When I was only 7 or 8 years old, I had joined
my mother’s business. I would help her to sell her groundnut and
to travel to another village to buy what she needed for her petty trading. As a boy, I couldn’t remember ever complaining
about anything that has to do with helping my mother in her small business. Between ages 10 to 14, my friends and I in
our little town got involved with various businesses which I don’t even know the right
words to get you to understand them. At age 15, I started my first major business
which was a bicycle renting service. Such things may not be in your country but
here is how it worked. I bought a bicycle and other kids who don’t
have a bicycle came to me every evening to pay for me and ride my bicycle. At age 16, I started a photography business
and on and on like that, I’ve always done, read, talk or invest in the business. Why do I have to bother you with this epistle
of my personal life? Well, I intend to show you that entrepreneurship
is natural to some of us and I don’t want you to get me wrong here. I don’t mean to say that if you don’t do business
as a child, that you’re not wired to be an entrepreneur. Instead, I mean, not everyone is wired to
be an entrepreneur and in today’s video, I’m going to be sharing with you about 5 signs
that show that you’re not wired to be an entrepreneur. If you’re new here, consider subscribing so
that you won’t miss other interesting videos like this. Do you hate to kick against the crowd? Social prove is the term the psychologists
use to describe the human tendency to do what everyone else is doing. Now, this is how you know if you can never
become an entrepreneur; sit back and look at your life; was there ever any time you
did what most people don’t do or consider normal? If you care too much about what other people
do, then, you probably cannot be an entrepreneur because entrepreneurs are like rebels. Yes, you heard me right. Entrepreneurs are like rebels who go against
what everyone thinks is normal. Take for instance when Steve Job was starting
Apple in 1975, he must be a very stupid human being to have even imagined that he had a
chance to succeed. He was a teenager who didn’t even have money,
yet, he wanted to compete with one of the most powerful companies in the world, IBM. Only a rebel could even dream that but that
was what Steve dreamed. In the year 1994, at only age 29, Jeff Bezos
was doing well in the corporate world. He had a nice job and a nice salary as the
vice president of the D.E. Shaw but he decided to quit his job to start
a business on the internet. What is the internet? Well, in the year 1994, the internet was nothing. Nobody knew what it was going to become and
it could as well have become nothing. Don’t forget that now and then, there is always
a new invention that comes up and everyone gets crazy about it and within a few years,
most of those inventions simply finish to the air. So, how can any 29 years old, who is the vice
president of a company thinks that he would resign to pursue the dream on the internet? Such a man is not normal. He’s a rebel and that’s what it takes to be
an entrepreneur. If you’re a normal human being who does what
everyone does, you probably should not dream of becoming an entrepreneur because entrepreneurship
is about going where no one thinks there’s a road. Aren’t you proud or rude? Steve Jobs said those who are crazy enough
to believe they could change the world are the ones who eventually do it. It’s crazy to think you can change the world
and what exactly is what entrepreneurship is all about. Now, because your job as an entrepreneur will
most likely be about daring things that are bigger than you, you can only do such a job
if you’re proud or sometimes rude. Tell me any entrepreneur who isn’t so proud
that he sometimes gets rude and I’ll tell you that such a man was never an entrepreneur. In my case, even though I was born by poor
parents and didn’t finish school, at age 21, I announced to my brother that I would rather
die than to work for another man for 30 years. Even though I didn’t even have $100 to my
name at age 21, I talked with everyone as though I was a millionaire. If you can open your dictionary to read the
meaning of being rude, that was me at age 21 and that is what entrepreneurship is all
about. People who build companies from nowhere are
often people who see beyond where everyone thinks they are. These people are like David who doesn’t see
Goliath as a threat. You can’t become an entrepreneur except you
have a very healthy self-esteem. Most people in the world have low-self-esteem. They don’t believe in themselves. Instead, they complain about everything. The good news is that our team has just opened
a new YouTube channel which was designed to give you inspirational videos like 3-4 times
every week. These videos are going to inspire you with
the stories of ordinary people who became successful and this will help you to believe
more in yourself. We call this channel Hunt TV and you can join
other smart people like you who have already joined Hunt TV in the description box. Aren’t you angry about anything enough to
want to die for it? Most people want to be entrepreneurs because
they want to become millionaires. Well, successful entrepreneurs are activists
who want a change. Yes, these people don’t talk against the government
or lead a protest like Martin Luther, they secretly work to fight a cause. In my case, I hate our present school system
so much that I can die to get it right. I mean, why should we be teaching our kids
how to live in the 20th century when none of us can go back to even yesterday? Because I was angry about the fact that there
are many important things school doesn’t teach children, I started a club in the year 2007. I later started a blog and that blog led to
a company and then this channel. Do I make money from all these ventures? Yes, we do make money now but that was a miracle
because when we got started in September 2007, I never dreamed for a minute that we can make
money fighting a cause we believe. So, what is my point here? If you’re not angry enough about anything
to want to change it, you can’t be an entrepreneur. Do you complain about everything? I talked in the last point about being angry
about something and some people would have thought, “Well, I’m angry about a lot of things
in my country and that’s why I complain about them?” Well, complaining is another sign that you’re
not wired to be an entrepreneur. I don’t know any entrepreneur who just complains. You have to stand up and figure out how to
solve some of the problems you’re complaining about because that’s how to be rich. Some people think that what they are angry
about is bigger than what they can find a solution to. That’s fine because there are so many problems
in the world. Your duty as an entrepreneur is to look for
the problem that fits into what you have the strength to tackle and get busy tackling such. If you’re busy solving a problem by building
a business around such, you’ll have only a little time left to complain or make excuses. Are you a perfectionist or a procrastinator? I’ve never started anything perfectly, none
do I even try to start perfectly. I’ve never waited for enough of capital, enough
of an idea or enough of anything. Whenever I decide to do something, I always
ask myself, “What is the first important step here?” Often, if you dare to take the first important
step, the second step and the third will follow and as you go on taking one step at a time,
you start to have more insight, ideas, and support you need. This is how entrepreneurs think. However, for most people in the world, the
opposite is the case. I have friends who have been planning to start
a business for over a decade. Up till this morning, they are still looking
for enough capital. Well, when I started 11 years ago, I didn’t
have the capital also, but because I dared to take the first step, fail, try again and
again, I eventually got my breakthrough. Here is the summary of the whole matter; entrepreneurs
are not conformists, they are not procrastinators and they don’t make excuses. Entrepreneurs are angry about something and
they are willing to sacrifice everything to solve such problems. If you want to be an entrepreneur, you probably
want to be a rebel because our society is the direct opposite of what an entrepreneur
should be. Now, if you truly want to be an entrepreneur,
a.k.a rebel, you’ll need a lot of motivation to fight such a tough battle and that’s why
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