What’s up YouTube community Bernth here – welcome back to another video lesson! In this one I don’t want to talk too much,
we’ll get right to the shredding but please allow me to drop a little
disclaimer first – this video is not about creativity, emotions or writing
interesting music – my goal with this is showing you my alternate picking
technique that I developed over the last couple of years in extreme detail and
how it allows me to play up to 15 notes per second, meaning eighth note triplets
at 300 beats per minute or sixteenth note triplets at 150 beats per minute – of
course all guitar takes shown in this demonstration are completely untouched
and unedited so you won’t see anything sped up or extremely edited here – I made
sure to film everything with three different cameras from three different
angles and I also made sure to include the raw camera sound so you can hear the
picking in detail – so without further ado let’s see what this is all about! This was really challenging and a lot of
fun to record for me – one of the main reasons why I wanted to record this
video is testing myself – as I’m sure you know playing fast is just one part of
the challenge accuracy is the second big topic so let’s slow down the last and
fastest take that played to around half of the original tempo and take a
closer look! So pretty much everything we need to see
and hear is present in the slowdown version – of course it could be even
tighter on the grid in the milliseconds but as you know Technique is a never
ending journey – please also don’t forget that this is the original tempo that
the lick was performed in… as far as I’m concerned this is a pretty satisfying
result for the test I put myself through and of course it also shows me
what I can work on more in the future. I already posted a similar video a while
back but this one doesn’t quite fit the quality standards of this channel
anymore so I wanted to tackle the speed and accuracy test once more to give you
an even closer look at my technique – if you want to learn my alternate picking
technique in detail and also work with the exact practice backing tracks, guitar pro files and PDF tabs that I use in my daily practice routine make sure to head
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files for every single exercise and I’m also in direct coaching contact with all my
patrons via email – so they sent me video or audio footage of their practice
routines and I get back to them with personal detail and constructive
feedback on how to improve – I really hope that you had as much fun watching this
little alternate picking demonstration as I had recording it, in the end make
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you have any questions about this video or about the shred guitar community – I will
see you once again on the weekend with a more detailed guitar lesson until then I
hope you have a lot of fun practicing all the best!