6 Beauty Standards That Are Glued to Celebrities Like Stickers

View Original There are some looks that Hollywood falls head over heels for whether they’re eternal iconic styles that feel to noway fade down or temporary trends that we know will be far gone when the coming fashion season successes. We ca n’t deny that the stars who blazon our tableware screen or pop culture scene have a analogous type of spark that shines brighter than the sun.

Bright Side is fascinated by those physical features and style details that attract the limelight from country miles down. We ’ll partake the beauty masses that gave some of our favorite stars their trademark look.

1. Thick eyebrows

From completely removed during the Middles Periods, to bushy and untamed in the Puritanical period
. it seems that the trend of eyebrows has been everchanging throughout the times. The ’20s saw the rise of the extremely thin brow look which also converted into sharp bends. The was followed by a bold look made notorious by Hollywood legends like Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor. This style has also been dominating our present times with numerous notorious models andA-listers being honored for their trademark thick brows.

2. Flowery and embellished suits for men

We might suppose of delicate flowery prints as a symbol of feminity. Still, the trend of flower designs for men was n’t born moment. The aloha shirt was first seen back in the day in Hawaii, nearly a hundred times agone, when original Japanese women acclimated flowery jumper fabric for use in men’s shirting. Moment, numerous manly celebrities are sporting suits stretched with blossoms and dainty patterns, proving that flowers can be worn by anyone.

3. Hair structure

During special events or red carpet appearances, some celebrities are daring to conclude for extravagant hairstyles that look more like form than factual hair. Still, this eccentric hairstyle is n’t exclusive to our ultramodern times. In the XVIII century, Marie Antoinette, the queen of France, was known for herover-the-top pouf coiffures which defied all proportions. Occasionally, these emblematic hairstyles were used to mark literal events like placing a boat on top of swells of hair to recognize a French nonmilitary palm.

4. Fox eyes

Indeed though it has seen a unforeseen rise in fashionability thanks to social media platforms and celebrities, fox eye surgery is far from being a recent procedure. It was constructed 50 times ago by a croaker in Honolulu after being inspired by Asian eyes. It aims to give the eye area a more immature look and open up the face by raising the external corners of the eyebrows.

5. Pixie cut

A direct nod to old Hollywood, hobgoblin hair was first vulgarized in the 1950s by actresses like Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday and Mia Farrow in Rosemary’s Baby. At a time where women were anticipated to have long hair, it took a lot of courage to go against the morals of society. Further than a simple style, mincing off your hair surely made a statement against conformity and expressed womanish commission.

6. The Glamourous Blonde look

Golden hair, defined cheekbones, and a pearly-white smile is a look that Hollywood seems to be smitten with. But this passion surely is n’t new to Tinseltown. When we suppose of Jean Harlow, Marilyn Monroe, or Mae West, one of the first effects that pop in our mind is their trademark fair hair. A look that turned them into style icons who ever remained engraved in pop culture thanks to their fair glamour.

Do you suppose that fashion can be too parlous at times? Do you like to follow trends or do you suppose that they make us lose our individuality?

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