drink Sam Adams again for real like he said it look I will never drink Sam Adams beer again and then he went on to say and this is my favorite and I quote we need to hold these complicit profiteers of trumps of white nationalist agenda accountable because you guys keeping more of your own money in your paycheck is racist being able to keep more of your own money in your paycheck is just like putting on a Klan hood now this continues by the way to be this just the strategy of Democrats going into 2018 midterms see who can be the most unhinge I've got to stop this guy is literally going after a company that adds to his tax base what is the size of the math rock you're hitting to do this who does that you're mad because what and again not only he's like let me put this way he is the male version of the the mom with the Kate Plus eight haircut that wants to talk to the manager at Target he's the male version of that this guy he seems like he is completely not fun he's the guy who's probably a TGIF every Friday because whoo he's yelling at a company in his district that adds to his tax base right actual constituents because they had dinner with the president look how happy this guy is do you know why he's so happy there's two reasons that mr. Koch here is happy the first one is that he has a beer that's number one number two he's saving more of his own money because tax reform is amazing any situation in which we can keep more of our own cash is fantastic so this curtatone dude he's attacking people who had to his tax base and I guess he's like in a competition with some of the other people on the very far progressive left to see who can be the most unhinged and unreasonable while screaming about how moot rob is a monster and all of his allies are profiteering Nazis oh and socialism is amazing is this gonna work on the very voters that see their larger paychecks and got extra bonuses right I'm betting Americans are smarter than mayor curtatone thinks that they are I'm pretty sure just how dumb is that is is how just that's such a bad move why are you going after beer it's beer stop making everything political it's beer you don't have to make your beer political right I'm actually to start drinking Sam Adams not just because it's Sam Adams but I mean it's it's american-made beer it's there in Boston right and look how happy the owner is he's like the happiest guy ever he looks so happy and he just likes to look how happy he is would you be served a beer from this man yes you would because America he likes to keep more of his own money in his paycheck I bet so did mr. mayor Curtin's constituents I bet they liked keeping more of their own money in their paychecks too but Mr curtatone thinks that he knows better than you and that Sam Adams beers just racism and tax reform is racism is racism racism